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If I tattoo a huge "BK" on a Crip or tattoo "DRAKE" on some R&B-crazed girl's face, what's the difference?

And the tattoo artist not knowing who drake is? — 12-PACK, Brayden Harrington, Joe Biden's Brother From Another Stutter, Features In Amazing Closing Ad, Scranton Joe's Closing Ad For Pennsylvania Is Boss, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Brushes Trumpers Off Her Shoulder, Best, Most Hilarious & Sexiest Halloween Costumes 2020, Whale’s Tail, Election Night, Georgia, Lil Nas X, Prince William, Wave-Breaker Lockdown, Yellow Turtle, Sophia Messa: HOT LINKS, Jim Obergefell and Richard Hodges, Opponents in the SCOTUS Marriage Equality Case, Unite Against Trump, 130,000 Celebrate Pride in Taiwan’s Streets After 200 Days COVID-Free: WATCH, Gay Adult Performer Quin Quire: COVID is ‘Good to Kill Off the Weak from a Population’, Tiffany Trump and Ric Grenell Heckled by LGBTQ Activists at ‘Trump Pride’ Event: WATCH, Lady Gaga’s Appearance for Biden in Pennsylvania Has Trump in Attack Mode, But She’s Clapping Back: WATCH. Come on that is just plain bullshit talk about trying to save your ass!

If those kids are dumb enough to get a drake tat, esp. Man, I wish I could get you in touch with her.

#Drake has a tattoo of himself in front of the Beatles on his arm. After years of on-off dating, Rihanna and Drake reportedly called things off on October 2016 over conflicting schedules. There is a way of steering the customer in a direction that would make their whole tattoo idea something that would look better on their skin when the concept they have in their mind sounds good to them but wouldn't translate well into a tattoo. What if she meant to have it say “drapes”?

Some of the guys at the shop asked her, and she just kinda giggled at them. In my opinion this whole world's going to shit, and shit rolls downhill, so I might as well just jump in, hold my breath, and pray to God that there's a nice big soft puddle of diarrhea for me to land in once everything hits the fan. Her eyebrows were shaved when she came into the shop, by the way. My whole deal with people wanting completely outrageous and potentially life-ruining tattoos is this: I'll ask them three times if they really think it's a good idea, I tell them what the potential consequences of getting a tattoo on their face might be, and after that, the bad decision is on them.

Apparently, Drake wasn't joking when he expressed how upset he was at the tattoo artist who inked one of his female fans with Drake's name on her forehead recently..

Untruly is the title of a single by artist Popcaan. On December 23, Dr. I think the tattoo artist knows better but to make money he did it, economy tight you need that good ol’ money. On their face – and they are because they listen to idiotic music – then they deserve it. Copyright ©2020, MJP Content Labs, LLC.

Obviously, it's unclear at this point whether the mystery inking is actually of the 'Needed Me' songstress, and Drake himself is yet to speak out on the rumour. Campbell detailed the confrontation via Twitter when someone asked him if the issue had been sorted out. It wasn't long before fans started commenting on the tattoo's resemblance to ex-girlfriend and on-off love interest Rihanna.

Kevin: Norm, my boss. but drake is amazing tattoo artist is tripping he dang well know who drake was ! It sucks because the photo makes the tattoo look all crooked and janky, but it's actually pretty well-applied and straight as an arrow. Meaning: Drake has got a tattoo of a flaming skull with the word untruly below it, on his upper left arm. He revealed that while “her attitude changed pretty drastically once the tattoo was finished” (surprise, surprise), the idea was totally premeditated—she had even picked out the font. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. A male suspect is in custody after two people were killed and five others injured in a stabbing attack Saturday night in Quebec City, reported CNN par... Socialite Life brings you a daily dose of divas, drag queens, hot male celebrities and models, along with a healthy dollop of celebrity and pop culture news.

She shaved her own eyebrows before coming in, so he assumed she had done that in preparation for that ink work. The whole story makes us cringe, but at least it proves the Toronto artist is having an impact internationally, right? Young T & Bugsey If you’ve missed the entire Drake forehead tattoo fiasco up until this point, here’s a brief summary: Overexcited fan tattoos Drake’s name in all-caps on her forehead, Drake, talks trash to tattoo artist in an interview, tattoo artist makes fun of him.

The thing I find really weird is that the tatoo artist didn’t know who Drake was, I don’t listen to Hip-hop and I know who Drake is.

I mean really? I Think she has all the right to have that name tattooed on her forehead!

As you can see, Obama continues to be revered and missed throughout the country.

I’m proud of my facial tatoo!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Who did this? It’s not something I’d want to write home to mom about, if you know what I mean. dis lady iz crazyyyy as hell but hey dats her decision!!!!!!

You know a tattoo is truly great when half the people you show it to screw their faces up and look like they’re about to keel over and puke, and the other half flat-out cry “fake.” If, like me, you’re a hip-hop nerd, you’ll no doubt have seen the photo of a freshly inked DRAKE forehead tattoo that went viral on the rap interwebs this past Tuesday. Narcissistic tattoo. Are you surprised at how quickly the photo spread? “I guess I feel bad that this dumb-ass got the name of the softest motherfucker in hip-hop tattooed on her forehead.”, • The Story Behind Drake’s Best Headline Yet [Vice], Topics: Canadian rapper, Drake joins the #EndSARS campaign, Drake showers heartfelt encomium to Lil Wayne, “He should have just let it go, I doubt anything would have come of what he said anyway.

I read an interview with the tattoo artist and he asked her three separate times if that was what she really wanted and went over the consequences of tattooing your face and she still wanted that tattoo. She can just get straight bangs like me so maybe you guys are the stupid ones, god, i think she’ll be happy with it once her eyebrows grow back, “I guess I feel bad that this dumb-ass got the name of the softest motherfucker in hip-hop tattooed on her forehead.”. The point is, she made a horrible decision and people think she is an idiot. I'm still kinda debating whether or not I should send you guys the whole set of pictures, I don't really want to paint the shop in a bad light, but it is what it is. "Drake has a tattoo of Rihanna on his arm, oh okay let me oop!" You don’t get it, do you?

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Drake is getting to work on another soon-to-be platinum-selling record, it appears, as the rapper revealed he's currently in 'album mode' on Instagram this week. Migos’ Offset Rallies Voters At Multiple Polling Locations In ATL With Pop Up Food Trucks, Jay Critch In Great Spirits After Weekend Brawl Outside New Jersey Nightclub, Lil Nas X Claps Back At 50 Cent & Dave East For Jokes About Nicki Minaj Costume, Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Has Been on the Billboard 200 for Seven Straight Years, Hip Hop Culture | Hip Hop Arts and Lifestyle, Wall Street Eyeing Biden Victory As Stock Futures Soar Ahead Of Election, WWE Owner Vince McMahon Set to Have a Netflix Documentary Series, SOURCE SPORTS: Gervonta Davis Knocks Out Leo Santa Cruz With One Sweet Uppercut Punch, Joe Biden Leading in Key Swing States as Campaign Comes to a Close, LeBron James Shows Love to President Barack Obama’s Walk-Off Trending Perfect Shot, [WATCH] Trump Tweets Video Of His Supporters Trying to Run Biden Campaign Bus Off The Road, Eminem Joins Chuck D, LeBron James and More With NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and MLS Arenas to Support Election Super Centers’ “Make History Here” Initiative, Report Says Donald Trump Will Declare Premature Victory On Tuesday if Ahead in Polls, NBA 2K21 Next-Gen to Feature ‘The W’ WNBA My Player Mode, [WATCH] Former President Barack Obama Casually Hits 3-Pointer To Urge People To Vote, Ciara Channels Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion For Halloween Costumes.

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