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12 marbles... Ah ha ha! That we write off elements that get us close enough but remain infinite as "irrational" about sums up what Mathematics is all about. To the "woke" everything, including science, is a social construct, and by extension, a political construct. What happens? Quantum particles are irrelevant to this, and accounting for them uses a completely different set of concepts, except that you're now saying "we don't know everything therefore math is invalid". This illustrates how, in a very distant way, we ourselves can be said to be made of empty sets. I agree with Paul Lockhard that teaching maths without any of the history, context and human struggle is a mistake. Math is a system by which one can derive information and predictions about a situation by laying out the facts and then taking advantage of the layout to manipulate those facts to extract the prediction or information needed. Sure, but that was a time before Slashdot. You measure 100 numbers, and then you find you can reproduce all of them using a very simple description with only 3 numbers. How many times have you bought something that cost Y.X, given the clerk a bill equal to Y, they ring it up while you look for C amount of change; when you give them the X change get a blank stare and an explanation that they can’t take it because the register said they have to give you a specific amount of change? You may as well ask, was the lever discovered or invented? Baby don't sqrt() me, don't sqrt() me, no more. Of course science is a social construct - it's a fucking brilliant one, that allows a bunch of biased, error-prone primates to correct each other's mistakes and work together to build a pretty reliable model of reality. I once wrote a brief and provided options based upon very basic maths showing that the costs of doing nothing were increasing exponentially, The managers decided to keep doing nothing, I was stopped a few months later by one of them who complained that the cost o.

My last boss very much was not. Download Best video for Tok Tik, Musically & Social Media app you from Girls to get fun & enjoy? For example, back in the day, let's say 200,000 years ago, our ancestors had no concept of what stars were, or the motion of planets (or even what a planet was). ...and science is a system of checking your mathematical predictions because, let's be honest, you probably picked the wrong mathematical abstraction to apply to the real world and you'll have to pick a different one after you do your experiments in order to better match what's actually happening. Then, what happens at the subatomic level when particles collide? That makes the person giving me my change a physicist. Ya, group theory was nothing until we discovered it was of use in physics, then it became useful in crypto, then it became not nothing. Factor the original expression using ax^{2}+bx+c=a\left(x-x_{1}\right)\left(x-x_{2}\right). But a perfectly detailed, perfectly accurate map of any territory at 1:1 scale is just an exact replica of that territory, and so is itself a territory in its own right, indistinguishable from the original; and likewise, whatever the perfectly detailed, perfectly accurate mathematical of reality should turn out to be, that mathematical model is a reality: the features of it that are perfectly detailed, perfectly accurate models of people like us would find themselves experiencing it as their reality exactly like we experience our reality. Quadratic polynomial can be factored using the transformation ax^{2}+bx+c=a\left(x-x_{1}\right)\left(x-x_{2}\right), where x_{1} and x_{2} are the solutions of the quadratic equation ax^{2}+bx+c=0. We just don't know what model that is. I would really like to know why people are making a big deal of it. It says that multiplication isn't the correct operation to apply there. I was watching one of those Prosperity Preachers on the tele, they are good comedic material. Some does, some doesn't. But that isn't what happens in physics. The thing I find interesting with this line of reasoning as a physicist is that it suggests that maths may not be as fundamental as we tend to think it is and, if it isn't, then it suggests there may be a more fundamental way to approach maths that is not so "our-universe" centric that may suggest new approaches and ideas for getting at really fundamental physics. Nonsense. Whether that means that different math would be needed in a different universe is an interesting question that I don't know the answer to. I'd argue Goedels incompleteness theorem was a bigger blow to the project of formalizing mathematics as a single system of self proving rules. Fucking retards!!!! Once a mathematical area gets going though, it seems to generate a life of its own. But that's also not the standard arithmetic concept of addition. Even today the development of maths is being impacted by string theorists who are pushing the development of maths in the direction they need to explain potentially physical theories of the universe. Especially if they endorse the new thinking that match is racist and 2+2 can sometimes equal 5. I thought we left manipulating the fact up to the statisticians? Since a+b is positive, the positive number has greater absolute value than the negative. mathematical) system or ano. I used to be amazed by that but after a conversation with a colleague in maths a few weeks ago I'm slightly less amazed. (Blow Your Whistle) song and explore 1 videos made by new and popular creators. Could Our Entire Reality Be Part of a Simulation Created by Some Other Beings? I whole heartedly endorse people who follow this line of thinking.

The physicist stated: We had a measuring error.I.

"His point was that the rules of maths are set by our universe. Oh well. It's always useful to be able to count your children, and many animals, not just humans, can do it. ". This is an unofficial api wrapper for TikTok.com in python. x=\frac{-4±\sqrt{16-4\times 5\left(-1\right)}}{2\times 5}, x=\frac{-4±\sqrt{16-20\left(-1\right)}}{2\times 5}. In the equation. The mathematics is essentially just describing reality, and whatever reality should be like, we can always come up with some way of describing it. ", Whether we find some mathematical proof or not, the thing still exists. [1] This count guy is fucking retarded, can't he even count higher than 12!

Although follow might be too strong a word. Maybe you meant something like, "If the (human-created) mathematical model of reality doesn't match Reality, it's the model which is wrong". I imagine it resonates more with pure mathematicians than applied mathematicians. And how does that contradict 1+1=2? Mathematicians don't work this way because it's much too inefficient. Ya, but it turned out the badger wasn't dead, just resting. Are you a fan of Tok tik Video? All equations of the form ax^{2}+bx+c=0 can be solved using the quadratic formula: \frac{-b±\sqrt{b^{2}-4ac}}{2a}. If you're comparing unlike objects you're already not using the math on its own terms. Honestly this sounds like you're saying "shut up and learn only the curriculum". Then you go over here. "I used to be amazed by that but after " ...I was no longer high, I wondered how we possibly talked about that for hours last night. His point was that the rules of maths are set by our universe. If mathematics is just something we dream up from within our own heads, why should it "fit" so well with what we observe in nature...? As such, you can only ever get increasing close to ever truly expressing the actual circumference or area of a simple circle. It took a boatload of deep thinkers before the pieces fell into place. Rather, some observation inspires some math. Nobody said that these models are the real universe. Whether or not particle A plus entangled article B equal two particles the very validity of that question proves 1+1=2, I'm not sure where you got "we don't know everything therefore math is invalid" from what I said. If you have a 1 gallon container with .75 gallons of water in it and you add .75 gallons of what what do you have? But just knowing the actual rules and how to start from them can. I'm not sure where you get those two options from. Mathematics "merely models" reality in that we don't know exactly what reality is like and we're trying to make a map of it. I'd like to introduce you all to something called mathematicism -- the view that physical stuff is literally made out of mathematical stuff. If understanding that makes you "woke"... well, guilty as charged. Did you read even the summary? They are not a good company and do not deserve links like this.

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