aesthetic boy names

If the name feels too long, consider the nicknames Jackie or Ellie. This is a Welsh name, but apparently its meaning is unknown! Aurora is a Latin name meaning “dawn.” It’s also the name of the princess Sleeping Beauty. Here’s an interesting one: This name combines the German translation of Elizabeth (Liesel) and the diminutive of Charlotte, (Lotte). A semi-precious stone & a very lovely name.

I adore all things Victorian (and Edwardian too).

The Latin name Emil has a friendly appeal to it.

A very pretty & uplifting name. Lareina literally means “the queen” in Spanish! What a pretty combination of names!

This name is a form of Soraya. Rudyard Kipling was a famous author and poet. This name means “from the flax hill” and can also be spelled Linden if desired. Lars: She was born in Lyons, France. Lucius Artorius Castas). A Slavik name, Idania means “hardworking.” We think it’s a sweet name and a great character trait to have. Try Paris. Samson was a biblical character known for his physical strength. This name means “of the sea.” Maybe she’ll love to swim or sail! Kinley is an Irish name meaning “fair-haired Viking.” With this spelling, it can be used for any gender. It is a cool and exotic Greek name. A French name, Bellamy means “good friend.” Easy to pronounce and spell, this is a great name for any gender. Even though the name Rocco means rest, it does not sound sleepy at all. It means “from the willow grove,” and Willow is a lovely name reminding us of graceful branches, cool shade, and beautiful leaves. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of flowers and grow in many places all over the world. Lachlan is a Scottish name meaning “from the land of the lakes.” It’s one of those names that’s uncommon, but easy to pronounce and beautiful to say. Xylona is a Greek name that means “from the forest.”. Artemis is the name for a Greek god and can mean “safe.” It’s unique and easy to pronounce. An alternate spelling of this name is Malcom. A great, strong, old world, viking name... Bardyllis. Simply the Spanish version of Rachel, different spelling and pronunciation adds a flair to the name. Anyone who has seen the TV series “Game of Thrones” knows the name Daenerys. Authentic Gaelic spelling is Forbhlaith. A strong medieval name (note - Latin version of the Anglo-Saxon/ Old English "Godgifu" or "Godgyfu" original).

Morning prayer time. Some of our favorite girl names are long and regal sounding. A beautiful name that means "bearer of good news". Check these out gender-neutral Aesthetic Names: The Japanese name Akira means “bright and clear.” It’s simple to spell and easy to say – both characteristics of an aesthetic name. This is a combination of the names Nancy and Lea.

In Latin, it means “wind from the east,” while in Spanish it means “sunshine.”. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. We picked it because we like famous names that are also not common. Also spelled Mistilee, this name means “misty field.” We consider any name aesthetic that conjures up an image of something beautiful in nature! no floral tizz factor or bilious fuss factor) this name for a girl. The Ulysses Butterfly; Latin version of ancient Greek Hero (Odysseus).

It’s from the Greek language and means “lordly.” Cyril is perfect for a boy who needs a simple name with a strong feel. We think this name sounds like a cool drink on a hot day. Not quite the city in Australia, Sidney is a French contraction of “Saint Denys.”. It might be of Irish origin, meaning “little poet” or “from Teague.” But it could also be Welsh, meaning “pretty, fair.” We think it’s darling either way. A strong & timeless Biblical name. A French name meaning “Easter,” Pascal is a name of new life. This name means “water baby, magical” and we think it sounds magical, too! Florian means ‘flowering’. It is a name inspired by a female name Florence. Tahlia is of Hebrew origin and means “morning dew.” We love the sweet simplicity of this name. This Greek name means “beautifully voiced.” If you’re looking for a longer aesthetic name for a girl, choose one that rolls off the tongue like Calliope (kohl-IYE-ah-pee). The name got a widespread exposure through an American doo-wop singer- Fabian Forte. The original version of this name, Rajnish, is Indian. I like it as a middle name. With a Hebrew name meaning “servant of Yahweh,” a boy named Obadiah gives the impression that he is kind and nice. Xandrian is simply a combination of the letter “x” and “Adrian.”. Also a Biblical name. It's also a Biblical name. Here is an unusual name for your baby boy. Avel is the Russian version of the Hebrew name Abel. It’s also a city in the U.S. Of English origin, this name simply means “black.” We think it sounds noble! This English name means “young warrior.” This unique name is also ordinary-sounding, making it good for someone who wants their name to be different without being difficult to pronounce. A cool, sleek & sophisticated name. Queen of the Fairies in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. It’s a shortened version of Phillipa and means “lover of horses.”. We love names with the letter q! Victoria Ruby or Rose Victoria.

Odin has several meanings. We think it would be great for any boy of a creative, artist leaning. We like the legend, but prefer the easier-to-pronounce Latin version, Ulysses. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. We think it’s a simple, lovely-sounding name! It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Combining the names Jasper and Aspen gives us Jaspen, a beautiful name meaning both “treasurer” and “quaking tree.”. It continues to enthrall... Brunhilda. A classic sounding name. Would make a nice middle (word) name for a girl. It’s made into a spice used often in Spanish cooking. Evocative of the glamorous 20s & 50s. Lequoia means “the sequoia tree”, well-known for its imposing size and height. The name is of Latin origin.

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