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I named mine ic_launcher_foreground.png and ic_launcher_background.png. Building awesome apps to keep you entertained. If you’re building a dynamic shortcut using a Bitmap, you might find the Support Library 26.0.0-beta2’s IconCompat.createWithAdaptiveBitmap() useful in ensuring that your Bitmap is masked correctly to match other adaptive icons.

I’ve created some templates for the new Android O adaptive icons.Adaptive icons are pretty different to the current Android app icons. Using the gif as an example, we can get away with just specifying a solid color once we get to the Asset Studio later in this tutorial. Then, I created the /res/mipmap-anydpi/ic_shortcut_saved.xml file to define the foreground and background: And again, that's it. Implement Account hold — A complete guide for subscriptions in Google Play. I find this easiest by creating an alias resource. Have fun with them! If you found something to be not quite right or have other information to add please reach out in the comments section below.

Generate Please drag or select app icon image (1024x1024) to generate different app icon sizes for all platforms Drag and drop to upload or click to choose files Launcher icon which may be Adaptive and Legacy Launcher Icon (if your app supports Android 8.0 or above) or just the Legacy Launcher Icon(for Android version less than or equal to 7.1) ActionBar Icons and Tab Icons; notification icon as per your requirement. From here you can specify the res directory, output directories, and previous the output files.

It will look something like this: And that's it. These pretty much work the same way as the adaptive launcher icons. Within my static shortcuts.xml definition, I already had it pointing to @mipmap/ic_shortcut_saved. Normally, this would be where you’d have to break out the PNGs to get that perfect gradient. IconSur: macOS Big Sur Adaptive Icon Generator.

The background image is everything that should be shown behind the foreground. Avoiding them may force user's to remove your app from their home screen, which could be catastrophic for user engagement and retention. So, when designing the icons, make sure you keep any branding content within that "safe zone" of 72dp. If you enjoyed this article, please click on the clap icon a few times or share it on social media (or both).

On StackOverflow of course.

The final step is to build the application and make sure everything looks correct. When you provide your own foreground image don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t look quite right, the Asset Studio gives you the flexibility to resize or trim the icon in the scaling options.

When the icons are displayed to the user, anything within the center 72dp x 72dp will be displayed in the mask, while the content outside of that could be clipped, depending on what mask the user chooses to apply. Your other option is to just export the image as a png at a resolution of xxxhdpi or greater (in my case I was able to use the 512x512 for the foreground without issue). This means that different masks will show more or less of the content on the icon. Once you are happy with the icon, click on the next button and you’ll be asked to confirm your icon. At this point it’s time to set your foreground icon.

With the amount of quality apps we've…, Yesterday, I gave a talk to the Des Moines Web Geeks user group about the basics of getting into…. The foreground image, on the other hand, offers a unique challenge.

One of my favorite colors is purple so I’ve decided to go with that over the tealish color selected by default. Note: As of Android Studio 3.0 Canary 3, Android Studio flags gradient as an error (‘Element gradient must be declared’). Adaptive icons are masked by the launcher, the mask can be a range of shapes, and the icons now have two layers to assist with animation and open up … This is really how you make a good first impression for users with Android O devices.

For further information, you might want to check out Nick Butcher’s excellent series of articles on adaptive icons. But gradient support was added to VectorDrawables back to API 24! By default a square will be selected as the shape, if you want to use a circle, horizontal rectangle or vertical rectangle now is the time to select that. First, you have to handle creating the foreground shape itself. This one is for our app, Pulse. Once you have the correct assets (either a vector or large image) it’s time to move into Android Studio. If you were one of the, seemingly few, developers that implemented round icons into your app, you should keep those around as well, since the adaptive icons won't be implemented in Android Nougat.

Note: there are valid cases where PNGs are the correct choice for your app. Within that file, you will be defining the adaptive icon foreground and background.

So the Android O APIs are final — API 26 is here! Alright, so hopefully you are now sold on why adaptive icons are important on Android, let’s discuss how you can create them yourself. These icons are pretty basic to design. The two parts to an adaptive icon. Providing everything looks correct you’re all done, congratulations! The name of this file should match whatever name you are currently using for your launcher icon.

It still works. After Android Studio has finished launching make sure you switch the view to Android. To start, I already had a round shortcut icon for the saved articles, defined as ic_shortcut_saved.png, in each of the mipmap density directories.

In my case I’m going to go with the other option which is to just provide a color. If you want to see it in action, join Muzei’s open beta, then download Muzei on an Android O Dev Preview 3 device and check out the commit that added the adaptive icon. Talk to your designer before trying to force everything into vector drawables.

With the system handling the outer edge shape and its shadow, adaptive icons give you a chance to re-evaluate how you build your app icon. If you’re able to build your app icon as an SVG/vector image, consider avoiding bloating your app with more PNGs for the background and foreground and take advantage of VectorDrawables for your adaptive icon.

The VectorDrawable docs point out the ability to use a GradientColor, but where to find a good example?

Each layer should be 108dp x 108dp and you should continue to make the mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, and xxxhdpi variants that you always have. To add an adaptive icon that replaces those PNGs on API 26+ devices, you’ll add a res/mipmap-anydpi-v26/ic_launcher.xml file that looks like this: By placing it in the mipmap-anydpi-v26 folder, the resource system will use it in preference over any files in the other dpi folders (exactly what you want, since this file is replacing all of them) and that it should only be used in API 26+ devices. How to not harm your code. Android Studio itself has a generator which can help you create the icons you need. Adaptive icons allow you to deliver your application’s icon in a way that allows launchers to provide a mask over it. Before we export the icon let’s make sure the Legacy icon looks correct (API 25 or below will use this, so it’s rather important).

Lastly, I’m starting up a mailing list that is powered by ActiveCampaign, if you want to get weekly newsletters then please use the sign-up form below. You can also generate your Play Store icon from here as well (if your designer already provided one then don’t worry about that). One of the first things you should consider working on is providing an adaptive icon — an icon made of a separate background and foreground layer. To do this right click on the res folder -> new -> Image Asset. You’ll notice that the drawables are in the drawable directory. The generation is based on the most related iOS app from the App Store, or, if there isn't one, is created from the original icon, in which case the background color and the scaling can be customized. I won’t pretend that I know how he came up with the correct values — talk to your local designers or read the material design guidelines for product icons a couple hundred times.

These could have a big impact on how your users perceive your application. Being a full bleed 108 x 108 dp image, there’s not much special about this one: Just keep in mind that due to the masking of the image, users will usually only see the middle 72 x 72 dp. At Klinker Apps, we do our best to stay up to date on all the latest practices, designs, and APIs, even if barely anyone can use them. On Android O, it will now pick up the adaptive icon instead of the static icon.

To learn more about adaptive icons, I recommend heading over to the Android Developers site for them. Fore example, if a launcher wants all circle icons, adaptive icons will allow your icon to be displayed as a circle.

The same is true for the squircle (square circle), teardrop, and every shape you can imagine.

They come with two different components: a foreground layer and a background layer. After the design process, adaptive icons are very easy to create and use in your app.

Next, create a ic_launcher.xml in the /res/mipmap-anydpi-v26 directory.

No matter what type of images you provide you will want to have the two layers broken up into a foreground image and a background image. Now, we can refer to our gradient color the same way you’d refer to a color: with @color/ic_launcher_shadow in the VectorDrawable. While creating the adaptive icon, the background was just a plain color (#f5f5f5), while the foreground was a star icon: Similar to the launcher icon, I went ahead and added these ic_shortcut_saved_background.png and ic_shortcut_saved_foreground.png to the respective density folders.

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