death knight 5e

There is very little that will be able to hit you with anything other than a crit or something close to one when you don't want it to. The Cleric domain feature allows you to hit two adjacent targets with any necromancy cantrip you cast that targets one creature.

At the end of each of your turns, you must either expend one hit die or take irreducible necrotic damage equal to your fighter level. The Death Knight is a D&D 5th edition build that uses only official source material, namely the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide and Xanathar's Guide to Everything. One of the interesting variants of this build is to simply skip the single level in Warlock - and thus forgo the continuously recovering temporary HP buffer - in favor of taking one more cleric or better wizard level, so you can reach those 9th level spell slots. Make sure you ask your DM whether or not you may use that domain. Although those two uses of Prestidigitation are the ones I use the most often they are by no means the only ones and I strongly recommend that you spend a few minutes to google for one of the dozens of '100 uses of prestidigitation' lists that are out there on various boards and wikis. All in all, it turns you into something like a spell rather than martial focused paladin... Just be aware that any damage resistances and even the damage reduction from the Heavy Armor Mastery feat do NOT apply to any damage the ward takes. If your Soul is reduced to 0 hit points, or moves more than 100 feet from your body, you die immediately and cannot be resurrected by any means. Aid can give the entire party that little extra HP buffer to get them through the day (especially since the extra max HP from Aid can be recovered with Hit Dice spend on healing during a Short Rest as well as with any other source of HP recovery). This becomes even more so if you decide to go for an undead army as they lock out most of your higher spell slots in the process. No longer the same Dwarf, he takes the power of Death and uses it for his own ends. First, Strength should be your highest ability score, followed by Wisdom. Thus, while this is a good way to go in order to raise a large army of cannon-fodder to throw at the enemy, it is fairly risky to extend that to the intelligent undead. At 15th level, your control of the Plague heightens. The widespread of classes also reduces the number of spell slots and their level, which in turn makes it very important that you spend them carefully and only when truly needed. You may activate this curse as a bonus action. You may use the power of Death to temporarily heal the scars of your previous death, making you more acceptable among those who have not experienced Death.

At 20th level, your command of the chill touch of death is so powerful you can shrug off that which would cause others to falter.

Most Death Knights have no will. Usually, with this build you'll fight fairly stationary, throwing around your cantrips and piling up a bunch of KOed or killed enemies around you. This 7th level spell becomes available 2 character levels after Create Undead and is the key spell to an infinite number of permanently controlled undead.

Once you have hit half HP it becomes time to capitalize on the KOed ones though. If your attack hits, the target takes the normal attack damage, and you may expend 1 Rune to deal 1d6 extra Cold damage and force the target to make a Constitution saving throw. A warning though: while you can fairly easily avoid getting hit by attacks - including spell attacks - due to the high AC that does not make you immune to damage nor able to take damage once it manages to actually affect you. Mold Earth will allow you to create some cover on the battlefield for your team members, including total cover if need be (make a 5ft cube hole underneath your party member and put the excavated 5ft cube directly adjacent and in the direction of the enemy - voila, you got a 10ft high wall covering your ally). Lastly, this character build will lack in raw numbers and thus will have to compensate with good planning, ample preparations, good tactics, and quick thinking during actual encounters. You and allies within 10 feet of you gain advantage on Death Saving Throws.

You can either pick the Fiend Patron or the Hexblade. If the enemy regenerates, heals a lot, has plenty of healing potions, or otherwise keeps recovering their HP then you will need to use Chill Touch to prevent them from doing so for a turn. Death Knight [edit | edit source] "I have become death, destroyer of worlds." This locks down any form of regeneration, healing, health potions, etc on the target and should make a couple of otherwise very tough fights quite manageable. At your DM’s discretion, you may play as an undead character instead.. You can build a Death Knight quickly by following these suggestions. I strongly recommend that you focus on getting as many ritual spells as possible since you are lagging behind in terms of spell levels and spell slots by roughly 4 character levels compared to pure full caster builds. The ward not only improves your own toughness and recharges whenever you cast an abjuration spell, like Shield or Counterspell, but at Wizard level 6 it also allows you to let the ward take damage that would otherwise be dealt to your party members. Standing tall against the oncoming horde, a High Elf embraces the icy resolve within to steel her veins and ignore the attacks of her enemies. That flexibility allows you to function very well as the leader of the party, letting others take point while supporting them from the back or stepping in if they fall short and giving the party a second shot at making it. Please double-check with your DM how the handle enemies (both NPCs and monsters) that reach 0 HP. For attributes: 14/10/12/14/13/14 with intelligence being the most important. Additionally, when you use Icy Blast, you can spend 1 additional Rune to cause the cold damage and slowing effect to target all creatures in a 15 foot cone in front of you. Dressed in armor streaked with blood, a human swings his Greatsword with precise fury, using his attacks to keep his enemies occupied.

Paladin. As he does so, the allies around him watch as his wounds seem to heal even as the enemy falls. This effect lasts for 1 minute or until you succeed on 3 death saving throws, and you must finish a long rest before you can benefit from it again. Others shed their former morals and become a deadly killing machine, working only for their own gain. Blackbando's Homebrew Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Destroying a death knight is a roleplay thing, so if your DM doesn't let you do some creative roleplay it just won't work. [READER EDIT: War Magic is also an option, as arcane deflection complements the martial half of this build.] It is so important that, if you haven't taken Heavy Armor Mastery at first level it might be a tie between that one and Warcaster when you get to your 4th level of Fighter and get that ability score increase and thus the option to pick a feat... For your equipment, you'll want to pick the Chainmail (16 AC) and Shield (+2 AC), which, together with your defensive fighting style (+1 AC), will give you an AC of 19 at first level. This, by its very nature, makes you the perfect character to become the party leader ... During the first tier (level 1-4) the Death Knight plays pretty much like a standard Fighter. At 3rd level you mimic the Oath you took in your former life as a Paladin. When you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon. That’s what you used to be. For offense, you will usually just throw a single cantrip at whichever enemy is closest to death, finishing the chaff off and thus letting the DPS focus on the high-HP enemies (thereby ensuring that they waste less damage on overkill). Upon reaching 9th level, the radiant fire of life infuses your soul. For your cleric spells, I recommend getting Revivify prepared but otherwise sticking to the lower level spells except maybe to upcast Aid since that provides a rather nicely scaling buff to the party. Beyond that, you can use your comparatively limited resources on battlefield control spells. In addition, I suggest getting 14 Charisma so you get +3 temp HP per knockout from the Warlock class feature instead of +2 (it gives warlock level + charisma modifier temp HP).

Wights and Mummies may rather violently object whenever they are given the chance (aka are not controlled). Beginning at 2nd level, when you hit an enemy with a weapon attack, you may expend a Rune to add an additional effect to the attack, as listed below. Honorable mentions: Arcane Eye, Banishment, Dimension Door, Fire Shield, Fabricate, Polymorph, Honorable mentions: Animate Object (e.g. Hence, they are a large part of the image others get of the character you are playing. They tend towards helping others and protecting those who cannot protect themselves, but they are not intrinsically good. However, you may also target any undead creature using this spell. My standard assumptions are that a) you can copy any wizard spell you have a spell slot for into your spellbook and that b) you can prepare (and cast) any wizard spell that you both have a spell slot for and know, aka have written into your spellbook. Additionally, targets of your Plague Strike are considered Poisoned while affected by the Plague. Finally during the third tier (level 11-16) the build truly comes into its own, getting the ability to raise a squad of tough zombies or hard-hitting skeletons by level 12 at the latest, and thus finally truly deserving the name of Death Knight.

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