leafy content cop

Title: The fight for good content has begun.

Looking for something to watch? Also apparently the thing about the chin was basically to give Leafy a taste of his own medicine. But Leafy's 12 year old audience were screaming for it And you're right. The ongoing adventures of JonTron, as he takes it upon himself to review games of all kinds (and some movies), under the watchful eye of his friend and overlord, the cyborg bird, Jacques. Content Cop On September 13, 2016, Ian created a Content Cop on Calvin Vail of LeafyIsHere. (2015– ). I'm trying to think what that exactly means but I have nothing. Tracking down his arch-nemesis, "no-chin", has led the content cop to no-chin's right hand man, Killer Keemstar. This FAQ is empty. iDubbbz takes a look at terrible kickstarter campaigns, using his dark sense of humor to convey his intelligent, satirical message throughout.

Filthy Frank and his disease ridden friends talk about various topics and take part in multiple life-threatening shenanigans. Dark-humored, wise-cracking personality iDubbbz brings criticism and mentality to the online hellhole known as "YouTube", through arguing against the content of some especially disgraceful video makers whose themes range from shallow bullying to self-glorification.

The best part of Leafy's video is when he roasted himself at the end making fun of himself (which only lasted 10 seconds) If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. We've got all the Chub n' Tuck you could ever want. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But, being the little insecure bitch the he is, Leafy just can't take - and doesn't understand - what criticism is. Only The Most Popular Trends Videos, Kid Friendly / Family Friendly no Swearing Content. This was lame. The cast is amazing, the dialogue is serious but also funny. This is about Filthy Frank (George) describing and acting out 100 different "Life Hacks".


It presents a great plot, and tints it with comedy every once and a while.

Truthuful, and sad. Yup, and doesn't even comment on that because idubbz made a valid point.

The Pew News team reports unbiased news in which neither Gloria or Poppy ever give their own opinion, but sometimes they do. Overall, it's amazing.

After being framed as a racist, Content Cop confronts his accuser, storytime YouTuber Tana Mongoloid, to expose her hypocrisies and teach her and the community a lesson on context. Subscribe for good luck forever :smile: A lonely man befriends a cocaine addicted extra terrestrial.....let the good times begin. With a story like this, how could you resist watching this show? He's a youtuber, star wars fan, large guy, and airsofter.

The Leafy Content Cop video from iDubbbz, which poked fun at YouTuber Leafy, was originally uploaded in September 2016.

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