kink bmx serial number

When I had questions, most of the answers I got were based on guesses, gossip, 30-year-old foggy memories and hearsay. it wasnt made here, but was built here.

The last four digits are the serialization digits 0000 to 9999 depending on what number the frame was of the years production. In July 1980, a new series starts with "AT"  and runs 26 months to August 1982. Woodward Beijing in 2010 with Dakota Roche, Trey Jones, Ty Morrow, and More.

It has a SBS INC Seattle sticker making me think it might be a Redline but the serial number starts with an “A.” See pictures. 1981 HT=Feb. dinosaur re-issue the brian castillo 20 year anniversary re-issue frame read now! markell jones the markell jones interview read now! Forum: Progression After One Year of Riding?,,38412/all,,38412/setup,,,52385/all,,52385/setup,,,26925/all,,26925/setup,,,69770/all,,,45285/all,,45285/setup,,,51325/all,,,725/all,,725/setup,,,3682/all,,3682/setup,,,18543/all,,18543/setup,,,5781/all,,5781/setup,,,57346/all,,57346/setup,,,29240/all,,,33480/all,,,45310/all,,,60916/all,,60916/setup,,,51947/all,,51947/setup,,,33022/all,,,20481/all,,20481/setup,,,71355/all,,71355/setup,,,,27/Back-on-the-Bike,1257160,,27/HUSS,1227198,

Bike Check: jhopz9's Hyper Wizard. That was Gilbert.He also did the original PK Ripper for SE Racing. and here is the updates, thanks to love thegoose! If the number starts with a K, the frame was made by Kinesis.

Japanese I now believe this is incorrect. 1978 TI=Jan. Woodward Beijing in 2010 with Dakota Roche, Trey Jones, Ty Morrow, and More ... Kink … 1976 Steve changed the name to Johnson Engineering then again to Torker. The first series starts with "TA"  in May 1978 and ends 26 months later in June 1980. More pics woul help though, MOTW 10/18/10 - 10/24/10 1979, late in the year the serial numbers changed from the Bottom brackets to the right rear inner dropout.,165452/all,,,3682/all,,3682/setup. is there a serial number on it? Get Familiar with Wiktor Skibinski - Polish Street Destroyer, Bike Check: Sum FatOld Dude's Freestyler DMC, #ZonderPardon 2020 Mixtape - Dutch Shredding, Daniel Dhers Watches his 2004 Sponsor-Me Video, Woodward Beijing in 2010 with Dakota Roche, Trey Jones, Ty Morrow, and More, Redline Foundations Launched; RL 20-II Reissue Announced, Simon Tabron Suffers Heart Attack, Stroke, @cache_main: 36e843bb5f74347216a6f4f9203f8188. Serial numbers ending in P. 1983 Torker made Haro Freestylers were now made by Anlun (Taiwan) late 1983.

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