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Miraculous Ladybug Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He exploits his findings. I am totally expecting a season 6 since they absolutely deserve to be together and please no ‘loss memory’ crap. She’s the one who TOLD Gabriel that his son was Chat Noir.

I really hope Ladybug/Marinette and Cat Noir/Adrien get together during the show and not at the end. I’m all for just sending him to rot in prison instead but I want them to do it BEFORE Adrien has to hurt anymore. Also, I purely think this episode was just a lame excuse to prolong Adrian and Marinette finally getting together. I really hope they will end up together by the end of the show or I think I’m gonna get depressed for the rest of my life Imao, I Love this show i want that Adrian and Marinette end up together and revole their identity to only them. Does anybody know?

Because I want Adrien and Marinette to end up together but I just watched the last episode ( miracle queen bee) and I hated the ending when Marinette and Adrien didn’t end up together, do you know if there is gonna be a season 5?because I just watched the last episode ( miracle queen bee part 2) and I got so upset when I saw Adrien and kugami and Marinette and luka and I really want Adrien and Marinette to end up together, Yes you are right I also looooooooove this show but when cat noir and ladybug noo thier identities. Clearly, he’s still hesitant about his feelings for Kagami (thank all the gods of Olympus for that). Since the song is still in French, I had to read the lyrics after it went through Google Translate, which is known for its... "reliability"***. At least, some major theories that have been going on since this show started and stated facts from the creators. Technically they could’ve told eachother their identities, they would just have to be careful not to transform into their abilities in front of Hawk Moth. Thankfully, this is just Season 3. I don’t think so because it will take a loooooooooooong time for him to move on from Ladybug (good luck with that, Adrien) judging by how much he loves her. I will go continue my angry cries. Despite what I said, I hope with all my heart that this poor oblivious cinnamon roll falls for Mari soon. This show really has me in my feels and I wish it could just last forever, but as they say all good things must come to an end :(.

But no worries! (Not to mention what of the other powers they can do we only saw two of them) P.s I have never hid under my bed to watch anything until now.

Honestly, it’s getting old I’m sick of this bs. I love this show and the characters, the animation, and the storyline I just hope we get to see Marinette and Adrien discover one another’s identities and for them to be together without any problems. Season 4 will be released Fall of 2021 so far. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that they’ll end up together eventually…we just need to be patient! *dies in Roblox, then goes and copies the Spanish version of the greeting I sent*, Also Me: *Translates it back from Spanish to English* then... *Sees that it says "Hello big wall"*, uh sorry for kind of spamming random stuff about the Miraculous Ladybug Awakening movie, warnings before TV shows, and le epic Google Translate fails :/ oh and also sending this useless reply to a very great comment thread cuz I got bored at 2 am :P, Plagg+Tikki wrote: I am really hoping for a season 6. Miraculous Ladybug Stickers/Plushies/Tshirts/Posters and MORE with the LINK HERE >>, I hope you speed things up my little sister and I are on the break of not watching it anymore because adrian and kgamie… I mean come on a a fighter out the wazoo come up and she is licking adrian. Marinette stumbling with her word would be great and hilarious. This is the one show I can stand to watch. 7/10/2020. I think the ending of the very last episode was total BS I don’t think a single person wanted Adrian to go with Chan and Marinette to go with Luca. Technically they did but different sides of them. He will, don't worry. I hate her for being stupid and allowing herself to be used by Hawk Moth who will never love her. I kinda grinned like an idiot when Chloe screamed her infamous line, “This is ridiculous utterly ridiculous!” When she saw Marinette run up to Adrien to give him a hug. Okay, I’m all for them ending up together. They haven’t come out yet. But Adrien and Marinette belong together. Not to mention, with Marinette being the new guardian, if/when she tops being the guardian when she’s master Fu’s age, won’t that mean she’ll forget Adrien/Chat Noir? Also hawk mother just needs to die, they need to kill him off! I don’t know about the whole being forced to be broken up. I originally started watching this with my toddler because it’s something we can watch together in French, and have become completely obsessed with it. He cared enough for Adrien to let him go after Marinette and numerous times throughout the show has let Adrien go see his friends. Credit to familyagrestefanblog (link here) for making this first. They were perfect together. It’s no wonder he broke. Also at some point (MIRACULOUS LADYBUG AWAKENING) Adrien is going … oh Natalie TOTALLY loves Gabriel. Yes there is!

In ONE episode, he was dumped, learned his mother was in house AND his father was Hawkmoth. He won’t be able to truly love another girl with all his heart while he still loves Ladybug. She may be awesome at martial arts but she’s a turd and needs to leave Adrien alone. I can’t wait for Hawk Moth and Mayura to be destroyed. I watch this with my 3 year old and have become totally obsessed with it. Look at a screenshot theory from the episode here. But in the latest episode for Chat Blanc, we saw one version for what would happen if Adrien found out first. Maybe throw him into space with the trash like the Mayor tried to do in an earlier episode.

Hoping for the release date soon! I’m 100% positive that his heart still belongs to his lady because he rejected Kagami’s attempt at kissing him. Even as Chat Blanc, he hesitated on using his powers on Marinette/Ladybug. Well, yeah. Back in “The Gorilla”, when he chucked Adrien out the roof, he was seen to at least be slightly anxious, severely hoping that his son would transform into Chat Noir (which was merely a theory at the time, so he wanted to check it out) But here? Due to Cat Blanc Adrien only loved her because she was Ladybug and in Miracle Queen he almost kissed Kagami, Also at some point (MIRACULOUS LADYBUG AWAKENING) Adrien is going to love Marinette (*cough* the entire point of The Wall Between Us song *cough*). Seriously, we all wanted to know how he wasn’t a super villain and now we got to see him as one. Stupidly enough, I had just caught up with the show again to see them go their separate ways, Adrian and kagami, and Mari and Luca. IM SOO OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW LIKE EVEN MY LITTLE SISTERS ARE I CAN WATCH IT WITH THEM !! I was sad as well. Passionate about Disney, Harry Potter and helping those with depression and anxiety. I was literally crying over all the episodes, especially Cat Blanc. *shoots me with taser until I fall off the map*, Me: "WUT NO!!" . And it almost destroyed the timeline. Because of stupid freaking Gabriel Agreste. Everything was going so well, they were finally in love and then Natalie HAD to tell her boss(I secretly believe she loves him) that Adrien is Cat Noir and then everything just went downhill from there. Angels of Death Ending: What ACTUALLY Happened? “I would wish to fix everything so we can be in love again!” Can ya’ll believe #chatblanc is canonically a yandere??? I was literally crying nearly when master fu forgot everything as he is such a kind and caring character. Due to Cat Blanc Adrien only loved her because she was Ladybug and in Miracle Queen he almost kissed Kagami. Marinette and Adrien: Do They End Up Together. I will die if marrinete and Adrien are not end game.

Your fans want the ending that seemed like was promised in the show.

Can’t wait for more episodes! She’s in love with a crazed man who is still in love with his comatose wife. Let me go back through my history while I was researching this and I’ll add them back here for you. Nathalie isn’t in the clear, either.

I want Adrian/catnoir Mari/ladybug t end up together Kagami and him are a terrible match!!! Understanding to Stand after Falling Re:Zero [November 2019 OWLS Tour], Miraculous Ladybug Stickers/Plushies/Tshirts/Posters and MORE with the LINK HERE, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, Top 25 Best Sad Heartbreaking Anime That Will Make You Cry, Top 15 Best Ecchi Romance Anime of All Time, Top 25 Best Romance Anime of All Time for Romance Lovers. Of course, there’s even more angst. She intentionally hurt Adrien by telling his Dad that he was Chat Noir and I don’t know if I can forgive her for that. I watched season 1 and 2 again and watched season 3 for the first time recently, and I am so sad right now.

And is just pure evil. Ladybug should’ve given cat noir a chance and realize Adrian and cat noir are similar since they’re the same person.

“It’s bigger on the inside.” Thank you, Doctor Who reference. Where they actually fall for eachother. MARINETTE, not just Ladybug. With trash, not Gabriel. THIS SHOW CAN STILL BE ENTERTAINING WHILE ALLOWING ADRIAN AND MARINETTE TO LOVE EACH OTHER AND BE TOGETHER AS THEY RIGHTFULLY SHOULD. They’ve said many times Cat Noir and Ladybug were meant to be and how Cat Noir is absolutely in love with Ladybug, you can’t just fall out of love. (Like shown in chat Blanc).

They could just talk on the phone or something idk. I mean come on that would be a great episode. Same here!

She has never lost and she didn’t seem like she struggled too hard with defeating Cat Noir. Does anybody know where i can watch them? In conclusion, this is all I’m going to be thinking about for like forever until we finally get the new season. Forgetting the ones you love is just one of the saddest things to me. “RISE AND SHINE, BEHOLD, THE GODDESS OF SELF CONFIDENCE HAS AWAKENED” Mylene is adorable and I love her. They look so good together. oh man, Natalie just was ruined for me in Chat Blanc. although m friends may have found out my obsession with this show 0_0 AND THEN THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW TOO SO ITS NOT REALLY A SECRET . They put it best. I also was disappointed in Chloe, I really believed that she could be good and then she works with Hawk Moth and now Master Fu is no longer the Guardian of the Miraculous. I was so hooked after the first season. I couldn’t believe Gabriel could do that to Adrien, I really thought he cared about him because of the Gorizilla episode and had some faith in him, now I don’t know what to think. But you can have it all of course, as you can have a cute Lukanette and Adrigami for some time and then have a lot of Adrienette by the end, you can balance it all and Lukanette or Adrigami aren't exactly again this bad. They are literally my children and I love them so much. I love this show and the characters, the animation, and the storyline I just hope we get to see Marinette and Adrien discover one another’s identities and for them to be together without any problems.

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