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When I transferred from one (post) to another. Yes, absolutely. Like what did you do for entertainment? But you always have these new guys that show up who have never drank in their life. A lot of family members that were military. Yeah, I agree. That's hard to deal with. We didn't consider them prisoners. Current address is interview address as well. I know there was some celebrities that came through. Desert Storm, Desert Shield. James Edward Calhoun is on Facebook. Parents didn't have the money to send me to college.

Unfortunately I no longer have that. It's a different atmosphere. Which, some of 'em are pretty horrible and some of 'em are pretty good. I was no where near where they came through. Yeah, that was actually, that was the second time I had been there.

I mean everyone talks about the Marine Corp, says we get the dumb ones, the___+ It takes a lot of guts to___+. Not per se. I mean every morning, like I said, I was a sergeant so I was in charge of a fairly large group of guys, and you know we had guys that were highly religious. I initially, I had some leave I hadn't used I hadn't used from Desert Storm. I felt like it was my duty to make them feel like they were (deserving). Ok, how did you stay in touch with your family? It's difficult 14 15. Senator and Floride Calhoun Brother of Floride Bonneau Calhoun and John Ewing Colhoun, Jr. It's just them yelling at you "get off the bus". We had Jamaicans, we had Orientals, we even had people from the Middle-East. Before you joined did you feel differently?

So you're in good company. I mean any son, anyone who spends time in the service, no matter how long they're gone, it always feels good to go home. Did you feel any pressure of stress from your job?

Take a little, give a little. There was people here in the United States supporting us with food, supplies. You can only get to it by boat. You didn't really think about it. James E Calhoun was born in month 1892, at birth place, Kentucky, to Thomas L Calhoun and Helen Calhoun. I had never spent any time there, and I did stay for several days that trip. Yeah. Then I would be attached to a tank unit and do drills and maneuvers with them. But it's still not the same. He's still in. Do you recall any particularly humorous or unusual events while you were in service? You get relaxed and then a guy shows up and kills 20 people. Welcome Publicrecords360.com user. You know, I work for myself for a while, which I enjoyed. IMPORTANT: Please login here using your Publicrecords360.com username and password. And what did you go on to do as a career after the war, the phone company? Did your military experience influence your thinking about war or about military in general? If you experience any issues or have any questions, please feel free to call us at (888) 712-0108. You actually got through to them and they cared. Yeah so anyone who served got a Nation Defense Service Metal. Do you recall your first day in service? And really, joining the Marine Corp and spending time in service probably just reinforced the way I already felt. Well Verizon. My senior drill instructor was Gunnery Sergeant Torbet, original senior drill instructor. You got there and we were given a tent to stage our gear in. Trying to suck up to the boss. Name of person being interviewed is James Edward Calhoun. I guy in particular I met on the bus on the way to basic training. It was from____+. But while I was there, on a regular basis we had rotating duty, where I would be attached to like an infantry unit for a week. James Calhoun was born on month day 1731, at birth place, Connecticut, to David Calhoune and Katharine Coe Calhoune (born FAIRCHILD).

I got two uncles who are retired from the Air Force. I mean we had guys from all ethnic backgrounds. Did you keep a personal diary of stuff that was going on? It was a big party.

I actually tried several different things.

Not soldiers, citizens that were there. They volunteered to go and serve us food. And I was a sergeant, so most of the guys only carried rifles. I was always a step ahead of him. Going from the military to civilian life's a little difficult because um it's a lot different. And I went over there as an aviator technician, which is what I was trained to do. I think we pretty much covered my career, and the ending of it. atc, Basic Training. Whenever something that I really wanted to remember the details of happened, I would jot it down. We graduated the same day. The squadron I was permanently assigned to was not considered a gun squadron. I mean you take the good with the bad. And on a rare occasion we would get to make a phone call.

Well I might get to go every couple of weeks when I changed my form. Katharine was born on September 23 1700. Do you remember arriving? I think I had a minor in underwater basket weaving. Probably the most memorable thing that I remember about Desert Storm was uh the night that I got there. Right. What did you do in the days and weeks afterwards? Like when you arrived in Africa, was it different? It was a big get- together.

You might as well lay there with your eyes open. I mean when it was quiet we did 10 what anybody else would do. I pulled the pistol. It's my purpose to get along with 'em.

Must have been nice to see something from home. So did you have a good boot camp training experience because of him? Managed by: Joel Scott Cognevich: Last Updated: February 5, 2015 His name I cannot remember. Birth date is June 19, 1966.

No one got killed. Not really for good luck. At first, well I mean generally in that kind of situation you get one thing, MRE's, stands for meal ready to eat. Right, because they weren't even soldiers, they were civilians and they probably didn't have anywhere to go. I took another flight to Italy. Did you make any close friends while you were in the service, and have you continued any of those relationships?

And they all, you know, worshipped in their own ways. They had no food. They had no support, and they were starving.

To learn more, click the following link: Do Not Sell My Personal Information. The pay's not that great. I mean it was, it was okay. Yes I got the urn National Defense Service Metal, which was a metal given to anyone who served during that period through Desert Storm, because everyone, even if they weren't there, contributed in some way to what we were doing. How did people entertain themselves? Exactly. That was just a stopping point. Absolutely. That's, I mean that's the Marine mentality.

We were competing, friendly competition, 13 14 but we were competing. I was a Avionics Technician. Yeah him and several other people. I got a Combat Action Ribbon, my second award for that, uh, overseas service again. You'll now have access to more data and more ways to find information about people. Hands behind their heads. He and I finished boot camp together. I mean it was constantly happening. They were giving up. Wow, they really did a service for you guys. I ended up coming here to northern Virginia. California Privacy Notice: If you are a California resident, you have the right to know what personal information we collect, the purposes for which we use it, and your options to opt out of its sale. Had some trouble with this one guy, got up close to the pile of weapons, dropped his weapon. I mean, it was before he got one shot out. Search by name, address or phone number and find people and their contact information instantly! You could be there for months and not have a single incident. I mean I've been in fire fights with guys making jokes. It's very secure. They would come in, drop their weapons, put their hands behind their heads, and go into the camp, just because they probably knew we would feed them. It kind of, yeah it kind of made them feel like I really cared about what they wanted to do, and I did. James Calhoun may refer to: . I mean you would hear, you would hear stories and you never knew if they were true. I mean we had uh, when I first got to the prison 8 camp we had probably 1400 Iraqi citizens. What was the food like there, or anywhere when you were in service? What they did was they took a tent and set it up and took volunteers from the United States that worked at McDonald's. Al and I were to two front runners. Absolutely. Yeah, and they were giving up. Well for that conflict, several places. And most people don't realize it, but in the desert it gets super, super cold. And there's so few because everybody knows that. I did. Place of interview is 10624 Chesterwood dr, Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553. And if you screw up, then you're demoted.

It was my third overseas service campaign. It's not that way in civilian life. And this guy died, because he tried to shoot people. I mean they sold it to us for what it cost. Probably the most stressful and nerve-racking thing I ever had to do was when we had prisoner duty, and it wasn't like we were taking prisoners. Branch of service was the United States Marine Corp. Where were you at the time you enlisted? You know, they call them the few, the proud because they're always the first to fight.

The only one that was really putting out any effort on my behalf was the Marine Corp recruiter so I stuck with it. Things happen for a reason.

Typical college boy type pranks. What did you think of fellow officers or soldiers? It prepared you for the fact that you don't know. Name of person being interviewed is James Edward Calhoun. Yeah I mean it was. So initially I took almost 3 months off with pay. But the benefits are priceless. So if I had been lying there I probably would have died. Our proprietary people search engine can help you find a person’s address, phone number, email, social network profiles and more! And when they get out on their own, they don't know how to act. They were the only two. That was the only time anything like that happened. It's on an island. ___+. And when you go into a situation like that you're so hyped up you can't sleep. We were afraid it was going to spill across the border onto American soil. Whatever we wanted to do. Yeah, but I mean that was rare. I think that was it for Desert Storm. And what was your job at the time where you were flying to? Everyone's and we were just gitty. I had a side-arm, or a pistol. What your job is if we're on the defense, so to speak, their going to get you a rifle and put you out on the field. Those were some biggies.

But then they had good stiff like___+. A lot of guys who joined the service are right out of high school. James Edward Calhoun: Birthdate: July 04, 1798: Death: October 31, 1889 (91) Immediate Family: Son of John Ewing Colhoun, U.S. My father was in, he was on the hundred and first Air Bom in the Army. But I'm glad I got s chance to actually spend that much time with him. Get current address, phone numbers, address history, household members, home values, optional background and criminal checks, Get owners name, current address, address history, household members, utility verification and more, Get the individuals associated with the address you’re searching, including name, age and phone number. We had a career together until I got out. James Edward Calhoun will not be notified of your purchase. Once you get in to the civilian world, it's a little bit of a transition.___+.

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