maddening hex (5e)

Being able to knock a target back 10′ on a hit, per hit, regardless of size, is handy, especially when Firewall is in play. For the Arcanum I choose Planeshift, a useful spell not just for travel, but also for banishing foes to other possibly harmful planes if they fail a Charisma saving throw. My objective here, as always, is to make a character that’s effective in the majority of situations an Adventurer can get in: combat, exploration, social situations, etc. What if I want to play an amoral character that is using the celestial powers of light and goodness with far less of a moral compass? He’s not required to seek them out, but he also can’t just ignore them or sneak around them. It helps face skills, attack bonus, and damage bonus. It can also explicitly be cast on an opponent’s gear, if they fail the reflex save, making it very hard for them to hide. My build is primarily Utility + Eldritch Blast, so the Hex is a tempting thing to try to keep up all day. That means a flying familiar is preferable: bat, hawk, owl, or raven. Lastly is Flaw. Dwarvish seems like a decent option. Perhaps Xilo is untrusting because he’s never so sure when people are telling the truth. Several of the 6th Level Mystic Arcanum options are interesting, but I choose Soul Cage from Xanathar’s guide, a spell that can be used in a variety of ways. I am tired and COMPLETELY misread. This invocation's description is not available. According to the Half-Elf race section, Half-elf characters tend to have human names if raised in elf society, and elf names if raised in human society. My pick here is Shatter because of it’s ability to be used both in and out of combat without disrupting Hex. Constructs in particular would be a good choice for storage in demiplanes, and there are several medium sized ones that would be valid. Interestingly, Solars detect lies automatically, so there is some question about how this warlock managed to get his powers from one. At this point, you have maxed out all the best Invocations for Hexblades. With some proper forethought and work, and particularly when combined with Planeshift, it’s possible to use them for many other tricks.

All Rights Reserved. “Xilo gets access to 7th level rituals from any class list.” Which cantrips? For the 8th level mystic arcanum I’m actually taking Demiplane, even though its widely considered an underpowered option for Warlocks. Maddening Hex makes allows Xilo to inflict a small amount of Psychic damage on his Hex target, and those adjacent to that target, as a bonus action. Master of Hexes – This is a powerful ability that will allow you to gain the benefit of Hex and Hexblade’s Curse consistently throughout a battle.

It also provides two free 1st level rituals immediately. You gain 10 temporary hit points per warlock level, which take as much of the triggering damage as possible. Hi Brian – nice article – seems to line up pretty well with my Celestial Tomelock build, though I’m only up to 5th level at this point – I am a gnome, but got a house rule allowance to switch the +2 Int bonus to +2 Cha, which makes it line up pretty well. This is for a number of reasons: Hexblade Warlocks will want to prioritize CHA, get their +2 DEX to max AC, and boost CON to max their HP. I picture Xilo having knives hidden all about his person. “Ritual wise, there aren’t many 8th level rituals to pick from.”.

You’re absolutely right! Light is a classic utility spell and on theme for a character that has stolen the sacred light. He won’t be as good as a real rogue, but he’ll do ok. So it's at least two rounds of bonus actions to get hex and hexblade's curse on a target. Constitution will also prove important, as it will allow the character to not only live longer (thanks to extra hit points) but also to maintain Concentration on spells mid-combat, such as the damage boosting Hex spell. I don’t think you can put rituals into your Book of Shadows through just knowing it.

On the Good/Neutral/Evil spectrum, Xilo is definitely not good, but outright evil is probably too far, so that leaves him Neutral. Mox Boarding House wiped out all the content I generated for them in a website update. Maddening Hex is also powerful if you use the Hex spell or rely on the hex options with Pact of the Blade. Pact Magic: Refer to the 5e Warlock Guide. Going up against the head of the theive’s guild? Let’s start with the new spell known. Also note, Xilo currently knows the spell Unseen Servant, so he can now cast that as a ritual and write it into his book for 50gp of rare inks and 2 hours of work. A Warlock that doesn’t have Eldritch Blast better have a good reason. Of that list, an Owl is the best fit. Eldritch Blast provides a standard reliable high damage attack, especially when paired with Hex. Once again, I’d like to do a dichotomy of holy and not-so-good spells. You’re basic half-elf criminal should be a good fit. Ennorath Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. At 4th lvl the elven accuracy feat would be good since double advantage and only a half feat to bring cha to 18 earlier. It’s the most directly applicable option for a criminal, particularly “deduce the location of a hidden object.” It might also be useful for locating rituals at 3rd level when his class features give him access to ritual casting. The capstone power for Warlocks is called Eldritch Master, and it provides the ability to regain spell slots as a 1 minute option once per day. Maddening Hex Edit. You can cast invisibility at will, without expending a spell slot. The information presented on this site about Dungeons and Dragons, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. Fire damage is one of the most resisted and immune options in the game so it’s not strictly better than Shatter in all cases, but it does at least work with Radiant Soul. Find Familiar will be an especially useful tool not only for scouting, but for delivering touch spells like Cure Wounds. It provides excellent contrast for the Celestial Patron, and a nice set of abilities to use while adventuring. Mage Hand would provide similar benefits as a cantrip, but in it’s absence, Unseen Servant will work well enough, and in a few levels it can be converted to a Ritual, making it free to cast. Not only does this provide a bonus to retaining concentration checks, but it also dealing with the not too uncommon Con based saves monsters and magic frequently throw at players. Cast with a 5th level spell slot, this spell provides upa CR 6 demons, which includes Vrocks, Shadow Demons, Barlgura, and Chasme. A new spell, a new invocation, and an 8th level mystic arcanum this level. It’s also been a while since Xilo got a good twisted spell to play with and trapping the departing soul of a foe to power more magic certainly fits that definition. I’ve edited the article with why I chose that spell and how it meshes well with some of his other abilities. It also boosts Constitution to 15, although that won’t have much effect for another 4 levels. When you find such a spell you can add it to the book if the spell level is” and the continues with the inscribing costs in time and materials.

Interested to see your thoughts on that. Thanks to the “Hex Warrior” ability, charisma will also dictate your melee damage output. Of important note here is that Illusion concealment includes invisibility. Decent damage potential, reasonable healing, good if limited social, and some light trap/lock handling. He also gains a new spell and a new invocation. Within that range, you have darkvision if you don’t already have it. I could take Eldritch Sight, providing easy access to Detect Magic, and later replace it with a Detect Magic ritual via the Tome, but there is a downside: Detect Magic is concentration based, so it conflicts with Hex. Combined with repelling blast to knock targets through the door, and dispel magic to remove the doorway well before the 1 hour duration is up, and it also makes a way to imprison foes during a fight. If you would like to boost INT or WIS for outside of combat checks like Perception, or Arcana than that is also an option. At 10th level and above warlock powers accumulates in a new fashion. It’s not, however, an amazing attack option. Boosting his Charisma for a bonus to attack and damage is very tempting, but I think my preference here is for a feat. I’ve just done that for Playing/Tarot Card Ability Scores: From a power gamer perspective, Lucky is probably the best feat to take at this point, but still tempted to take Prodigy instead, the “human” racial feat from Xanathar’s guide.

Any other creature that starts its turn in the aura takes poison damage equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum of 0 damage).

The ability to make a new one or revisit old ones, and their nature as being other planes, makes them potentially very useful. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mire the Mind PHB: Slow is a good spell, but it doesn't scale with spell slot and you only get to use it once per day. This ends concentration spells like hex and just generally prevents the warlock from taking any actions on their turn.

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