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It would be in that section concerning the entire history of the state, prior to 2002.

I never worked for any organization that gave out across-the-board pay raises for merely staying alive. David Holt thinks OKC is still in a “Renaissance”, Judge Balkman makes $107-million “math” error in opioid case…, OG&E apologizes for sending stupid alert about power restoration…, Pro-Life Oklahoma House Candidate Paid for Woman’s Abortion.

Texas per diem is 190/day and mileage while in session according to Google.

Top ten in worker turnover that will ultimately cost the State much more!

Getting bored with the implication that Democrats don’t do the same things that Republicans do. “…their first pay raise in 20 years”. "All of our funds are derived from our sales of electricity and water," he said. " JP – thank you….was traveling for most of yesterday, so catching up on my TLO.

Imagine you began working at a company in 1999. The rest of us get COLA and SSI retirees will get about 1.3%. Most of it, the GOP gained legislative control for the second time in state history in 2004. I’ve searched everywhere on the internet to find out the other board members and their votes, but oddly enough, that information doesn’t seem to be readily available anywhere. Well, that’s probably because this article was about lawmaker salaries. Another person who voted to give Oklahoma lawmakers a 35-percent pay raise was local political pundit Scott Mitchell. Meanwhile more experienced workers who have higher-and-higher workload with uncompensated on call time, extra unpaid weekend work, you know, you need to “volunteer”, “its for the kids”, more and longer forms just to CYA of the management, etc, get mere crumbs — its rediculous. Oklahoma County's elected officials, including the sheriff, commissioners, treasurer, assessor, clerk and court clerk, make $105,262 a year. The highest-paid state employee, not including higher education and teaching hospital employees, works for the Grand River Dam Authority where eight employees earn more than the governor.

Johnson is responsible for overseeing an annual programs and operational budget of $3.4 billion and leads a state system comprised of 25 state colleges and universities, 11 constituent agencies, two university centers and independent colleges and universities coordinated with the state system, Jay Helm, chairman of the State Regents, said in a statement. Nothing like getting rid of the people that voted to cut legislative salaries and then appointing a total new board (who are then somewhat “beholden” to the folks that appointed them). Amen? DeNegri, who voted against the 35% pay boost, warned the board Oklahomans would focus on news headlines about increased pay for legislators. But then take a look at how Moscow Mitch went from white trash to filthy rich.

Pay the legislature what they’re worth………………….NOTHING!!!!!!! They would all leave the State if they didn’t get a raise?

After a pay cut, state legislators will make just over $35,000 this year, though top leaders will make more. Board Chairman Robert DeNegri, the chief financial officer for Tyler Media, proposed restoring legislator pay to where it was before it was cut and then raising that by roughly 10% to $42,500. It was advertised that DHS workers were all supposed to get a raise, then it came out it was really only for the entry-level workers. Legislators set the salary for the governor and other statewide elected officials. If you’ve got something to offer, then companies will pay you. Then, after 18 years, you receive an 8.8% reduction in pay. Way to drain the swamp dear trumpets. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! But the board that met Tuesday was comprised of all new members. From the Tulsa World back in May: “ The measure would provide a pay increase of $1,500 for those earning $40,000 a year or less.

We’ve had to tolerate outrageous pay raises on the Federal level and now we’re supposed to sit still for a $35K annual pay increase for Oklahoma Legislators.

Not With These 7 Horror Movie-Edible Combos! Can you believe it? It seems like having some knowledge of local politics would be a prerequisite to serve on a board that oversees legislative salaries. So – you’ve been working at that company at that starting wage for 18 years with no increase.

!’ over and over at the top of his voice while riding atop an empty street car at midnight….*.

The mayor … Oh they totally do but can you point me to the section of the history book when Oklahoma was run by a bunch of (D)s?

A brief history. Pretty soon the Legislators will start making public statements with their pretend humble Oklahoma twang, about how they didn’t ask for the raise. Yes, they were!

Let us not forget Mayor McSelfie (OKC Mayor David Holt) makes $24,000 a year, and the Tulsa Mayor makes $105,000.

David Barry Holt serves as Chief Operating Officer of the Company.

And most people think that our teachers are doing a much better job than our legislators.

The “I Survived Oklahoma” Weed Deals You Deserve. Pay raises were then infrequent and for the most part unjustified based on work production. Legislators can continue to earn income from their outside jobs while serving at the Capitol. *cut to a year later* Hard guy to say no to after the pay boost. “Whether it is a single parent, or they’re in the fire department, they’re retired or it’s their first job, those are the people we’re trying to draw.”. Let us not forget Mayor McSelfie (OKC Mayor David Holt) makes $24,000 a year, and the Tulsa Mayor makes $105,000. Earlier this week, a group of cronies chosen by Oklahoma’s now buddy-buddy Legislative and Executive branches voted to give Oklahoma lawmakers an astronomical 35-percent pay raise. *Celebrate Good Times C’Mon Plays from inside state capitol* I guess that’s fine. Missouri: $35,918. Of this total $1,000,000 was received as a salary, $1,687,500 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $2,749,974 was awarded as stock and $21,834 came from other types of compensation.

The data was based on salary figures from August 2018.

Lost Ogle Show: Taking a Dive into SQ 805 w/ OK Policy’s Damion Shade. Perhaps they sent a representative to the board and told them they would all leave the state unless they received a significant raise. There are 2 executives at Seven Generations getting paid more, with Marty Proctor having the highest compensation of $4,127,900.

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association had sought a $5,000 across-the-board pay raise for state employees, said spokesman Tom Dunning.“. Some of the new board members, unfamiliar with prior board actions and perhaps the political climate two years ago, questioned why the previous board cut legislator pay at all.

Glen Johnson, chancellor of the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education, had a base salary of $316,032, which is set by the State Regents for Higher Education. Honestly don’t know but I doubt it highly. Compensation board member Scott Mitchell, a lobbyist and fine fellow I’ve known all his life because I served in the legislature with his father, a barber from Lindsey, naturally led the charge for this outrageous 35% handout which will make him the most popular lobbyist in the rotunda for lawmakers. The temptation for accepting bribes will go up. Then came the well deserved 24 year hiatus and finally the pay CUT in 2017.

The Legislative Compensation Board voted Tuesday to boost legislators’ annual pay from $35,021 to $47,500, their first pay raise in 20 years. Additionally lawmakers already have the most generous retirement system because it only takes six years to vest into the state system while others need longer. Well, at least someone in the room wasn’t a sellout. More than 900 state employees earn over $100,000 a year and more than 100 of them are paid more than the governor, according to a recent analysis of salaries of various state, county and local officials performed by The Oklahoman.

So Mick Cornett made $24k/yr for 15 years running what equates to a billion dollar company? Get real. Job performance always figured into compensation at some point. *David Holt screams “Big League City!! The pay bump comes in stark contrast to the actions the compensation board took two years ago when its members voted to cut legislators’ pay by 8.8%. #JusticeReform #SmartOnCrime https://t.co/fJvB974X72, — Rep Jason Dunnington (@jdunnington) October 13, 2019. An additional $9,000 grand a year or whatever will not change A) who runs for public office, or B) why people run for public office. Have no problem with COLA adjustment but this is unfathomable. In the meantime, those retired folks who dedicated their careers to the state of Oklahoma (Firefighters, policemen, highway patrol workers, teachers, DHS workers, etc) have not received a cost of living boost in going on twelve years now. Yeah, no conflict of interest there. Is there any “Deep State” deeper than Oklahoma?

There are 2 executives at Seven Generations getting paid more, with Marty Proctor having the highest compensation of $4,127,900. Up 73% from a pathetically low level. Or have they been doing actual HARM to the State that they represent, passing lots of voided unconstitutional legislation and pissing away our revenue base? The maximum amount they can be paid is based on a formula that includes county population and the value of taxable property. For examples, they abolished the earned income tax credit specifically written to give a break to our poorest workers and also opposed at every turn a decent increase in the minimum wage, even blocking cities or towns who want to provide an increase to their own employees. I know a state worker for whom this is the last straw. The boost to $38,500 in 1999 made sense; enough to attract folks to run; not too much so that people ran JUST for the salary.

When I read about this yesterday it made me sick to my stomach. I am not an enemy of decent pay for decent work but the current Republican leadership has worked overtime to punish the lowest paid folks in our state. Here he is posing with a couple of his happy lawmaker buddies that he just rewarded with a pay raise: This week on Your Vote Counts with @jonechols @mitchelltalks we spend the entire show talking about House Bill 1269 taking effect on Nov 1st and what it means for Oklahoma. We have no choice.

Employment is a two-way street. Seven Generations Energy Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. If you don’t, they won’t.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, glorified by right, are coming to OKC! I could go on but most have quit reading this anyway if for no other reason than they have gone to the crapper to throw up. None of the salary figures compiled by The Oklahoman include benefits, which can range from health care and pensions to allowances for cars. The board is made up of non-elected officials appointed by the governor, House Speaker and Senate Pro Tem.

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