camel crush menthol review

Arthritis runs in my family, so what happens then? So pissed. but the idea was nice. The cigarette starts out as an everyday unflavored cigarette but instantly transforms into a cool menthol when the consumer squeezes the menthol capsule hidden away inside the filter, which can be done any time before or while smoking, or not at all.

The latter portion of the light seems to be the obvious choice here, as the menthol is cool and refreshing.

The don't even taste like menthol if you don't crush it and if you do you feel like you just sucked on 5 cough drops. if this is permenant ill stop buyin camel all together. The first of the two is “Regular” and the latter is “Fresh”. I noticed a slight differance in the taste, but when you crush it WOW!!!

They taste like utter and total CRAP!!! And as far as the complaint I saw about how you have to keep smoking them quick so it doesn't go out.. you should look into whether or not your state requires that they be self-extinguishing. I highly recommend this product to casual smokers who “only smoke when they drink” or “have a cigarette on the occasion”, but cannot, no matter how much I love Camel, recommend this be anyone’s standard cigarette. Disgusting!!! The first of the two is “Regular” and the latter is “Fresh”. The old Camel lights never gave me a headache, but with the new ones, I have a headache at least 2x a week. If you don't like the menthol capsule, you have three(3) options to avoid the extra menthol taste:

I just don't like even the idea knowing that there is some gimmiky thing within a filter. I had the exact same experience through a company called SwipeUpDeals. Your email address will not be published.

Well, the exact opposite applies here. Alberto Torresini and Araya Cha are the brains of scams in Thailand. Where I live, in Phoenix, we still have the regular Camel menthols. Pretty neat, huh? zak! I have been smoking Camel Menthol forever now and they now have the menthol ball in the filter when they are ALREADY menthol, this has changed the taste completely and I'm highly HIGHLY irritated about it!!! I saw on the back of my friends pack of Camel Menthols it said "NEW CAPSULE MENTHOL COMING SOON." I now smoke Pall Mall Menthol, due to the extremely lower price. Its not complicated, just don't crush it?? Not only the taste changed, but then you realize when you don't get enough menthol, you forgot to crush the stupid ball, then booooom.. way too much instead. The taste is far from that of Camel, but (to me) well worth the transition in today's econimy.

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