nessus trine jupiter

Most of us have Felt the Need to Hide our True Pursuits from most other People, just to avoid Involuntary Commitment. Of course it’s a lie. Pro astrologer here…I’ve noticed that calculations in differ slightly from Solar Fire. Research and then research some more. This placement tends to make Nessus 1st house people (or Nessus conjunct the ascendant) people sexy, mysterious and maybe even scary at the same time. Roman Goddess of the household.

I’m in the “it depends” camp – but in this instance, I don’t know. Feeling like suffering is fated when aspecting challenging areas of the chart.

As a reminder, the Subconscious is Taurean Freud’s Dungeon where  we’ve stuffed all manner of disgusting krap, while the Unconscious is Leonine Jung’s Treasury where the Dragon guards the Jewels that will complete our Wholeness – what we call our Hidden Skills, hard-won Talents from “previous” Lives that we Deny because they’re tied to our Held or Frozen Emotions, aka our South Node.

There is a lot of sincerity and generosity flowing between them, which helps problems get resolved easily. And Nessus’ revenge. For the others who choose to see how deep the rabbit role goes… there’s the shadow chart.

Hi I wonder if you could comment on the following, it would be most helpful. Some centaur (half man, half animal) attacks you but your husband saves you. In the New Moon chart a second would-be Yin Grand Sextile has only four Rays – Jupiter-North Node at 22-24 Virgo, Mars-Juno at 14-19 Scorpio, Pluto-Venus-Mercury at 17-24 Capricorn, and Chiron-South Node at 20-24 Pisces – though our Stationary Sedna sits at 25 Taurus, leaving only Cancer as a potential Vacancy. I also have Pluto and ixion in this house. It would be of great help if you could tell me if the moon and dejanira are in conjunction in my chart. Apparently in my natal, Nessus is conjunct Pluto in 5th house in Scorpio as the apex of a T-square between moon and Mercury. A formal Oath adds Social Pressure. When they get out of control, you experience these regrets and confusion, but again, it’s difficult to say without seeing the chart! The Nessus-Ceres Initiation falls after the Beginning of the Digital Age (Saturn Initiating Jupiter in an Air Sign), but at the Solstice when it Begins, Ceres will be within two Degrees of Nessus, so we can be Assured that Sustainable Response to Abuse and Privilege will be a central Issue throughout the next two Centuries, because the impending Nessus-Ceres Initiation will be part of the Saturn … Attempted rape. While the traditional birth chart can tell a lot about your talents and challenges, your family, your relationships and why you are the way you are, the shadow chart analyses the obscure asteroids that add an “extra flavour” to the planets in your astrological wheel. Progressed Jupiter conjunct Pluto: This is a time of extreme change that you will not be able to go back to.

#4. If aspecting the Moon Nodes, natives may be victims of abuse and neglect.

Trauma. Now, some versions of the story don’t use the word rape. They may also attract sexual attention early, or frequently without seeking it. I assume that Heracles, attempting to stop Nessus did not let up, and thus killed him. Hello! You got free. The worst case scenario.

$100 by PayPal.

You know, the asteroids in the 7th house are projections of ourselves, we end up attracting people who respond to our dark sides. Justice was done. Or just leave a tip when you enjoy a blog post. Hey there. It was like the minute I saw that picture, I was thinking… then my eyes fell to the words. Keep in mind that the effect of the asteroids can be very subtle, they don’t need to be concrete events all the time… it could simply be a discomfort related to your job or public life.

So, can we say that the Nessus-Ceres Initiation period has already begun? The house and signs in which they fall in one’s birth chart determine their intensity and their modus operandi.

I think what you are describing has more to do with the 5 planets you have in Pisces, there is a tendency there to be led and governed by feelings and emotions. This is why sometimes it is hard to detect the asteroids’ influence, they can be extremely subtle and yet, be the biggest elephant in the room. An offer (to ferry the woman in the first place). Out of the darkness then. Sun in 4th House in Natal Chart: Meaning and How to Interpret Sun Near Imum Coeli, Pluto – Saturn Conjunction in Natal Chart, Saturn in Pisces in Your Birth Chart: What it REALLY means. As the beginning of a Lunar Phase we’d expect the Full Moon to impact at least the following two weeks; as an asteroid Station we’d expect the Aletheia Station to impact the preceding several days; as a dwarf-planet Station we’d expect the Nessus Station to impact at least the preceding week, and Overlap usually means Merging…, Posted in Abuse, Atropos-Karma, Ceres-Nessus, Ego Death, Great Attractor, Held Emotions, June 2020, Mars-Ceres, Mars-Nessus, Nemesis-Orcus, Oath/Vow/Promise/Decision | 3 Comments », The 8 February New Moon Opposes our new favorite asteroid Hopi, and continues for the next several weeks the Energy we talked about in – namely “What all this means, is that any projects we started last week, or start in February, will fly like a rocket! I agree that depending on the software I use, the asteroids move a little bit… but as long as you still consider a conjunction, that should not detract from the interpretation, right? Natalie’s Channeling never fail to Lift my Energies by a couple of Octaves, making me Feel like I’ve just jettisoned 50 pounds. Thank you for your understanding!

It was just as difficult for me to Grok those books about the World “splitting in two.”  Who was that? I also have natal Venus trine Pluto.

It’s about the Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres) of our Response to Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus). The same goes to many other asteroids but it is important to note that the influence of a dark asteroid can be reversed. It creates the same level of attraction the conjunction written above, but with less intensity. Is it possible he is feeling the subconscious Venus conjunct Dejanira aspect (2 degree orb) and leaves? Or maybe one of you is feeling more vulnerable or trapped, it could be subtle but so much activity in Scorpio in 8th house suggests that you should either explore dom/sub kinks together or have a serious conversation about feelings of vulnerability. I assume this. Just WOW! This is why two people separately may be serene and content and upon meeting one another, they engage in a very toxic relationship in which the obscure asteroids become accessible in the psyche. What is it that you fear the most?

(Saturn Initiating Jupiter in an Air Sign), “To help children feel that they aren’t alone with their feelings,” my friend Kalli Dakos, an acclaimed children’s book author (see, (Moon Out of Bounds in 30 Gemini to 25 Cancer), (a place we can’t see, because it’s behind the Milky Way, that has such Immense Gravity that it’s sucking. This was excellent. But it’s not about Braving Up and Faking it till we Make it, either. Yeah. Neither Antichrist Privilege/Abuse Issues nor BLM Abuse Issues made Wikipedia’s “Living History” list for the first week of July, but they were certainly there, and we can be sure they’ll be Lit Up again in December. If it seems dangerous, Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade or Tap Out or Theta-Heal your trepidation, PIAVA complete Safety, and proceed cautiously.

In such cases, the obscure asteroids show their true colors. Your Moon/Pluto square in synastry could be a trigger IF this square aspects dejanira or nessus. Our Composite is Sun, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus as well as Valentine in the 8th house and our Dejanira is 11th/12th house cusp. moon/nessus trine psyche 1-2 moon/nessu sext SUN 4 moon 19,18 paralell sun 17,31 moon/nessus sextil AC 4 moon 19,18 parallel AC 17,32 moon 19,18 parallel venus 18,34 moon 19,18 parallel jupiter 17,32. © 2020 MoonPluto Astrology – All rights reserved, Powered by  – Designed with the Customizr theme, Astrology & Tarot: Magical Problem Solving, Celebrate The Wound: Chiron In The Birth Chart. When one learns to transmute the vibration of the obscure asteroids, the reward is a powerful source of control that unravel many karmic knots in the process, but beware: do not confuse repression with ascension. If we stretch we can include dwarf planet Ixion at 26 Sagittarius, which we may as well do, to honor their upcoming Initiation.

And three of the four corners (all but Saturn) of the Grand Cross are Diamond Stars.

So in an Ideal World (which in 5D we could Choose to Manifest, right? , I should have mentioned its an out of sign conjunction- late degrees Sag! I did things that still amaze me, far exceeding my normal Limits. What we focus on expands. Blog at I would have to see the chart to make sense of it but lucifer and sun together in virgo usually means the ability to get what you want and be in charge of the situation (in the affairs of the house in which the conjunction happens). Well, you have to look at the synastry as a whole – if you have other placements that suggest a loving and long lasting relationship, they can be stronger than the aspects that the dark asteroids form.

Thank you so much for posting this insight of yours. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Relationships are painful, even the happy ones. This is worth repeating….

Like they seem to do in some relationships.

Thanks so much! If you know your basics — planets/signs/houses — then you CAN find meaning in Nessus for your chart. While you’re working on that essential but difficult Skill, Michael Roads talks about how it works, without naming it so, in his Through the Eyes of Love series and Stepping…Between…Realities. Its theme has been “A Squirrel hiding from hunters” (2 Pisces). ◾ Dejanira: Victimhood, guilt, toxic submission. I think so. Even though this heavenly body was named Nessus, we must confront the whole story’s web. I left a steady job at a prestigious University, and started the business that still today allows me the free time to provide this Seva to anyone willing to read it. My Life was totally transformed. Passionate […], -+*I’m not getting a strong sense of Juno yet, what she’s about. Use the attack (the energy of the attack) to manifest healing. Pisces in the 4th house can bring an unstructured family or a certain inability for you to look at your family objectively. I’ve done a bit of reading on nessus but need to do more. Get back what was stolen. I experienced and witnessed violence toward my siblings. If it is aspecting Mars or Pluto, it can be experienced as a sexually abusive person. I’m SO perplexed why this keeps happening, Any thoughts? I am not sadistic nor want to harm him (as can be the case with a 12th house overlay) I only want to unconditionally love this person but we have broken up twice now around the 4-5 month mark. But you also get SAVED.

Verbal instruction is his revenge. I need to be careful not to wish ill on others as I feel I can manifest it. so intense! Yes, when two birth charts come in contact with each other, they activate certain dormant. I get sucked in energetically. Ceres turned Retrograde before it reached Nessus, so Nessus won’t Initiate Ceres until 27 December 2020 (in 11 Pisces).

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