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You can also google "The Bearded Clam Book Club" and several places to view it will come up. This thread has been here since last year and now all or a sudden all of these insiders all happen to drop by to tell the suppposed "truth" all in the span of a few hours? I see what you mean though, with a bit of fantasy and a little squinting of the eye I see them holding hands, too ;). I'd bet anything the only work she'll ever get again is a role on the L-Word or Go Fish Part Deux. If Jorja and Sami never lived together then who was the woman that Jorja kicked out when Lelah moved in? What purpose this serves her, I don't know. PPl who use the term: "wifebeater", to describe a tank top, are low class, and insufferable. Closet case closed. Including Coly and her lesbian partner who have Lelah as their #1 friend.

Surf, pooches and my girls! All movies with the theme Kidnapping Film / Disappearance. I remember when some photos of Jorja and Lelah at the Independent Spirit Awards from March, 2006 were posted here at the time people here asked if the woman (Lelah) was Jorja's girlfriend. I'm sick of you ;-). I kind of think that if this woman is indeed Jorja Fox's girlfriend and she is pregnant that the tabloids would have already picked it up. Did Jorja really kick out Sami and hook up with Lelah?

105, you'd be right if they had any chemistry or were believable as a couple onscreen. No. Before risking it all to head out to Los Angeles, she graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Theater and Film.

r594 Sorry for the delay about the name of the other site i read about Jorja and Lelah breaking up. So what's the truth? In some pics of Lelah I think she looks beautiful, and in some she looks quite plain. Cornering D. Rambo with a camera to have answers? I don't get it. Get it now? Here's a pic of Jorja with Lelah and some guy at a party Eric Szmanda hosted at his home in 2005. Link to Jordan Cappella's (LA Gay, I presume from earlier in this thread) fioreculture blog with logo photo taken by Lelah, and what appears to be a recent photo of the two of them. Lelah is clearly holding a glass of wine with her left hand and Jorja is holding a glass of wine in her right hand. They may not be a couple anymore but I still love these two together or apart.

Those Jorja fans are down right nutty.

If she was just holding her hand idle by her torso it wouldn't be positioned that way. No one except the delusional Grissom/Sara fans believe Jorja ever slept with anyone with a dick. (what kind of experience do you need to be a stand-in??). Jorja Fox is arguably the ugliest actress to ever "grace" the screen and from the pics I've seen Lelah isn't a whole lot more attractive. Jorja Fox and Kasi Brown bringing in the New Year 2020. Is it Lee lah or Lay lah(as in the Eric Clapton song)? And generally, in these type of MySpace things, you'd think maybe a picture or something with this BFF?

Why does everybody think Jorja made a bad move by leaving CSI? I want some inside scoop!

Fuck off R16 (or should I say Fuck Off Jorja?). Please don't be upset that you will never have the chance to suck off the cast of CSI, or anyone for that matter. Plenty of closet case lesbians sleep with men to keep their cover from being blown. Maybe Lelah was in it for the fame afterall, as some of us speculated. Helen Mirren? R309, who is now even more charming as r312, don't be mad because no star would ever fuck you. Nowadays it's hard to tell if some posters that post in English have such poor grammatical and spelling skills because they aren't writing in their native language, or because they are generally ignorant enough not to know what they are doing. Lelah is featured, funnily enough as a pregnant lesbian. Well after googling photos of Kasi Brown, I think it safe to say Jorja had a type; women with light colored eyes. It's like she embarrassed for people to know she is a lesbian. You must be one of these serious lesbians everyone is talking about. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies." Were Lelah and Jorja friends before they were lovers? r239, they are just the same height. It explains why she is still single at almsost 39. I think Jorja Fox looks like an older and dykier version of Andrea Corr. She is some kind of wacko I wonder if she is related to that wack nutty fruitcake who runs YTDAW website. Well, I thought she already looked pregnant in the Pink's party pics (november?). I have to ask my friend. [quote] Jorja was amazing in the premiere, and love her or hate her, people obviously tune in in droves to watch her. Parfois créditée Jorjan Fox. Cappella didn't mention that Jorja and Lelah were partners. There is a German lesbian gossip message board that takes info on Datalounge on a regular basis, and especially gossip here realated to Jorja Fox. I just don't know. This video adheres to every steretype straight people have that lesbians are all vagina-obsessed sex maniacs.

Their gay pals should have enough self-respect to not support a closet-case like Jorja. Damn.

Well either way who ever Jorja is dating I am sure they are a lucky woman.

Anyone know the truth? She didn't kick anyone out when Lelah moved in. Am I the only one who enjoys/is a fan of the Grissom/Sara relationship on CSI BUT accepts the fact that Jorja is a lesbian? R307, why isn't it a good idea to link this thread over at Elyse's? Only Ms. Fox could still play cute and coy when standing with her clueless fans in the lesbian theatre where her dyke play is playing! It's hard to tell since they are both wearing black.

I almost pissed my pants when i saw that. learn to speak English please. Do you mean that you read they broke up at another site, or you read it in the thread here (The Elizabeth Keener thread) where someone referred to Lelah as (used to date Jorja Fox)?

And Lelah doesn't look pregnant, would be cut ethough if she was.

Thanks for fuelling my fantasy R511 and 512. :). What on earth is wrong with you people that you feel the need to post rubish like that on a thread about someone you supposedly don't even like?? [quote]now that she's done with CSI, what does she have to lose? There are some new pics up at Jorja Fox online from an event held yesterday to benefit sealife conservtion. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. The thing that got this rumor rolling was a lesbian in that Elizabeth Keener thread who referred to Lelah as - used to date Jorja Fox. Foxalicious Submitted by Angela Clamburglar (4 posts)on February 10, 2007 - 8:23pm. The infamous la dyke who claimed to be an insider on the CSI set and LA lesbian scene said they are like sisters, but aren't dating? Doesn't that make you gay? See link below for full size. Please click here to update your account with a username and password. Eric Szmanda's never bearded, has he? I am sure the stand in is getting a bit more work now days. Jorja, if you are reading this, I've never seen you look butcher. Moreover, a majority of fangirls support their silly GSR ship and tend to confuse Jorja with the character she portrays.

I don't photograph well.

I think onscreen chemistry (or lack of it) is something between two actors, not a straight actor and a lesbian actress. That would be called "bearding". The GSR fan are crazy. Not all lesbians are as low class as you 74/75.

What do their pals care about whether they're in or out? I read on another fourm a post from someone that said Jorja's boat parties "are always rockin', in more ways than one".

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