adrien is jealous when his model friend crushes on marinette fanfiction

"So Plagg, checking the plan again, so you don't die of eagerness, we are going to the cheese store, picking out some of your favorite camembert, and then we're going to the Dupain's bakery for the cheesecake, ok?".

"You're right Tikki. "Well, I can make a box of cookies frosted in whatever you want. She hands over the medium sized box earlier and smiles at him. Adrien is adorable in front of her is too much for Marinette to handle.

", She smiled. He's fun to be with, kind, a total jokester, but he will get serious when the situation needs it. Adrien nodded, and she continued talking. On the top of that, she humiliated herself in front of him.

Marinette wipes the blood from her nose, standing there while her hands ball into fists. Marinette sighs. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, filled with confusion yet utter happiness. The girl started to think about it, making a face that Adrien thought was adorable. I wanted to ask you for advice on what to get him as a present. The thumping of Marinette's heart increases as she grabs Adrien's wrist – stopping him from walking and causing him to look behind him. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He just couldn't understand. He realized, as he walked, that he didn't know when he was going to meet Ladybug again, as they had never agreed on patrolling that day, and it had been a week since the last akuma.

Even with her talk with Alya earlier, she's still sad about it. "Though, I think I need a kiss to make it feel better," he smirked as he watched the girl start to blush. ", "Marinette." (old title: Jealous Adrien) When Marinette's childhood friend, Luka comes back, Adrien feels a rather odd feeling in his stomach. The top was divided through a diagonal line.

The next day passed in a blur. "I don't want you to avenge me Alya. She held her phone down for him to see, and onscreen was a little brown-and-white hamster sitting on what looked like Marinette's bed. Adrien practically did a happy dance when she put Howdy back in his cage, glad that she thought of him over the rat's cousin. Or do you want someone- I mean something in particular?"

He pulled it to reveal four compartments, full of food.

"My lady, I'm afraid that we have to part ways, I know I have a gorgeous face, but I think that if you see it with the mask, you may faint because of my beauty". "I'm sorry, kitty-cat!"

'What should I say?' before she talked again. "And w-what are you doing here? The model took his hand to his chin "even though, I think I should buy something more.

He simply adored them. He really likes her a lot.

The boy then returned to earth, and asked her if she knew what she was going to get.

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