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After two time-limit draws, Mr.

[28], In June 2015, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against WWE, alleging that "WWE created a culture of violence and sacrificed Matt Osborne’s brain for its own profit" which "led to further illnesses and injuries, including depression and drug abuse, which ultimately resulted in his untimely death."

Borne debuted in the WWF on March 2, 1985, wrestling Rick McGraw to a time-limit draw in the Boston Garden.

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What a great time and what a great dad. After this, Osborne returned to a full-time schedule, continuing to compete on a semi-regular basis all over the United States for the last several years until a few days before his death on June 28, 2013. This is very sad news.

It is believed that the overdose was accidental and not an act of suicide and that the wrestler’s heart condition likely made him more at risk for an overdose.

photo: This article is about the American wrestler.

No BS.

In retaliation Akbar called on the original Doink (Matt Borne). My wife Rhonda And myself Colby truly loved Matt. not at the home of his girlfriend as widely reported. 'Matty O' was my co-worker and best friend out here in Colorado.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

In 2005, at WrestleReunion II Borne participated in an eight-man tag team match alongside Andrew Martin, Steve Corino and The Masked Superstar.

Hydrocodone is the key ingredient in the prescribed painkiller Vicodin.

Even though the character may be a bit cheesy by today’s standards, Doink’s original heel run was pretty terrifying as a young kid in the early 90’s. Osborne, better known to wrestling fans as Doink The Clown, was found dead at the age of 55 on June 28. The most serious was heart disease. Born in Howard County, Matt was a 1996 "Baker's Dozen" graduate of McDonogh School in Owings Mills, MD. [18] Borne would shortly thereafter become Doink the Clown, in a villainous clown gimmick that would frequently pull tricks on wrestlers at ringside as well as fans. [1] His last match was a loss to George Wells in the Cow Palace on April 29, 1986. [13] He also won the Texas Heavyweight Championship and defended the title at the Christmas Star Wars event against The Iron Sheik. Police are currently investigating Osborne’s death, New Information Has Been Released About Matt Osborne’s Death. However, his tenure with the company was short-lived due to personal problems.[23]. We loved him. New information has been released about Matt Osborne’s death. He participated in a number of low card matches, including one against Ricky Steamboat at the very first WrestleMania. Later in 2015, the families case was consolidated with the other WWE concussion-related cases being brought on by Kyros Law Firm. Born in Howard County, Matt was a 1996 "Baker's Dozen" graduate of McDonogh, having attended the school for 13 years.

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However, there was …, We’ve profiled 40 wrestlers who sadly, didn’t make it to see age 40, including many enhancement talent names of the …, Heart Attack / Heart Failure / Heart Disease, Comprehensive Deceased Wrestlers List (text-only), Comprehensive Deceased Managers List (text-only), 8 Things You May Not Have Known About Rick Rude. The medical examiner also stated that Matt suffered from heart disease, which ended up being “a significant and contributory factor” in his death. Drugs would ultimately play a factor in Matt Osborne’s death. On the September 13, 1993 Raw, Doink poured a pail of water over Bobby Heenan, marking his fan favorite turn. Words cannot possibly express how deeply saddened we are, Christy, for your loss of Matt. Biography - A Short WikiWrestler for WWF and WWE; best known as being the first wrestler to take on the character of Doink the Clown. mISS MY BROTHERS!!! [16] Borne made his final pay-per-view appearance for the company on May 17, 1992 at WrestleWar, where he defeated Richard Morton;[16] and continued to make sporadic WCW TV appearances throughout the summer of 1992 before leaving the company.

The paperwork filed by the family accuses the WWE of promoting violence, contributing to Osborne’s negative state of mind that led him to drug abuse.

He would also briefly use the character in United States Wrestling Association in February before returning to WWF television in March. The authorities were called and an autopsy was scheduled to determine the cause of death. [19] He made his in ring televised debut on the January 31, 1993 edition of Wrestling Challenge defeating Bob East.

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