michael schoeffling furniture

They have been living in his native state of Pennsylvania and running his Michael Schoeffling is a former actor and model best known for his role as Jake Ryan in the 1984 John Hughes film, "Sixteen Candles." –          Michael Schoeffling Pennsylvania, Barre; in yellow pages. This store was created on June 22nd,2012. [2], He appeared in eight additional films after Sixteen Candles, including roles in Vision Quest and Mermaids, and a starring role in the 1986 action film Let's Get Harry and 1991's Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. Now, Michael Schoeffling is the CEO of a furniture store, and they sell the handy-crafted furniture. Michael Schoeffling Furniture for Handmade Lovers.

Actually, it will be better to buy the furniture based on your needs and function, that you just follow the latest trend.

Michael Schoeffling: slated to be the next "it" movie star, at the height of his fame Michael decided to move to an obscure town in Pennsylvania to do woodworking and sell handcrafted furniture instead. Since giving up acting, he has produced handcrafted furniture as the owner of a woodworking shop.

No journalists has ever successfully tracked him down. Anthony Michael Hall and Michael Schoeffling in Sixteen Candles, 80sx90s: “Michael Schoeffling photographed by Michael Halsband for GQ, 1983 ”.

Since giving up acting, he has produced handcrafted furniture as the owner of a woodworking shop. You can make a request about the color that you want. [citation needed] His considerable wrestling skills were downplayed as 'Kuch' in Vision Quest, where he was a teammate of a character played by Matthew Modine. The Michael Schoeffling furniture is a great recommendation for you, because the products are beautiful and selecting from the quality-material.there are so many furniture stored by Michael, although there are not available the name of furniture store itself, but some store above, may good for your references: –          Michael Schoeffling Pennsylvania Furniture in Wilkes Barre: furniture outlet, Solana beach furniture, building child furniture, furniture installation Boston. He graduated from Cherokee High School in New Jersey, and majored in Liberal Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia. From Duckie Dale to Jake Ryan to Ferris Beuller, Mr. Hughes knew just what we hormone-addled preteen girls wanted in our pretend boyfriends. In 2005, a poll was conducted by Teen Magazine, which ranked Shoeffling #22 on its list of "Biggest Hunks of the 1980s." Feb 20, 2019 - Explore Crystal Doman's board "Michael Schoeffling" on Pinterest. In addition the furniture maker, he also the male modeland former actor, he was known for playing Jake Ryan in the movie Sixteen Candles, as Kuch from the movie Vision Quest, and also as Joe in the movie Mermaids. Combine the furniture with any color is also the best idea for you. He won a gold medal for the United States in freestyle wrestling, as a member of the National Junior Wrestling Team in a meet held in Munich, Germany in 1978 alongside coach Archie Stalcup. There are available so many wonderful designs that can be as your references. I heart Jake Ryan, Born Dec 10, 1960 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Michael is a retired American actor & Bruce Weber model, most famously known for his role as Jake.

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