eu4 navy template

Any number of ships can be repaired by a single port at once with no penalty to repair speed. save. The section at the bottom details currently defined. This tab allows coring of the uncored provinces in the nation.

Otherwise, lightships and transports are to taste. Ships will have to be rebuilt or upgraded in order for them to receive the bonuses from a newer ship type. The base cost and building time of a ship depends on its type, and is then adjusted by any modifiers, in particular those coming from buildings the province might have.

177 comments. The great thing about threedeckers is that they never have to upgrade, because they're the best you'll get. Edit 2: and yes, completely agree with /u/Bluebaronn, I should have noted this strategy is not generalist and really only makes sense for nations who want to stay in and dominate the Med, if you are in "bluewater" (ocean) this doesn't work at all, replace galleys with heavy ships. In this case, the marginal maintenance is about 3* the force limit proportion squared. Each ship costs ducats to upkeep every month.

It was last verified for, /Europa Universalis IV/common/defines.lua,, Articles with potentially outdated sections, Bremish idea 7: Foundation of Bremerhaven, Javan idea 6: Modernized Ship-Building techniques, Ottoman idea 7: Found the Imperial School of Naval Engineering, Scottish idea 2: Modernize the Royal Scots Navy, Maritime-Defensive: The Fleet is our Wooden Wall, Gujarat Sultanate idea 4: Gujarati Merchant Diaspora, Veronese idea 7: For Never Was There a Tale of More Woe, Omani idea 5: End of the Shipbuilding Guilds, Maritime-Plutocratic: The Protected Shipping Lanes Act, Genoese idea 4: Build the Genoese Arsenal, Kono idea 2: Integration of Cadet Branches, Maritime-Quantity: Streamlined Galley Production, Genoese idea 7: Standardization of Designs, Naval-Administrative: Harbor Administration, Danish idea 6: Found the Copenhagen Dockyard, Knights Hospitaller idea 6: Scourge of the Corsairs, Dalmatian idea 6: The Independent Arsenal, Genoese idea 6: Setup the Office of Grand Admiral, Hadramhi idea 5: Sailors of the Indian Ocean, Aragonese idea 2: Protection of the Coastlines. At the middle assign the desired numbers to the types of units and chose a number of provinces to build in simultaneously. their condition is lower than 100%) will automatically repair up to 100% condition when docked in any province. 100 navy tradition gives the following bonuses, linearly increasing from 0 to 100: The supply range is a key factor in determining where light ships can be sent to protect trade, and it determines whether ships suffer attrition or not.

If you have a dominant Med galley fleet you can get by with less cogs too. Suggestion. This tab allows the creation of Army / Navy templates for the easy production of units corresponding to the template. Transports play a major role if you cant just get military access or march an army somewhere.

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