aerospace engineering dissertation ideas

PDF. > A few pointer to make your dissertation topics more attractive are that you should make them compelling by using flashy and witty words that instantly capture a reader’s attention. > A critical study on the aerodynamic load identification and prediction of wind induced vibration on the outer structural and signal structures, in order to minimize them.

Here are some chemical engineering topics for you! Theses and Dissertations, Microscale modeling of phase transformations and plasticity, Seyyed Ehsan Esfahani Rashidi, Interaction between large deformation plasticity and strain-induced phase transformation at high pressures and large deformations, Mehdi Kamrani, Generation and optimization of fiber layup on curved composite structures, Nathan Scheirer, DeepARM: An airline revenue management system for dynamic pricing and seat inventory control using deep reinforcement learning, Syed Arbab Mohd Shihab, Learning-based perception and control with adaptive stress testing for safe autonomous air mobility, Xuxi Yang, Experimental investigations of atomization characteristics of an airblast atomizer at high ambient pressure, Zichen Zhang, Multiscale phase-field approach to martensitic phase transformations that satisfies lattice instability conditions, Hamed Babaei, Investigating persistence in an Aerospace Engineering Program, Devayan Debashis Bir, Extending the lag parameter approach of turbulence modeling, Rajarshi Biswas, Numerical investigations of bio-inspired blade designs to reduce broadband noise in aircraft engines and wind turbines, Andrew Lee Bodling, Comparison of URANS and DES models for dynamic stall of NACA 0012 at low Reynolds number, Anshul Chandel, Asymptotic analysis of hypersonic boundary layers over an adiabatic wall with deformations, Sampson Davis, Efficient uncertainty propagation for model-assisted probability of detection and sensitivity analysis via metamodeling and multifidelity methods, Xiaosong Du, Fracture and toughening of soft elastic composites, Xiangchao Feng, Experimental investigations on wind turbine icing physics and anti-/de-icing technology, Linyue Gao, Aerodynamic-load identification and prediction of wind-induced vibration of structural/power-line cables and traffic signal structures, Mohammad Jafari, Embedding runtime verification post-deployment for real-time health management of safety-critical systems, Brian Kempa, Experimental investigations on thermodynamic characteristics of DBD plasma and applications for aircraft icing mitigation, Cem Kolbakir, Experimental investigations on bio-inspired surface coatings for aircraft icing mitigation, Liqun Ma, Nondestructive evaluation of layered ceramic materials using terahertz imaging, John Nagel, Computational analysis and design of the morphology of organic solar cells, Ramin Noruzi, Persistence in aerospace engineering: Why students choose and leave aerospace engineering, Sara Oliveira Pedro dos Santos, Dynamic analysis of composite wind turbine blade, Divya Teja Pinnamaneni, Arrival management for eVTOL aircraft in on-demand urban air mobility, Priyank Pradeep, CO2 sequestration in a capillary tube via an interfacial chemical reaction between pressurized CO2 gas and aqueous glycerol Ca(OH)2 solution., Sravya Sasetty, Experiments on fluid displacement in porous media: Convection and wettability effects, Tejaswi Soori, Transonic flutter prediction strategies using multifidelity metamodeling of intermediate frequency-domain quantities, Andrew Thelen, An empirical overview of newcomer engineer socialization in the U.S. aerospace and defense industry, James J. Wingerter, Air transportation direct share analysis and forecasting, Xufang Zheng, Airline fleet planning and utilization hours comparison studies, Daniel Zhou, Decision making under uncertainties for air traffic flow management, Guodong Zhu, Multi-objective aerodynamic design exploration using multi-fidelity methods and pareto set identification techniques, Anand Amrit, Analysis of high temperature effects on piezoelectric based ultrasonic transducers, Prathamesh Bilgunde, Multiscale modelling of martensitic phase transformation: Example of Si I to Si II, Hao Chen, Sensing skin for the structural health monitoring of mesoscale structures, Austin Robert Johnson Downey, Development of methods to improve the accuracy and efficiency of unsteady incompressible flow simulation, Matthew Vincent Fischels, A methodology for rapid hypersonic flow predictions via surrogate modeling with machine learning and deep learning, Nathan Hemming, Simulations of non-equilibrium rough-wall flows, Umair Ismail, Experimental investigations on ice accretion process and anti-/de-icing technology for aero-engine icing mitigation, Linkai Li, LES of flow over bumps and machine learning augmented turbulence modeling, Racheet Matai, Fracture and deformation of soft materials and structures, Zhuo Ma, Aerodynamic performance analysis and inverse design of horizontal axis wind turbines, Behnam Moghadassian, Experimental investigations on the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic characteristics of small UAS propellers, Zhe Ning, Analysis of wind turbine wake characteristics in atmospheric boundary layer winds, Pavithra Dhanuka Premaratne, Laboratory study of parameters influencing tornado flow field and tornado loading on low-rise buildings, Alireza Razavi, Hotspot characterization and detonation initiation in thermally stratified reactive mixtures, Fynn Reinbacher, Computational characterization of shock wave - boundary layer Interactions on flat plates and compression ramps in laminar, hypersonic flow, Eli Ray Shellabarger, A methodology for sorting haploid and diploid corn seed using terahertz time domain spectroscopy and machine learning, Jared Lee Taylor, Interfacial degradation mechanisms with applications to polymer-matrix composites and intergranular stress corrosion cracking of steels, Denizhan Yavas, Study of parameters dominating electromechanical and sensing response in ionic electroactive polymer (IEAP) transducers, Abdallah Mohammad Almomani, Online prediction of battery discharge and flight mission assessment for electrical rotorcraft, Abdullah Alnaqeb, Numerical Simulation of Compressible Flows with Interfaces, Mohamad Aslani, Characterization of ice adhesion strength over different surfaces pertinent to aircraft anti-/de-icing, Prashanth Sagar Reddy Beeram, Evaluation of aerogel as a material additive for the creation of synthetic defects in carbon fiber reinforced plastics, Zach Benedict, Applicability of online education to large undergraduate engineering courses, Devayan Debashis Bir, Numerical Investigations of Bio-Inspired Blade Designs to Reduce Broadband Noise in Aircraft Engines and Wind Turbines, Andrew Lee Bodling, Ultrasonic thickness structural health monitoring of steel pipe for internal corrosion, Thomas John Eason, Development of FEA models to study contusion patterning in layered tissue and the shaft loaded blister test, Christopher James Giuffre, Numerical modeling of liquid jets in crossflow with applications to supersonic combustion ramjets, Wyatt Hagen, Numerical simulation of compressible multiphase flows, Zahra Hosseinzadeh Nik, A Coupling Analysis Approach to Capture Unexpected Behaviors in Ares 1, David Kis, Incorporation of organization design in a value-based systems engineering framework, Benjamin Jekonia Kwasa, Experimental studies on the dynamics of in-flight and impacting water droplets pertinent to aircraft icing phenomena, Haixing Li, Constrained path planning of unmanned vehicles, Yen-Chen Liu, Quantitative Ultrasonic Coda Wave (Diffuse Field) NDE of Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Polymer Plates, Richard Livings, New Hypervelocity Terminal Intercept Guidance Systems for Deflecting/Disrupting Hazardous Asteroids, Joshua Lyzhoft, Modeling requirements to value formulation in the design of large-scale complex engineered systems: A satellite system case study, Suresh Murugaiyan, Analysis of critically refracted longitudinal and Lamb waves for stress characterization, Ning Pei, An investigation of train drag reduction using sub-boundary layer vortex generators on a simplified intermodal well car geometry, Alexander Montgomery Peters, Development of a method to determine the dashpot coefficient of an isolator material in vibrothermography, Austin Rau, Experimental investigation of inclined cantilever beams in vertically falling soap films, Veera Brahmendra Chary Sajjanapu, A crack closure model and its application to vibrothermography nondestructive evaluation, Bryan Schiefelbein, Sensemaking in a value based context for large scale complex engineered systems, Nazareen Sikkandar Basha, A study of consistency in design selection and the rank ordering of alternatives using a value driven design approach, Tenkasi R. Subramanian, Numerical analysis of the internal and external dynamics of a fluidic oscillator, Chelsea Velasquez, Value-based model and analysis of autonomous unmanned aircraft systems based on operational scenario, Akash Vidyadharan, Techniques to identify physical sources of aerodynamically generated sound, Vishal T. Vijay, Measuring system value in the Ares 1 rocket using an uncertainty-based coupling analysis approach, Christopher Wenger, Towards predicting dry cable galloping using detached eddy simulation, Xingeng Wu, Adaptive Detached Eddy Simulation and Passive Scalar Transport Modeling for Hybrid RANS/LES, Zifei Yin, Computational investigation of effects of crosswinds on detailed locomotive geometry with rotating wheels and moving ground plane, Ryan Christopher Zehr, Distributed optimization of multi-agent systems: Framework, local optimizer, and applications, Yue Zu, Multi-objective optimization of transonic airfoils using variable-fidelity models, co-kriging surrogates, and design space reduction, Anand Amrit, A game theory approach to negotiations in defense acquisitions in the context of value-driven design: an aircraft system case study, Garima Vinay Bhatia, Mixed mode transition to turbulence in boundary layers, Rikhi Bose, Modification of flow structures associated with broadband trailing edge noise, Hephzibah Clemons, Fracture and toughening of soft elastic composite, Xiangchao Feng, Numerical modeling of atomization in compressible flow, Daniel Paul Garrick, Material state tracking by nondestructive evaluation data, Elizabeth Dimmitt Gregory, A multiphysics phase field model on melting and kinetic superheating of aluminum nanolayer and nanoparticle, Yong Seok Hwang, Experimental investigations on the Aerodynamics and Aeromechanics of wind turbines for floating offshore applications, Morteza Khosravi, Experimental Investigations on Transient Surface Water Transport and Ice Accreting Processes Pertinent to Aircraft Icing Phenomena, Yang Liu, A new mixed basis Navier-Stokes formulation for simulating wind turbines on complex terrain, Avinaash Murali, Numerical modeling and characterization of blast waves for application in blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury research, Michael Phillips, Autonomous optimal trajectory design employing convex optimization for powered descent on an asteroid, Robin Marie Pinson, Aerodynamic shape optimization by multi-fidelity modeling and manifold mapping, Jie Ren, A Computational Analysis of Wind Turbine and Wind Farm Aerodynamics with a Focus on Dual Rotor Wind Turbines, Aaron John Rosenberg, Analysis and design of lean direct injection fuel nozzles by eddy resolved turbulence simulation, Jason Allen Ryon, A coupled aero-structural model of a HAWT blade for dynamic load and response prediction in time-domain for health monitoring applications, Heather Scot Sauder, This repository is part of the Iowa Research Commons, Home |

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