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Data can be automatically synced across your devices as well as with other users. Includes a print friendly version of your items. on this website. lending, selling, using, or repairing items. MyStuff2 Pro starts off free so you can try out all of the features but you are limited on the amount of data include viewing books from a specific author or viewing movies in a specifc genre. Import existing data from other applications using CSV files, Excel (xlsx) spreadsheets, or

Copy any category, location, action, or item to create a new one. A fantastic app at a give away price. MyStuff2 also integrates with Camera+ if installed. I maintain databases inventorying various collections, a bibliographic database, amateur radio resources, and photographic equipment. 42)• Location (GPS, address, map)• Note (multi-line)• Phone Number• Rating• Signature• Term (year, month, day)• Time• Toggle (Yes/No, On/Off, etc. If this latter option is chosen, the remaining trial Pro features are removed and You can also passcode protect individual categories.Please visit to see additional information, tutorials, FAQs, and contact information for MyStuff2 Pro.NOTE: If you have any issues please contact support. Supports Camera+ for image editing and photo taking. Print reports of your data using AirPrint. It was not my choice. MyStuff2 Pro 7.1.2 is available now on the App Store. [Summary] | I wanted to thank you for this application. Make it easy to find your stuff. Attributes can be of the following types: Attributes can be marked as unique and/or required, Importing items from existing lists you may have, Importing items sent by other users of MyStuff2, New items can have values automatically filled in (autofill), Changing any item value (shake to undo/redo), Moving an item to a different category and/or group (shake to undo/redo), Moving an item to a different location and/or container (shake to undo/redo), Adding, changing, or removing item images, Adding, changing, or removing file attachments, Applying action instances (shake to undo/redo), Apply one or more values to all selected items, Clear one or more values from all selected items, Move all selected items to a different category or group, Move all selected items to a new location, Apply one or more actions to all selected items. wish. email, Welche das waren und was die aktuelle Android-Version kann, stellen wir Ihnen in diesem Praxistipp vor. Be prepared in case of theft, fire, or flood. Tools -> Settings -> Feature Options -> Show Three Columns.Bug Fixes - All Devices• Fixed possible sorting issue when editing an item and sorting on lookup list based attributes.• Fixed issue renaming files when using Email export format.• Fixed issue with filenames when exporting multiple attachments using Email export format.• Fixed display of Toggle attributes in Cycle mode under certain color schemes.Bug Fixes - iPad only• Fixed crash trying to print QR Codes from the Locations screen. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. If you choose to setup Browse all images for all items in the list, View a spreadsheet style report of all items in the list, Share the items in the list with others or export them to your computer for use in other applications, All data transfers can be done to/from your own computer,

I find your app very powerful and yet easy to use, with an elegant interface. a great chance to try out the application risk free before purchasing. )• Voice Memo• Web Address (URL)• Lookup List (user defined list of values)Store up to 40 images for each of your items.Add file attachments to your items. Also very stable and reliable. None of this shared data is encrypted. 3 color schemes are provided. Protect access to your data with a passcode. Calculated (formula). [Data Sync] | You can view the same help information here. (premium). MyStuff2 may request access to your contacts, location, and photo library. ... MyStuff2 is the reason I bought an iPad, Awesome app for organzing your collections. You can also passcode protect individual categories. Please see Migrating from MyStuff2 to MyStuff2 Pro for complete details. View data in other apps installed on your iOS device.Print reports of your data using AirPrint.Backup and restore features allow you make a copy of your data for safe keeping.User defined actions allow you to keep track of various item events.

These have pictures and links to information on the web related to each item as well as cross-links between database items (e.g.

Initially you can purchase one of two upgrades: Beyond the initial upgrade to one of the two above, the following are the other possible upgrades: Send in your suggestions for more features using the Support links below. Problems can't be fixed if they are not reported.Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion. View data in other apps installed on your iOS device.Print reports of your data using AirPrint.Backup and restore features allow you make a copy of your data for safe keeping.User defined actions allow you to keep track of various item events. This is only done to support a directly Benachrichtigen: Sie hören einen Ton und sehen eine Nachricht auf dem Sperrbildschirm. Quickly find your items using MyStuff2's powerful filtering, searching, and sorting capabilities. Can be set at the database level and/or Then I bought it and I started using it. Now the pictures have disappeared in about 90% of the items. Generate an HTML report of all your data for viewing on your own computer. With the release of MyStuff2 Pro 6.5 in October of 2018, MyStuff2 and MyStuff2 Lite are no longer available in the App Store. God bless and thank you again . Count. Examples include donating, lending, selling, using, or repairing.Quickly find your items using MyStuff2 Pro's powerful filtering, searching, and sorting capabilities.MyStuff2 Pro allows you to enter the following types of data:• Text (single-line)• Barcode• Calculated (formula)• Color• Contact (Address Book)• Count• Currency• Date• Decimal (e.g. [Upgrades] | purchase the full Pro set of features at once or you can choose to purchase an upgrade that eliminates

Apply colors to categories, actions, or individual items to make them stand out.See a summary of the item list you are viewing.

Thanks for the continued support of this app, not being greedy and ruining the app with a sleazy subscription, and most especially for bringing product search back.

Create any number of items, categories, locations, and actions. It's now easier than ever to keep track of all your stuff. If you choose to share a database with other users of MyStuff2 via iCloud, an encrypted copy is stored in But I continued to spend days working with the app, thinking that, if I use only my iPhone to log the items in, I should still be ok until I sort the sync issue out with the developer. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iCloud and the other user has a copy of the data. View and export the attachments.Share your data with others.

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