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This is why we turn to heavy knights. Gets the special ability Dug-in, receives a defense bonus when the enemy is more than two tiles away from it.

Fellow players have to defeat them when they attack you. Two unattached Spearfighters are provided to the player in the opening quests. Light Units ability. Loses the Reactive Armor ability. For this reason alone, the attacker’s army will be damaged almost every time. It is still useful to charge out ranged classes, and its damage is very high. Artillery Unit (160/140/20/6), Rail Gun: Gets increases in both attack and defense from Tomorrow Era. Range stays the same and movement is increased. Therefore, by creating a unit of 8 Sword Warriors or Heavy Knights will be sufficient to have the strongest defense imaginable.

Fast Unit (60/60/9/24) Mechanized Infantry: Gets increases in both attack and defense from the Progressive Era. It can also retaliate against any ranged attack at range of two. The good news; it’s a great defense. Some units gain an attack and/or defense bonus when on a certain type of terrain. Only when we reach the Colonial Age, and the units that attack at this juncture, will this defense prove to be more vulnerable. For example, a Legionnaire will gain both an attack and defense bonus while fighting Light Unit Class units, such as a Soldier.

Even against fiercer archers, these often require at least 3 hits to take down – so the attacker will more than likely take some damage.

As with mounted archers some will decide not to use this unit for the disadvantage of range. Light Unit (35/35/1/16) Ranger: It has the highest stats for Light Units up to this age. Light Unit (110/130/1/32), Dragon Drone: Gets increased defense, but decreased attack from the Future Era. Range is decreased, but movement speed is increased. Heavy Unit (35/35/6/10) Howitzer: Attack +7, Defense -5, Range +4, Speed -1. If deployed appropriately, they can even defeat units from the High Middle Ages.

The AI does not use this artillery unit much, nor do players, especially with the bronze age being so short. It is worth remembering that Cannons are an option and a viable replacement for Trebuchets. A big gap starts to form between its attack and its defense where before these values were more similar. Therefore, when we are defending at this time, we can stick with 8 archers. Unattached units can also be acquired through the Alcatraz. Most importantly, their damage is significant.

If partaking in the Bronze Age tournament, which is fully optional,  keep your barracks and slinger ranges. For example, Spearfighters gain 2 defense bonus when on the "bushes" type of terrain and Stone Thrower gain 1 attack bonus when on the "hills" type.

Both range and movement are increased. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ranged Unit (30/30/12/18) Sniper: Ranged unit loses some attack damage and gains some defense damage.

Be sure to read out other expert Guides. With a huge range of 15, this unit is an incredible upgrade from the previously acquired Cannons, who crops-compare with a range of 12. Artillery Unit (32/35/16/16) Mechanized Artillery: Gets increases in both attack and defense from the Progressive Era.

Therefore, we advise to replace Trebuchet camps for the equal number of cannon camps. Light Unit (70/45/7/14) Bazooka Team: Gets increased attack, but decreased defense from the Progressive Era. Fast Unit (40/40/1/24) Lancer: This unit has the highest stats up to this age, at a cost of having a range of one when every other unit in this age has a range of at least six. A great perk is that they become completely immune to all ranged attacks if they stand in forests. The extra speed helps a lot to be able to charge both ranged units and artillery units. Ranged Unit + Artillery Unit can also win most fights if used correctly. Both range and movement are decreased. It takes no resources to train, but it takes 24 hours to train in a Rogue Hideout. If it is crowded with swamps, rocks and forests, Sword Warriors are prone to being defeated more easily. What’s more, they gain defensive bonuses when on normal terrain, and so they are extremely tough. Light Unit (25/25/1/16) Great Sword Warrior: +5 attack, +9 defense.

Fast Unit + Heavy Unit is a very potent defense this age that cannot easily be countered. Compared to crossbowmen they are strong, and are therefore able to take several hits from lower-tiered units and even cannons. Heavy Unit (105/90/10/22), Assault Tank: Gets increases in both attack and defense from the Postmodern Era. Trebuchets prove to be an optimal defending unit. This is the only time it does not have equal stats.

You can not use more than 8, although you can use less, so be careful not to enter battle without selecting a full army first! Archers, on the other hand, have a more promising range of 6. (always retaliate against attacks within range) and Dug-in (receives defense bonus if the enemy is more than two tiles away from it). It is important to note that defending units do not get killed or even lost – so you might as well set up some dfense. It is very tanky and Ranged Units are not guaranteed to kill it in two hits.

Gets the special ability Chivalry, gains bonus to attack and defense when it is the only unit with chivalry in your army. Musketeers are finely balanced with a good defense and great offense. You can quite simply get away with putting one mounted archer in your army, along with 7 archers. Range is increased, but movement is decreased. Heavy Unit (120/105/7/20), Stealth Tank: Gets increases in both attack and defense from the Contemporary Era. Field guns are required to beat enemy musketeers, and musketeers are required to provide that final punch that field guns cannot provide against the remaining units. Fast Unit + Heavy Unit is a very potent defense this age that cannot easily be countered. It will nearly be able to kill Artillery Units with one attack.

Fast Unit (120/100/10/28), Attack Helicopter: Gets increases in both attack and defense from the Postmodern Era. There is however, a disadvantage that arises.

Gets the special ability Close Quarters, gains attack bonus when attacking an adjacent field.

Gets two special abilities: Recharge (fires every other turn only) and Power Shot (ignores defensive skills and terrain). Artillery Unit (18/9/15/8) Breech Loader: Gets a boost in attack and defense.

There will be many of them but still some people will be traumatized by mounted archers and not use many.

Additionally, Trebuchets have the ability to attack defending units without having to move. Ultimately, no more than 2 spear fighter barracks and 2 slinger ranges will be necessary . Its all about being selective and not wasting resources and space on military buildings/units that do not offer much in return. Mounted archers, despite being offensively weak, are optimal defensively. Ranged Unit + Artillery Unit can win most fights if used correctly. *In update of version, the training time of Iron Age military units is decreased to 2 hours. For the most part, a great combination is an equal balance – 4 of each: 4 spearmen and 4 slingers. This makes it nearly immune to ranged attacks and, since on forests it gains defense, it can face heavy units and win.

Loses two special abilities: Rapid Deployment and Stealth. Gets the special ability Heat (reduces attack of target). Similarly, this also proves to be an strong defense – both units have great damage output and more importantly, range.

At this point you’ve progressed far, and all of your hard work is starting to unfold as you acquire military offensive powerhouses.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'forgeofempirestips_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',128,'0','0'])); Longbow archers are what you have been waiting for!

Up until we reach this far in FOE, all our defenses are quite easily penetrated. It is in the Colonial Age that we see a balance between the variety of unit types. Again, you can set 8 units this way. Light Unit (40/48/9/16) Conscript: Gets increases in both attack and defense from the Industrial Age. Yet again we are faced with the option to take place in the Ages Tournament. For the most part, players adopt long-ranged units including Trebuchets and cannons into their offense. It is actually the only unit that can effectively to take out Crossbowmen, much like the Ballista in the iron age.

When we take a long term view and approach; being plundered for a few coins/ supplies is not all that damaging. A defense consisting of 8 rangers or 8 dragoons is is practically impossible to defeat unless an attacker has 8 grenadiers or 8 rangers/dragoons and, are fortunate in the process. Any barracks you build in your city can be used to train units, when trained these units will appear within your army management window, along with any other unattached units you might gain from quests, events or from Alcatraz. With its 100 Attack, it can one-hit any unit with less than 10 Defense.

Fast Unit (8/5/1/22) Horseman: Moderate stats for a melee unit. Loses the Stealth ability. Although this army does not seem to fare well against an army of 8 Rangers or Dragoons, all other armies should be beatable with this arrangement.

Deploying 8 musketeers in our defense will likely be our first potential possibility.

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