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They also owned some concessions and a carousel at Savin Rock Park in Connecticut. “There’s a picture of my dad…with an expression on his face,” the son recalls. After it closed, Morgan "Mickey" Hughes and Fletch Creamer, Jr. tried to reopen the park for one more season and obtained a lease from Winston-Centex. It straddled what is now Cliffside Park and Fort Lee, and facing the northern end of Manhattan. The park operated from 1898 until 1971, remaining one of the most visited amusement parks in the country until the end of its existence. 1. Database and records searchable by surname. Parking was free for the same reasons.

The beginning of the end was sounded in January 1971 when newspapers reported that Irving Rosenthal, the owner and operator of the park, was negotiating with Centex Corporation, a Texas company that had offered $12.5 million for the land with a plan to build up to 4,000 high-rise apartments on the site. Rinaldi also remembers an influx of people who seemed more intent on causing trouble than having fun. He says those memories well up whenever he passes by the old site. Compilation, design, artwork and concept covered by copyright. NEW YORK, July 7.---Two men were killed and between twenty and thirty persons injured in a rear-end collision of two trains last night on a roller coaster at Palisades Park in New Jersey across the Hudson river from uptown New York. All rights reserved. Arthur Olson of Bronx borough died soon after being taken from the wreakage. Advertisements for the park were frequently printed in the back pages of 1950s and 1960s comic books. But a family of dreamers doesn't always share the same dreams, and then the world intrudes: There's the Great Depression, and Pearl Harbor, which hits home in ways that will split the family apart; and perils like fire and race riots in the park. This newly revised edition includes an all new Photo Scrapbook... 20 new pages with over 100 new photographs. "Palisades Park" received nationwide radioplay and increased the park's fame even more.

hree quarters of the park was destroyed and b. etween 70 and 100 autos were burned  in the parking lot, according to the Associated Press. This book will make the perfect gift for anyone on your gift list.

It was in many respects a typical summer.

Meanwhile, the park had become so popular that the towns of Cliffside Park and Fort Lee saw increased and worsening congestion from park patrons who did not live in the area. Full text is unavailable for this digitized archive article. Here's how Hall described the final scene: “We’re going to kill it Sam,” Alosio said, pointing to the sign. But things were not as they always were. “I could see the tears, but I don’t know that it was actually in the pictures.”, Insider deals:Save on tickets to parks and zoos, Insider savings:Take A Trip To Disney World.

[8] Irving, in his 70s, was not expected to manage the park for much longer. The park operated from 1898 until 1971, remaining one of the most visited amusement parks in the country until the end of its existence. The 15-acre park was especially busy that day with families seeking relief from a fourth successive day of record-breaking hot weather. FIRE WRECKS HALF OF PALISADES PARK; 119 PERSONS HURT; 30,000 Amusement Seekers Routed by Flames as Crowds on East Side of River Watch 100 AUTOMOBILES BURNED Many Flee From Pool in Their Bathing Suits -- Loss is Estimated at $500,000 119 INJURED IN FIRE IN PALISADES PARK Half of Amusement Center Is Destroyed as Crowds on East Side of Hudson Look On THIRD HERE IN THREE DAYS Loss Estimated at $500,000 -- Many Who Were in Pool Flee in Bathing Suits. The book also features an introduction to the soft cover edition and updated information throughout the book to make this the most comprehensive work ever on the history of Palisades Amusement Park. In response, African Americans started protesting against the Palisades Amusement Park pool's segregation policy; some protesters held signs that stated "Protest Jim Crow".

So it was a huge part of my growing up.”. The song also incorporated amusement park sound effects. Irving Rosenthal, who loved children even though he had none of his own, allowed this "secret" entrance to remain and instructed security personnel to ignore anyone sneaking through it. Even though police detained 11 CORE members, the group stated that they would protest at the park entrance on Sundays, and would only stop their protests when the pool started allowing African Americans. Amusement park in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States, "Palisades Park" song and boom in popularity, Giordano, Ralph. That hole in the fence, however, was no accident. However, the town of Fort Lee would not issue a business license until the next spring, and even then the town could not guarantee such a license. But he wrote off this latest report as just another publicity stunt. Once home to the famous Cyclone roller coaster, the world's largest outdoor salt water pool, and vinegar-soaked french fries, Palisades continues to live on in the hearts of millions of people. In 1944, a second fire forced the park to close until the start of the 1945 season.[2][5]. A story in The Record described how John Rinaldi Sr. was busy overseeing his year-round work crew as they spruce up the park for what would be its final season. The overflow lot sometimes also reached capacity, and when this happened, motorists were directed to park on local streets anywhere between the nearby George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel several miles south. Privacy Policy. He figured the 10-cent admission fee that neighborhood kids were trying to avoid would be spent many times over on rides, ice cream and other attractions. There was a hole in the fence behind the amusement park's music stage, which was used by local children to sneak into the park without paying admission. And while he was a millionaire with a home on Fifth Avenue in New York City, he still would pick up stray hot dog wrappers, according to Rinaldi.

Browse the most recent Palisades Park, New Jersey obituaries and condolences. Suggestions welcomed. One of the many attractions, rebuilt and redesigned by construction superintendent Joe McKee, was the Skyrocket roller coaster. And on summer nights after the crowds were gone, Rinaldi remembers how the people who worked at the park would congregate on the beach at the swimming pool. The scale of this model is 1:12, a common dollhouse scale. I am a fire buff and one-time volunteer in the 1980s. This best selling book is finally back and now available in a soft cover edition. Peak attendance was reached in 1969 with 10 million visitors. It has been unavailable for several years. [6], The protesters handed out the following flyer in 1947, which is now on exhibit in the Fort Lee Museum.[6]. [11] Though the cars are not functional, they were anticipated to be publicly showcased and displayed.[11]. Nostalgia for the park marches on long after that final summer, Midland Park ball player with back-to-back no-hitters, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.

“exactly at 9:30 p.m.”Sam leaned against the glare of the first S in PALISADES.. “OK, you just call out the time, I’m ready,” Sam said, settling comfortably against the S. “It’s 9:30,” Alosio said almost at once – cheating his watch by two minutes.Sam turned to the reporter.

Although the Rosenthal brothers knew about the hole, they did not repair it. “I'll still maintain and operate the park,” he said. There is a publicity photo taken of Rinaldi and his dad in the spring of 1968 with the youngster looking over plans for new rides that his dad is holding. In 1910 the park was purchased by Nicholas and Joseph Schenck and their Realty Trust Company. ), PATERSON FIRE JOURNAL & NORTH JERSEY FIRE HISTORY. Subscribers may view the full text of this article in its original form through TimesMachine. The original builder of the model was Joe Prisco, a longtime park employee. They demanded action from local elected officials. It was originally known as "The Park on the Palisades". He later produced a documentary as well. The park overlooked the Hudson River on 30 acres (12 ha) of New Jersey riverfront land. The towns of Cliffside Park and Fort Lee considered using the park's salt-water swimming pool for municipal recreation, only to find that its filtration system had been damaged beyond repair by vandals. ©1994-2020– Palisades Amusement Park Historical Society – All Rights Reserved.

It is an honor to know such brave, tough men and women. In January 1971 a Texas developer, Winston-Centex Corporation, acquired the property for $12.5 million and agreed to lease it back to Irving Rosenthal so that Palisades Amusement Park could operate for one final season. “Here goes.”And at 9:28 the last big light was out. In May, kids from local elementary schools would hike to a free day at the park. For those who ever visited Palisades Amusement Park, this book is sure to bring back those cherished remembrances. This reduced parking for local residents and businesses, as well as added to street congestion.

In 1935 the park was partially damaged by fire. palisades park - 1944 On Aug. 13, 1944, a deadly fire swept a North Jersey landmark - the Palisades Amusement Park, which straddled Fort Lee and Cliffside Park. [1][2] The Schencks were brothers who were active in the nascent motion picture industry in nearby Fort Lee, as well as operated the Fort George Amusement Park in New York City, across the Hudson River to the east. AT PALISADES POOL

It has been unavailable for several years. On Aug. 13, 1944, a deadly fire swept a North Jersey landmark - the Palisades Amusement Park, which straddled Fort Lee and Cliffside Park. Standing nearby was a man in a long tan trench coat and a hard hat. The Rosenthals named the newly repaired coaster the "Cyclone", after their Coney Island coaster. Palisades Amusement Park – In Miniature A 2020 – 2021 Mahwah Museum Exhibit This miniature depicts the legendary Palisades Amusement Park as it would have looked in the mid 1930s.

He tagged along as electrician Dom Alosio and employee Sam Steinman went over to extinguish the lights on the big Palisades Amusement Park sign that faced Manhattan and the Hudson River.

Fire Buffs promote the general welfare of the fire and rescue service and protect its heritage and history. Among residents who lived near the park, there was a rising chorus of complaints about traffic jams and abusive park patrons who parked in front of their homes.

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