astroneer automation update console

“VR Vision” Mask - Rewarded for completing the Compound Stage, “Gearhead” Hat - Rewarded for completing the Aluminum Stage, “Metal Gear” Visor - Rewarded for completing the Aluminum Alloy Stage, Useful incremental rewards along the way to jumpstart your automation play, Randomized recurring rewards from Astronium at the end of the event, After reloading a Save, Packager can be used while it is attached to an item, After reloading a save, power does not extend to additional platforms if there is not a surplus of power, The Splitter now provides no power when the slider is set to 0.00, Canceling research in the research chamber while it is not connected to power will now stop it from continuing to consume power, B/m power meter on the Research Chamber remains present and accurate after reloading a save, Packaging the platform holding an active module will no longer give the module infinite power, If the Soil Centrifuge is running, its control panel no longer shows a Red X cancel button, The Large Storage Ring should now only be listed in the Large Printer, Game no longer crashes when User tries to research a T2 research object that was packaged while on the Research Chamber, If a user has multiple soil canisters on their backpack and they add or flatten terrain, the canisters will now deplete individually, Chemistry lab will no longer steal partial nuggets from the backpack printer if both are activated near the same time, The output slot where the nugget gets built should now move inside the module when the Chem Lab is in use, Client is now able to see the estimated research time when placing an item in the Research Chamber, When a user attempts to join a dedicated server through their friends list the submenu no longer shifts downward, Dedicated Server platform warning can now be read in Russian, Japanese and French, Servers saved as a favorite now automatically enter the password, Game will no longer crash when reaching min/max FPS rate, The UI in the pause menu now says “PLAYERS IN SESSION”, Switching Xbox accounts while game is running should now show correct item ownership, Servers cannot be de-registered without authentication, Both Clients and Hosts should now see EXO request platform rockets on Steam, Time to research in research chamber control panel will now be accurate, Client is now able to dismiss the tutorial with the controller and return to gameplay, User can interact with the request platform on preferred, achievement-enabled dedicated servers, EXO Request Platforms from previous saved events should now have T2 slots, Several emotes now show the correct preview on the correct suit in the customization menu, The Control (PS4) Suit is now playing correct emote animations, Laterite resource should now be appearing in the terrain on Crust layer of Calidor, Lighting is no longer too dark too early at sundown, and staying dark too late at dawn, Smelting Furnace now has audio effect when in use.

[AS-11692] - Duplicated canisters are now displaying the correct color for the resource or gas they are containing. Astroneer …

Find more information here.

The "shuttle can't blast off to another planet fix" in dedicated servers will be very useful! (You can still manually delete a held segment pin.).

The choice is yours.

Extra Large Curved Platform recipe changed to 2 Ceramic, 2 Compound. This is especially noticeable when slots appear in a grid pattern.

Build outposts, shape landscapes to your liking or discover long lost relics.

You can then grab resources from them for crafting or Automation tasks. Guess I'll have to wait till a future update to play... no performance fixes for the previous update's issues.

EXO Automated Mass Production Protocol LTE, It’s most prevalent on Figurine Platform, Medium Storage, and Large Platform C. It also occurs to a lesser degree, depending on the camera angle, on Medium Storage Silo and Extra Large Storage.

Please share all of your creations with us as you come up with them! Large Storage Ring unlock cost reduced to 500 Bytes. To do so, you must enable it by setting a password: In AstroServerSettings.ini, add the following lines: Replace the password with whatever you wish. Large Hoop Platform B unlock cost reduced to 750 Bytes.

If you’re curious about the direction we’re aiming for, be sure to go check out our roadmap and our development vlogs to keep updated on what we are working on! This update is going to give me a reason to have a large base i could never justify having more than one of the crafting items and then just having large storage area and a printing section. Haven't played in about a year, but have they fixed the issue where after you've played for about 2-3 hours the framerate gradually begins to drop and then the game crashes?

This allows you to pick up your game on Xbox One and PC. Changing recipes while on will turn the module off. The title supports Xbox Play Anywhere as well. Extra Large Platform C unlock cost reduced to 2000 Bytes. Sensors/Repeaters can trigger all printers to start. Will craft continuously while on and recipe is fulfilled.

It has been a long time coming but we are so excited to see what you all create with the new logic and technology. You need the following releases for this ↓ : Large Curved Platform recipe changed to 2 Ceramic, 1 Compound. Required fields are marked *. Hold a large amount of a single resource. Rock Paper Shotgun and RPS are registered trade marks of ReedPop Limited.

Modified the power switch to transfer oxygen like extenders do. The following are still known issues as of version When a Resource Canister is attached to the Auto Extractor while set to output and then switched while slotted, the canister will not autofill it's first resource.

All pages of the Research Catalog have been adjusted to better organize their contained items. Nuggets will no longer get stuck in midair when setting up a Soil Centrifuge to automatically push its output to a Storage Canister. Please I have 6 silos of the stuff I need SOMEWHERE to put it for making nanocarbon and stuff. Each of those planets has unique and challenging surface and cave biomes that offer a multitude of challenges for players on their journey. Medium and Large Storage containers act like a silo that can be used to consolidate one resource into it's reservoir. Our vast solar system includes 7 wondrous planets that players can travel between and explore every inch of, from the entire spherical surface, through treacherous layers of caves, all the way down to mysterious the core.

Changed to only pull resources from a backpack when the module is turned on by a player, not when the control panel is opened.

Fixed a crash that could happen when large numbers of Chemistry Labs were running simultaneously. Go have a lie down, Internet. PLEASE xD, Considering Hydrazine is a liquid, it'll probably be when they introduce a container for storing liquids, Or make it compatible with resource canisters ¯_(ツ)_/¯, Any plans to add more Xbox Live achievements? dab - no!

The Automation feature adds the following features.

Cancelling a research job will no longer destroy the item being researched. Will no longer eject completed nuggets to the ground, but will continue moving nuggets to connected storage. Sensors/Repeaters can toggle this module on and off.

Audica's song list just got exponentially longer, thanks to a simple mod that can convert any osu!

You can now manage your server via an RCON port. Please enable Javascript to view comments.

How am I going to get any work done?

The title supports Xbox Play Anywhere as well. It just got the Automation update on all platforms. Also the original sensor items have caught up with their newer siblings!

[AS-11423] - Fixed an issue where the Soil Centrifuge was playing duplicate panel open SFX. Released for free this week, Astroneer’s Automation Update adds half a Factorio ‘s worth of generators, printers and robot arms to the cutesy space sim. Automation Update 002 is live!

The Wanderer’s Way Achievement is still not earnable on Dedicated Servers. Fixed community reported crashes which would occur in Multiplayer after switching the game to Survival Mode and continuing normal gameplay. Astroneer is a sandbox game where players can explore different planets.

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