languages in darfur

Try to learn, say, the language of the Sumatran province of Aceh, long resisting Indonesian dominance, at your peril.

At least two nouns take the suffix -i: kóór "spear" → kóórí "spears", dʉ́tʉ "mouse" → kʉ́ʉ́tɨ́ "mice".

Then there are things about the language that are just fun. "I hit" is lodi, "he hit" is oldi.

There are many reasons that Darfur should be as urgent a horror to us as it would be if in France Jean-Marie Le Pen took power and starting working on a sequel to the Final Solution.

It's a hothouse plant. The genitive (English 's) is expressed by the suffix -iŋ (the i is deleted after a vowel.) In some cases (mostly body parts) it is accompanied by L. I can have one dog or two dogS. They're kuungi. And it just gets worse; it's like grammar as acid trip. Abstract nouns can be derived from adjectives by adding -iŋ and lowering all tones, deleting any final vowel of the adjective, e.g. Another is their humanity. A side is a nundang. This is the Fur language, one of the main languages or Darfur, the Land of the Fur, that is.

Indonesian is no picnic - but most Indonesians, speaking other languages natively, have long been hacking away at it. Another one is "It's your sandal." "simpler." Sides are k-undang-a. E.g. Then with others, to say that he did it, you tack some sound to the word you use to say I did it, and you just have to know which sound for each verb. There are two underlying tonemes, L (low) and H (high); phonetically, L, H, mid, HL and LH are all found. : kùlle "fast" → kùllendì or kùllèn "quickly". But Clintonians were not exactly at a loose end when they decided to intervene in a serious way (i.e. Radio Dabanga - broadcasts daily news in the Fur language and in other languages local to Darfur. Africa’s other three major language families are Afroasiatic, dominant across north and east Africa (and also including Semitic languages of the Middle East, such as Arabic and Hebrew); the endangered Khoisan group spoken in pockets of southern Africa; and the Nilo-Saharan language, spoken by many smaller groups in the central and northern parts of the continent, including Darfur.

Interestingly, the Sudanese government’s “Arabization” policy affected tribal languages in certain parts of Darfur severely.

The Nobiin language has the most speakers in this family, and it is commonly used in northern Sudan. As a normal language - that is, one rarely learned by foreigners and thus not chipped down into user-friendliness - it is so complicated that learning it after toddlerhood could be dangerous to one's mental health.

There are also various assimilation rules. The Nubian languages are spoken in Nubian communities living in Sudan. Somehow their sound for a lion's roar is Oo-oo-ing!, which doesn't sound like a lion to me, but they are in a better position to know than I am.

Mandarin is hard enough - but try Taiwanese and risk a stroke. Vowel-final adjectives can take a plural in -lá, as well as -ŋa: lúllá "cold" → lúllála or lúlláŋa "cold (pl.)". Arabic, English, Fur, and other tribal languages are spoken in Darfur. : dìrro "heavy" → dìrrìŋ "heaviness". But we don't meet people of Darfur. Derivational suffixes include -iŋ (intransitive/reflexive; e.g. Darfur has a long tradition of independence as a sultanate. a Nilo-Saharan (Eastern Saharan) language of Darfur and Chad, a Nilo-Saharan (Maban) language of Darfur and Chad. Aspect is distinguished in the past tense. But race alone is a crude metric here. But there's a land far, far away where making a plural seems like a game some kid made up. Whether you are a speaker yourself, a partial speaker, or know someone who might be, we are always looking for more resources on Darfuri languages. And these aren't the irregular verbs--they're the normal ones. A few CVV nouns take the plural suffix H-ta; roo "river" → roota'wala gal rooŋa "rivers"; ra̱yi' wala gal ra̱y "field" → rǎ̱ytó'wala gal rǎ̱ytá "fields". This is the Fur language, one of the main languages or Darfur, the Land of the Fur, that is.

For some verbs, the way to say that he did something instead of that I did it, you make the first two letters in the word switch places! As to a truly vivid indication of the latter, maybe this is just the linguist in me talking, but I think one thing that should qualify is that so many of the people speak a language that is harder to master than quantum mechanics. Surely part of the reason is that the Bosnian cast of characters seemed more like us--Westerners, literate. : dɨ́ló "ear" → kɨ́ló "ears"; nʉ́ŋɨ́ "eye" → kʉ́ŋɨ́ "eyes"; dági "tooth" → kagi "teeth"; dormí "nose" → kormi "noses". They don't use the Internet. After all, that same year Clinton was concerned with little things like bombing Sudan and Iraq, not to mention trying to deflect us from his shenanigans with "that woman.". Subjunctive is also marked. For some reason you change the first sound instead of adding a sound at the end. with bombs) in Bosnia in 1998. And that lobby would compel us, partly because Haitians are well known in many parts of America as living, breathing human beings. Swahili, Zulu, Xhosa etc.)

It dumbs them down. Making the plural in English is not exactly rocket science. In the western portion of the Darfur region, the Masalit people have successfully maintained their cultural identity and remained independent from Dar Fur. Don't even get me started on the verbs in Fur.

Language shift to Arabic–the language of intragroup communication in New York as in the refugee camps–was already underway in much of Darfur, but the recent conflict has greatly magnified the problem. The Darfur Languages Project encompasses ELA’s work with New York’s Darfurian population, which is about 10 years old and includes between 100 and 200 Fur-, Beria– and, to a lesser extent, Masalit-speaking refugees who escaped their decimated villages via Egypt. The Fur use it to tell someone to deal with something themselves--"It's your sandal, not mine.".

I submit that if in an alternate universe some marauders of some sort were trying to exterminate all Haitians in Haiti, there would be an immediate and decisive response from Washington. And that is a clue that the people who speak this language live in Africa. It's what happened to Mandarin Chinese, the lingua franca of Chinese people who speak other Chinese varieties. "I bought" is ula, "he bought" is jula--but while "I dug" is urto, "he dug" is not jurto but kurto, for no particular reason. Adverbs can be derived from adjectives by addition of the suffix -ndì or L-n, e.g. The War in Darfur, also nicknamed the Land Cruiser War, is a major armed conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan that began in February 2003 when the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) rebel groups began fighting the government of Sudan, which they accused of oppressing Darfur's non-Arab population. One might think that "Berlitz" languages of major powers were more complex than languages of "indigenous" peoples; i.e.

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