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I love how this drama capture every single moment between 5 peoples who have been friends since they entered medical school. super excited, cant wait !!! this drama really give me a lot of motivation and im looking forward for the next season next year ❤️. loadbox(1);

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:), tiuyelsew Apr 30 2020 6:57 pm

Can’t wait till then. My Doctor is back Yeonseok Yoo! I'm just desperate that i only have 1 eps a week. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/HOSPITALPLAYLIST_OFFICIAL. the story is sweet, warm and fun at the same time. A masterpiece, of course <3 I fell in love even at just first episode. "

This is so relatable. But I am never one to leave a drama midway, I like to finish all dramas I start, so I began watching Hospital Playlist just yesterday.

It has been so long since i laugh my lungs out and this drama made me laugh. Music+Friendship+Foodtrip+Romance+Comedy+Meldrama+Career+Family+All Slices of Life = Hospital Playlist. Realistic hospital scenes.

at the beginning of the drama I was a lil bored. I guess we were expecting to much out of this, because so far it's falling flat at my house. Natt May 28 2020 11:17 am Natsui Dec 03 2019 5:26 am The writer and PD and the actors lineup are really promising. One of the best medical drama sooo far! Thank you for bringing this drama alive, the casts, the stories, the soundtracks and everything in this drama gives us heartwarming and a very touching story about the life of the doctors, the staff in hospital, the patients story etc. So why you girl moving out, waeee? Both in here and prison playbook there seem to be a patterm where they have the same initial.. in here except Ik Joon we have JW (Jeong Won and Jun Wan) and SH (Seok Hyung and Song Hwa). Will their long-distance relationship pull through? Duuuudeee you should've done better. Don't hesitate to watch it. It cheers me up after a long day of work. Hospital Playlist + couples.


Em Mar 17 2020 8:29 pm

Kim Dae-Myung from a trader to a Doctor! This dorama is so heartwarming. Season 1 aired its last episode in May, and Season 2 will grace our screens next year (hopefully). I got the prison playbook vibe. ahh..why only 12 episodes..i think i need it more. How do you that, making us laugh and cry in foreign words with just subtitles on hand.

I bet the next season will be about corona. PD-nim and Writer are the Best! I love part When Jung Suk sings.He is good voice. I'm fans of Uju.... ❤❤❤, abdoo 19 May 19 2020 3:12 pm Replying to Dk: Song wha's song title is Lonely night. Waiting for the finale. i just love everything about this drama.

Uzi May 18 2020 7:57 am Hahahaha Awesome!!!

I love Jo jung sukk so much..

Huft i don't know when this seasons end then my thursday night will never be the same anymore, can't wait for the season 2 please. So damn gd, TP Apr 30 2020 9:50 am Akh, i hate 1 thing. Screenwriter Lee Woo-jung and director Shin Won-ho previously worked together on the critically acclaimed Reply anthology series (2012–16) as well as the hit black comedy series Prison Playbook (2017–18). I'm happy everytine i see them.

I wanna hug him always. I hope it will be more successful, not only in Korea, but worldwide as well. I mean there is this difference that sets Hospital Playlist apart but I do not know how to explain which somehow frustrate me at first because I expected it to be like Reply abd Prison Playbook but it is not. Jeong won - gyeol woo Continuity of the plot line is very very minimal in each episode. Like the reply series, and the wise life series' first show, prison playbook, hospital playlist is definitely a catch. I'm so in love and so many life lessons in it! Hitler mon voisin : quand un petit garçon juif croisait le Führer sur son palier. WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Hospital Playlist! Ouhlalakim Feb 19 2020 1:15 am There are love, career,music and everything. Tell you what... its a MUST-WATCH Medical Drama. i love when they played mafia game or tried to find the car while the omoni didn't bring the car.. :'), it's so sad this drama only air once a week with 12 epsd..

Wahhhhhhhh i need season2 please?please!!!!!!!!!!!!! ep 2: Song-hwa received a pair of shoes anonymously. window.W4GRB = new Object(); Ui Jun 19 2020 6:55 pm Song Hwa's relationship with Ik Jun's son U-ju is also the cutest.

Kim Soo-jin as Song Soo-bin, surgical ward, Yoon Hye-ri as So Yi-hyun, cardiothoracic surgery. thank you, pd-nim, thankyou writer-nim, and thank you for all cast in this drama. SYL Jun 04 2020 12:50 am The ending is so bitin. I think it would be fun if one of their parents is from reply 1988... Looking forward to March 12. Hope theres more episodes. Love it!

yaaaa kyungho yaaa reality, in reality, is boring, but they managed to make this reality interesting. So sad ??? Aki May 28 2020 9:43 pm You will be missed Yulje hospital <3 You will be missed my favorite squad and hospital crew :( !!! piet Apr 17 2020 7:07 am Being in the medical field, this show is quite frustrating like okay good they have lots of medical information but they're simply bombarding it to show off they have done some research. Loooove this drama!!! Other than having a great cast .. episode 1 seems to be very a promising drama! Hopefully they will do season two! p.s this drama will definitely make u laugh,cry and inspired.. Kyla Apr 09 2020 6:13 pm

Screenwriter-nim, PD-nim, please the same cast for season 2, I don't think other actors can replace the current cast, they're fabulous. Loving it! i hope songhwa and chiyong get together, and on that nottee,, doesn't chiyong look like Kian84's twin??? Jeon mi do might be unpopular in drama land. beobja had made his cameo, i hope everyone in prison playbook appear as cameo too. ? Ingeuu1004 Apr 09 2020 6:11 am Funny and heartwarming. Rima Gobel May 21 2020 10:45 am

So far up to episode 8, I really enjoy this drama. I recently finished the drama, it's so good & heart warming, I hope the cast will be the same cast in the season 2. heheheh. LOL. This one is different from other kdramas which has unrealistic plot. Now if Seok Hyeong is with Min Ha, Song Hwa ends up with Ik Joon, and Jun Wan takes Ik Soon, what about Dr Ahn? Cho Seung-yeon as Joo Jun, director of Yulje Medical Center. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); While waiting for the next installment, here, let's take a look back at all the couples who made us feel *kilig* in the show: Remember the spin the bottle scene? derpinabox May 14 2020 7:58 pm

iksong May 28 2020 12:03 pm Lots of love for this drama<333 Fightingg!!

Documentaires. [6] By the conclusion of the first season, it became the ninth highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. They really did great in choosing the cast especially the five brilliant leads!!

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