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The story of a little pine squirrel named Perri and her life from childhood to maturity. Walt Disney’s 100 Years Of Magic Collection 172 Movies Set-Brand New GENRE: AnimatedREGION: 1 U.S. and CanadaLANGUAGE: English Walt Disney 172 List: 0 74 min. Nature's Half-AcreThis 1951 True-Life Adventure short takes the fascinating concept of looking at the teeming life and activity that can be found in one small half-acre of land. This movie has been released on DVD. What critics of Disney's True-Life Adventures series also don't take into account is the tremendous influence for the good that these shorts and features have perpetuated. Released on August 28, 1957. The war-related work that Disney was commissioned to deliver, and the subsequent sidetracking of his artists away from their pre-war animation projects, had also substantially impacted Disney's ability to produce full-length animated features, which took years of planning and execution before they could reach the screens. If you buy these as gifts, they make quite an impression when first opened.

Directors: Paul Kenworthy, Ralph Wright | Star: Winston Hibler. Original Theatrical TrailersOriginal theatrical trailers are included for Perri and aSecrets of Life. Walt Disney's early love of, and connection with, animals, is well known to students of the man, so it's not surprising that for years, Walt nurtured a growing kernel of an idea for a film series that featured live-action footage of real animals. Underneath the green felt holder is a "passport" which is a two-page folded map, which indicates where in the world each short was filmed. And thus, the True-Life Adventures series was born.   |  As well, at our local second-run movie house, at least once a month a Disney feature re-release of some kind would appear for a Saturday matinee, with a True-Life Adventures short tacked on for good measure. Certainly, there are "cute" moments aplenty in the film; there's a high "Awwwww!" This segment is probably the best of the four docs featuring Martin - perhaps because it's twice as long as the other ones. Adventure, Family, Fantasy. Nominated for an Academy Award. Disney / Via Twitter: @disneyplus. Secrets of LifeFeaturing some of the first stop-motion photography of plants growing, this 1956 feature departs somewhat from the True-Life Adventures formula by focusing more on nature's processes, rather than on cute, fuzzy animals. When I raised my hand and reminded her that Nanook of the North, long considered one of the greatest documentaries ever made, had recreated scenes, including having to teach Nanook how to hunt like his ancestors before filming took place, I pretty much knew I was getting a low grade on my next term paper. Whether this is true or not is beside the point (I think it's, at best, a stretch). All of these factors contributed to Walt's decision to inaugurate a new series of live-action shorts called the True-Life Adventures series.

Animals are born, they fight for survival every day, and they die - usually at the hands of other predators. Remember to sign in or join D23 today to enjoy endless Disney magic. Prior to the True-Life Adventure series debut, the Disney studios had commissioned live-action footage of animals for its animators to study, to impart greater realism to their cartoon shorts and features (Bambi, in particular, benefitted from this practice). The addition of sound effects, as well as the marvelous musical scores that not only highlight the action, but comment on it (the famous otter slide sequence in Beaver Valley), were in no way considered by the Disney staff as compromises to some vague "truth." The Packaging:A special note about the packaging for the Disney's True-Life Adventures Volume 4: Nature's Mysteries. Directed by N. Paul Kenworthy Jr. and Ralph Wright. Perri, one of Disney's finest examples of "true life fantasy" nature movies is best described as a purely cinematic experience. Here, Walt goes back through the studio's history to show the development of the True-Life Adventures series. unfortunately to my knowldege this film is not on video, and will thus largely remain unknown or forgotten. Therefore, I'm giving the Disney's True-Life Adventures Volume 4: Nature's Mysteries disc set our highest rating at DVDTalk: the DVDTalk Collector Series recommendation. It's an entertaining, informative 7 minute look at some of the behind-the-scenes animal operations at this theme park.

Play the Phineas and Ferb game, Where's Perry, and catch Perry as many times as possible by clicking on him. He also told me that the color balance was often off, because of time factors with the labs, so these restorations, according to Mr. Disney, offer better picture quality than the original presentations, and I concur. True-Life nature photography is used to tell the tale of a female tree squirrel named Perri who encounters many different forest creatures, both friendly and dangerous, as she grows up through the four seasons and finds a mate named Porro. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Filmmakers' JournalThis 35 minute documentary, again with no date (although it's a mixture of old and new interview footage) features a detailed look at some of the participants in the True-Life Adventures series, including more interesting anecdotes from Roy Disney. Much has been written about this problematic scene. Rowdy kids in their theatre seats, or at their desks, would settle down once the soothing, measured tones of narrator Winston Hibbler came forth (or warbled forth, depending on the shape of that 16mm school print), and we'd be treated to yet another True-Life Adventure; a timeless story of nature in all of its infinite beauty and variety, as seen through the eyes of the magic makers at Disney. 75 min However, some of what's been written is misleading. Based on a story by Felix Salten, who had written Bambi, the film was shot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Uintah National Forest in Utah. Remember to sign in or join D23 today to enjoy endless Disney magic!

Inaugurating the new Walt Disney's Legacy Collection line of DVDs, Disney's True-Life Adventures: Volumes 1 - 4 is a spectacular collection of all the Disney studio's True-Life Adventures shorts and features that were produced between 1948 and 1960, as well as other nature titles that, for various unexplained reasons, were never officially included in the True-Life Adventures series. With Anthony Gerard editing, along with Oliver Wallace's arresting score, Seal Island took shape. And those Disney features that have a spiritual connection with the True-Life Adventures series, such as 1966's Charlie, The Lonesome Cougar, have been given rather shabby treatment in their DVD releases. Walt constantly reminded the unit to make entertainments, not nature documentaries. 3. Rather, they were necessary tools for making entertaining features; they smoothed over the rough spots of the largely unrelated material, while providing hooks for the audience to appreciate the footage. The close-up photography of the insect battles are stunning.

Tribute of Winston HiblerThis 15 minute tribute to the narrator of the True-Life Adventures series, properly puts Hibler in the real context of his stay at Disney: as one of the studio's most important writers, producers and directors. Rolling out the heavy, seemingly huge Bell & Howell 16mm projector, the teacher would turn over its operation to the kids who could thread it up properly and run it (usually me) - as well as not screw around by deliberately messing with the focus or making hand shadows on the screen -- while he or she would relax at their desks, waiting too for the weekend. PerriAn unjustly neglected feature from Disney, Perri was the first and only True-Life Fantasy, which had a script written first before shooting was attempted. does a nice job of showing the rest of Hibler's career. Winston Hibler, Certainly the good will that these films have promoted concerning our environment outweigh an unfortunate incident in one of the shorts. Upon hearing this (and Walt had had trouble with RKO before), Walt instructed his brother, Roy (who was the financial genius behind the Disney studio) to rent out a theatre in Pasedena to make sure the short qualified for Oscar consideration.

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