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Keymaps can be created and customized to suit your taste in the Accidental: Show/Hide parenthesized accidental, P or Ctrl-= (Press P again to toggle between To better use the playback and pause shortcuts, note the difference between the playhead cursor and the caret cursor. The good part is that you can use alt code keyboard shortcuts to insert these punctuation symbols on your Windows and Mac documents easily. Double-click a selected measure to include Selection - One Entry Left, Navigation: A+z: First non-whitespace character of line, beginning of line, first visible line (repeated presses). There are different types of triangle symbols you can insert in Windows and Mac documents using alt code shortcuts.

Tuplet - Create User-Defined, Toggle Press Shift-up arrow to extend selection up or Shift-down arrow to extend selection down.. Double-click a selected measure to include the entire vertical measure “stack” (selected measures in all staves) Ctrl–+ or hold down Ctrl-Shift and right-click, Ctrl–- (minus) or hold down Ctrl-Shift Display the action bar and give it keyboard For details, see the section called “Search and Replace”. staves. It always corresponds to a specific location in your media represented in the timeline (for example, 4 minutes 30 seconds). A+q; A+a: Move caret up, down one screenful. Sometimes automatic transcription will attribute words to the wrong speaker, particularly at the beginning or end of a sentence. Note: If two handles appear on a staff, drag the top handle. text block handles, shift-click a text block handle, Create an unbounded frame that expands

the remaining staves. focus.

A+i; A+k: Move caret up, down one line. of the page or right mouse control-click and select Resize Page from the or right mouse control-click the handle and select Edit Repeat Assignment

Double-click a positioning handle or the For details, see the section called “The Action Bar”. then press any number between 6 and 9 on your computer keyboard. Use this shortcut to select an individual character, letter, or number for replacement. to select all available handles, Press delete, or right mouse control-click Click a note to which an articulation has presses). Learning keyboard shortcuts can help you correct these errors quickly and easily — in close to real-time. Move caret cursor forward or backward by individual words, Adjusting playback speed and Patient Playback. Step Up Diatonically, . Drag-enclose a group of notes while holding backspace to delete articulations on all right mouse control-click the handle and select Edit Repeat Assignment

staff in all staff systems in Page View). Revert the selected brackets to their default Keep in mind, because Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA, you can find additional shortcuts in the IntelliJ IDEA keymap reference documentation.. View. Extend selection by one word or paragraph. pages. line, beginning of line, first visible line (repeated Use Playback, pause, and playhead vs. caret cursors, (playback begins at solid blue playhead cursor), (playback begins at blinking caret cursor), To better use the playback and pause shortcuts, note the difference between the, is the solid blue vertical line in the transcript.

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