narrative essay on april fools day

According to, “In Scotland, the tradition became a two-day event, starting with “hunting the gowk,” in which people were sent on phony errands (gowk is a word for cuckoo bird, a symbol for fool) and followed by Tailie Day, which involved pranks played on people’s derrieres, such as pinning fake tails or “kick me” signs on them” (“April Fools’ Day”). Another thought then began to prick me how to get the cheque (which was to receive from the Raffle Committee) encased, since had no account with any bank.

In fact, January 1st was made the mark of the new year officially only in 1564 according to the Edict of Roussillon (“The Origin of April Fool’s Day”).

April Fools! In Until the 16th century, the French celebrated New Year in the spring with an 8 day festival beginning on March 25 and ending on April … It happens on the first of April every year, and it comprises pranks and jokes on friends and family, and sometimes strangers. According to, “Historians have also linked April Fools’ Day to festivals such as Hilaria, which was celebrated in ancient Rome at the end of March and involved people dressing up in disguises. The phrase to use is “April Fools!” after you complete a prank or joke.

I straightaway went to her residence and sought an interview with her.

I would be soon lodged in one of the grandest buildings of America.

On this day people take delight in playing practical jokes on each other. Rebecca Patenaude Professor Iverson Speech 28 January 2013 The History of April Fools Day I. The previous night I studied till late hours, so I was sleeping in the morning.

The history of April fools day or also know as "All fools day" had started in France around 1582 the result of a reformation of the calendar form the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar by pope Charles IX . No, Michigan? The humorous fun is an excellent excuse to play it on people you may not like and b the same token you love just as well. The new Gregorian calendar system is very precise and still used i... Continue reading this essay “Quit? › April Fools’ Day Short Story Essay Sample. The custom started in Rome when king Leopold of Belgium, who was married in Rome, was made a fool of by his sister-in-law when he went to his father-in-law’s palace on the first of April by mistake as he had been invited there on first of May. But there is much more to this day than these common facts.

When questions are asked what is April fools day… Essays Related to april fools day. Most of us know April 1st as a lighthearted day where it is acceptable to play silly jokes and try to fool your friends, but few know what April Fools Day is really about and why such an usual holiday is celebrated around the world. I have to deal with tooth fairies and Santa and the Easter Bunny and the occasional leprechaun and feeding 3 children… 3 times a day… and laundry and homework and we have 2 dogs and when I go to bed on the eve of April 1 I kinda just want to go to bed.

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