naval aviation trait facet inventory

The ASTB has a total of 7 sections. My current theory is that it is used to identify hazardous attitudes the examinee could be most prone too based off how you choose your answer Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory (NATFI): The intent of this subtest is to measure specific personality traits.

As an 0311 I’ve always thought of attack helos as grunts with wings. Regardless I’ll be happy to fly whatever I’m told to. I feel It’s a cliche answer but I primarily want to fly an AH-1Z . Just do your best and don’t stress over it. Aviation and Nautical Information Test (ANIT): You will need to be knowledgeable in nautical terminology, aviation history, and principles of aviation. get your min scores and you will be fine.

To qualify as an officer, you will need to complete the first 3 sections of ASTB that are known as OAR (Officer Aptitude Rate). ASTB has a total of 7 sections.

ASVAB Tutoring strives to provide the best for its aspiring students by developing and honing their skills in an efficient manner. Probably not the best for what I would want to do post Marine Corps but whatever puts me closer to the infantry without actually being a ground officer or transport pilot will make me the most happy.

Performance Based Measures Battery (PBM) - This section acts as a mockup of a flight simulator with the controls layout and you must use the information to navigate across the sections or accomplish particular feats. Section 5: NATFI (Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory): This section is unique in that it asks that you answer a sequence of paired statements. Corps’ needs first, mine last. All of the statements are in reference to how one may ordinarily act, think, or feel We provide ASTB (Aviation Selection Test Battery) Test tutoring to optimize their chances of being placed in the programs of their choice. Performance Based Measured (PBM): spatial orientation aptitude; dichotic listening aptitude; performance of tracking tasks with a stick-and-throttle set; and performance of multiple tasks simultaneously. Whether you want to be an Officer Candidate School (OCS) Student, Student Naval Aviator or Student Naval Flight Officer – we will provide you with a specialized program matching your desire and skill level, that ensures your achievement and success. The Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) is a subtest that covers seven key areas that are designed to measure abilities that are essential to success in aviation within the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps.

To qualify as an officer, you will need to complete the first 3 sections of ASTB that are known as OAR (Officer Aptitude Rate).

I didn’t make the first board due to lack luster PFT which will be an easy fix as I’ve gotten a 280 plus before just can’t let it slip again this time around. ASVAB Tutoring strives to provide the best for its students by developing and honing their skills in an efficient manner.

What are the determining factors in what you will actually fly. Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory (NATFI): A personality inventory that assesses the suitability for a career in aviation on basis of personal characteristics.

I did just ok enough to get a pilot contract which is what I wanted.

Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory (NATFI) Covering: examinees’ responses to paired statements related to how they act, think, or feel about specific, relevant content Performance-Based Measures Battery (PBM)

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