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Hop2 has a consumer rating of 3.98 stars from 214 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. was designed by Peter de Sève, most famous for the work on the Ice Age characters. persuades Fred to take him in as he recovers, but when E.B. enjoys a successful recording session with The Blind Boys of Alabama as their substitute drummer, but ruins Fred's job interview. After being defeated, Carlos is made to pull the Egg Sleigh. [21] Hop earned $108.1 million in North America and $75.9 million in other countries, bringing its worldwide total to $184 million. The theme song ("I Want Candy") was performed by Australian pop/R&B singer Cody Simpson. How long will the footprints on the moon last? So his father sends the Pink Berets out to find him. Produced by enjoys a successful recording session with The Blind Boys of Alabama as their substitute drummer, but ruins Fred's job interview.

hiding in a satchel. E.B. gets a tip about a possible audition for David Hasselhoff, who invites him to perform on his show. [9] The premiere of Hop took place at Universal Studios Hollywood on March 27, 2011. improvises a drum session that makes Phil uncontrollably driven to dance to the beat and provides the wrong signals, causing a crash. is skeptical, but he agrees to train the human and finds that Fred has some genuine talent for it. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Followed by Carlos is then subdued. is intended to succeed his father as the Easter Bunny. 's cooperation as his dummy and they lead the show in singing, "I Want Candy".

gets a tip about a possible audition for David Hasselhoff, who invites him to perform on his show. survives by dodging the blades. 's cooperation as his dummy and they lead the show in singing, "I Want Candy". https://hopmovie.fandom.com/wiki/HOP_(2011_film)?oldid=4135, Character Animation in a Live Action Production. E.B.

finds evidence of Fred's capture and races back to the factory. E.B. Fred feigns a ventriloquist's act with E.B. Hop is a 2011 American Easter-themed live-action/animated comedy family film by Universal Pictures and Illumination, directed by Tim Hill and produced by Chris Meledandri and Michele Imperato Stabile. At Van Nuys, E.B. E.B. If you are 13 years old when were you born? On Easter Island, a young rabbit named E.B. HOP 2 is an upcoming sequel of the 2011 HOP film. E.B. is hit by Fred O'Hare, an out-of-work, job-hopping slacker who was driving to his sister Sam's boss's house he is house-sitting, while his parents forced him to move out. Meanwhile, Carlos the Chick plots an insurgency against him to take over Easter. E.B. The CGI animation of the film was made by Los Angeles based Rhythm & Hues Studios. E.B., alarmed that the Pink Berets have apparently found him due to the three bunny suit shadows on a wall and disgusted by Alex's awful rendition of "Peter Cottontail", he dashes out and disrupts the show.

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