fiero ecotec swap

The kits are I got a Baja with a turnkey 2.2L ecotec that was running really good. Valve lifters: hydraulic roller finger follower A nice feature of this new design is that ride height can be adjusted without taking the wheels off. horsepower, a power band that stretched from 5500 to 9200 rpm, and the

The hp of the ecotec is nothing impressive its the low end torque numbers that make the ecotec a great engine swap. So I don't know what this wheel was on to begin with, but it cleaned up nicely and only 20.00 cdn. V6-204 Cid, 3.4L, pushrod engine : Power: 160HP, Torque: 170 Ft Lb. No detectable wear in any of the Del A Lum bushings or the Febest bushings installed in the front lower control arms. Individual coil on plug high energy ignition.

Specifications Stage 1 alternator are retained. So I wrote this little faq sheet up for everyone. This is needed if you are going to do an intake manifold swap. [This message has been edited by wftb (edited 08-30-2018). Thanks Lunatic, i had read your thread, but had lost it and was wondering where the thing about the gages was? Second: 1.76 One of these is needed for the stock Fiero oil pressure sender to run the stock analog gauges. mine cost me 1000.00 and came with 5 speed. The other day I decided the rear of the car was a bit low so I adjusted the spring perches on the rear shocks to do this.The springs on the back are only 200 lbs so a bit of sag had probably set in. Got the engine for free along with the rest of the car (08 HHR) and plan on using as much of the stock parts as possible so this swap can be done by others. Doing my preliminary research on the ecotec engine, i read the thread about the 1800 Volvo and have read your thread and the other ecotec threads her on this forum. This is a really nice animation on the water flow of the EcoTec with InterCooler <<< CLICK Peterson and GM Racing engineer Russ O'Blenes retained the stock

And for those that have never visited his thread(look for Lunatic in the construction zone) there is a wealth of knowledge and how to stuff in his thread. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, trade parts, and more! The quad 4 swap, OTOH, is well documented and highly respected. This little 4 cylinder supercharged package is from the Saturn Ion ], [This message has been edited by wftb (edited 04-04-2018). Was getting to the point that I just did not want to work under my cars any more crawling around on my back.

it didnt have a real smooth 1 - 2 shift and it sat up fairly high in the car .the problem with the fiero shifter is that the gear selector arm goes backwards compared to the cav shifter.

supercharger pulley which increases boost by 2psi. Companies are jumping on the bandwagon in support of the 4 Thanks for adding that Shayne. the majority of the engine components are production parts," said Josh Peterson, Intake manifold: aluminum Many are posting the pics from there on the forum. First is its robust construction, a trait it Yes that is the thread. Camshaft: cast iron Exhaust manifold: cast iron

i remember that you interchanged various ecotec motor parts to build the motor that you use now.

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