nobodies level 2

Use the other on women’s bathroom sink and fill with water. Hint Hater: Never use the beeper for the entire game. Take body. In surgical room, use screwdriver on grating, enter morgue. Take bleach while you're there. Terrible Plumber: Put the body in the tank on the roof, then turn on tap in locked room. When questioned, choose work order, McArthy. Go next to the office, and put the keys back in the safe.

Go down to the basement and take the cable, then return the pickaxe and go back upstairs. Remove the empty bottle from there and place it on the washbasin. Remove the handle from the valve of the water tank for the laundry. Your character will automatically return the cable. Pick up the battery.

Take rag from bartender. Restart the mission, then skip this part next time. Examine the machine and press the Insert button. Use paperclip on men's bathroom. Select insert. Use the screwdriver on the grill to replace it.

It's all I need to complete the serial killer achievement. If there’s no one in the office, you need to take a book, a pen, and a key from the office, then leave the office and both girls will have returned there, leaving the bleach in the bathroom. 13. Leave the sewer, then use the lead key to lock the gate. Take the discharge certificate, then leave the office. Enter cabin. 5 (3) Operation III: Late Checkout. I was lost on what to do after capturing the rat. Use coal on car, then go right two screens. so, why can't i unlock this trophy? Take keys. Put the shells into the hole in the ice. Tell woman on left bathroom is flooded. Put the pipette on the table and the lab coat on the coat rack. Take paint, acid. Go inside. Press 1. Continue left and use the smoking coal on the car. Put them in coffee mug.

Overdose and use knife. Return to the second floor, then head right to the exhibit. Use screwdriver outside surgery room to lock it. Go out into the corridor and go through the elevator door in the background to go down to the laundry room. Go to the sixth floor, enter the room with the body and pick up the corpse. Use computer in office. Take the toilet paper and leave again. Go back to carriage 2 and enter the women's bathroom. Put the wrench next to the TV, then leave the room. Go back down to the right hotel room. Now press the white button in the central console to release the trunk. Place the body on the embalming table. Return right twice. Use shotgun from cabin, Mission 7.

Go back upstairs but this time go into the right room. Enter 1587. You shouldn’t go to the house you should go to the road that’s parallel to the mountain that’s by the house. Head out to the highway, then go left to return to the body. Tie rope to hook on left. Return to the entrance, then head left. Leave. Put back cap, pills, money in backpack. Go to hospital room with 2 guys. Pyromaniac: Use lighter on gas tank at the station, put wood in the fireplace, light it, and burn the body, and finally use the gas container on the cabin and then the lighter to unlock. Take rope. Examine the corpse bedroom. Climb back through to the surgery. There is an achievement for completing every mission All Clean, and another for not using the beeper for the entire game Hint Hater. Coffee's for Cleaners: Keep giving the guard regular (not doctored) coffee. Use your knife on the package to get some more drugs. Tie the rope to the body. You will fail the mission, but can continue from just before the failure. Press 1, take paper. Return to the crime scene Coffee's for Cleaners. All rights reserved. Open women's bathroom. the only wall I can place it on is in the storage room. Return ground & fuel hose to machine by clicking on them, then on the machine. which wall? I couldn't get that achievement either but I figured it out! In the inventory, combine cement with a bottle of water. Use the key on the control block upper left. Use knife. The guard will be asleep but alive with the scopolamine, and you can continue with the mission. Go through the door on the left and find yourself in the kitchen, where the corpse is lying. Your hero will say that before this you need to take away from the garage everything that may come in handy in the future. Take keys inside. In the kitchen, close the door leading to the back yard. Put the shells in too, Return gas container to station, tarp to logs, Place pickaxe in locker, map on shelf, machete over fireplace. Now to fuel each plane: Click ground wire, click on a plane. Finally, lock office door, and return the key to reception.

Use body on chipper. Give book to old man. Put both lots of toilet paper in the toilet, then flush it and leave. Reverse your steps to roof and pull it up. Put your ladder against the right wall, then use your knife on the vent and climb inside. Take jack from trunk, ladder from wall, metal crate from ground.

Return ground & fuel hose to machine by clicking on them, then on the machine. It's as tedious as it sounds, be careful not to push a car into a dead end or wall, because you'll have to start over.

Take the body to the now-empty bed. Unlock the sewer gate with your lead key, then head inside. Repeat this 10 times.

Use it to get to the roof, open the cabinet of the video surveillance system and pick up the pliers. You can upload my photo for solving forklift puzzle on “Operation V Bolt Bucket” There is another grate there. Open security box, cut cable with knife. Enter cabin. Go back to 2nd floor closet. Take rat. Pick up the drum and empty it into the sink, then pour your Formol into the drum. Go to the kitchen and put the rubber gloves in place. Go to the living room and close the basement door with a key. Use body on caveman exhibit. Say 8702, sector 48. Take tape, wrench, knife, plumb from fishing rod, rotten apple & bottle from trash, plastic bag near door. Take body, and leave, Use card on left room, then place body on table. Return the bottle, bleach and rubber gloves, then go out to the living room. Go to entrance. Children can help to gather fruits from the garden but that's about all. Use computer in office. Now leave the area Turndown Service. You are a member of a team sent in to remove all traces of government-sanctioned hits. Use the parrot wrench on the faucet, then use the bucket on the faucet to fill it with water. Use bandages on body. Enter cabin. Use the keys on the door on the left, return them to the cart and go to the pantry (which you just opened).

Search the trashcan twice to get a rotten apple and a bottle. Leave the garage and return the cement to the bench, then go into the kitchen. Open the bottom right storage drawer. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Enter cabin. Now pick up the body, as well as the trowel, bucket and cement from the ground, and some sand from the wheelbarrow. Examine the door on the right side. to hide bodies and remove all traces of evidence. Go back to storage room. Throw keys off the train (window/roof/open door). ↑ Take wrench near TV. Use club on body. Go back to 2nd floor closet. Open door (green button), then click red button, Take the key out of the ignition, return to the graveyard, Use screwdriver on airbag, then place both in car, Put fire extinguisher back against trailer, Put battery back against inside trailer wall, Put grating back on outside trailer window, Go back outside, lower the bulldozer, then take the cable and put it in the trash. Retrieve the spear and master card from the body. But Go to men's bathroom. Go L-M-R-R-R to reach block 4. Return the pliers to the table. Tap on the aquarium to see the dead body being eaten by the Bloody Mess: Use the body on the cages left side of the lab, Take keys, unlock door on left, put keys back, Open trash chute, put body & bloody sheets in, Go to hallway, then close locked room door, In starting room, put back splitter & bed frame. This is a sliding block puzzle. Take toiletpaper. Give the ticket back to the elderly passenger. Pull up all the red fuses, and push down all the others. Pick up the lab coat from the coat rack, and the pipette from the table. Return the pipette and lab coat to its original places (clothes Use computer in office. Take body. Now press the Full button on the fuel tank. Take map on left, machete over fireplace. Return to the office and put these drugs in the coffee, then leave and return to find that you have killed the office worker (6/11). Pick up the body and put it in the fire. Search the safe to get some keys. Go back to bar. Monster: While the bulldozer is lifted, put the meat on the ground for the dog, then lower the bulldozer to crush it. Go back to the roof, inspect the same cabinet and attach the splitter to the wire of the fifth floor. Use the map to travel back to the cabin. Talk to the woman about everything. Go to cabin 3, passenger room (33-35 sign). Go back outside and use the gas can on the cabin, then use the lighter on the cabin Pyromaniac. You have to do this before you move the handle to the valve, or you can’t remove it. Close cell 2. Select insert. Go back to cabin. Use metal on key imprint. Pick up the body and use it on the window, then return to the crime scene Imperfect Crime. I have a work order to swap out this caveman. Use the letter opener to kill the receptionist (8/11). Use wrench on sign, remove tape. Place spear on wall, cartridges on table, uniform on rack, card on table, Exit room and lock the door. Use the airbag in the bars on the window, then use the fire extinguisher on it. Press record, then press play. But shes still using it….. and now I cant proceed. Use ladder right wall. Take stick, combine metal crate and stick, place on ground. I really appreciate it. The news is leaking to the press, and the government forced to remove from their work the most leading scientists. Go down to the basement and apply the cable to the shield. Take tape from cabinet. Press 1. You will fail the mission, but can continue from just before the failure. Go right. Climb outside and put the grill back over the window. This is … Use the screwdriver to puncture the airbag. Grab the uniform, ink cartridges, card and caveman clothes.

Click the stairs at the left side of the corridor (6 sign) to go to the roof. Take cap. Buy two vodkas. Open women’s bathroom. Finally, lock office door, and return the key to reception. Try to approach the valve.

You forgot the secret ending. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Go to cabin 5, unlock door. Pick up the yellow pipe from the right, and the ID card from the left.

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