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I managed to find a therapist who offered PLR in my area, and coincidentally, she had actually trained with Brian. However, people’s beliefs about past lives can bring up very deep emotional issues and experiences for them and for this reason it is best handled by a professional hypnotherapist with experience in these matters, even if it is just for your own fun and entertainment.

I’ve also had some flashbacks of a medieval castle, a brutal murder outside of a tavern and even what I believe to be a witch trial. There are one or two on which the jury is still out, as it were, but most of the time it transpires that the regressed individual is reporting nothing that is not already known. Meditation has many different facets. An early experience at my mother’s side, where I watched a mother die during childbirth, convinced me to never marry, couple, or bear children. Others see nothing but simply "know" what is happening. Clarence’s family had fallen apart because of circumstances beyond his control as well as in how he handled things…just as mine had. Brian Weiss, though he's inspired many to consider their past lives for health issues, is using traditional hypnosis and juvenile methods.

He found his solace in the woods of his home, gathering herbs and practicing the healing he had learned from his mother. The creepy stories compiled here from Reddit, all of What is often misunderstood about Past Life Regression is that a lot of hypnotherapy practitioners who use it make the point that the therapeutic experience is of a past life or how a past life might have been, not necessarily their client’s past life. Now we are paying for our unwillingness to see. Sometimes there were men that I didn’t want to dance with, so I refused their advances and that made them angry.Had I made a mistake? So I Googled the black pointed shoes I saw when I looked down at my feet. Very few go past age 5. Often, upon further questioning, their imagined past life is usually of someone that they presently admire or would aspire to be like. Since my teen years, I find myself divulging into a lot of culture from the past, especially from the 50s through 80s. 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I said I wanted to stay with him, here, within the light. It’s a cry for help. I also remember playing with a dog in the yellow field by my house.

He was very still and silent.

I have some additional theories and observations about this topic, but they are anecdotal, so take them with a grain of salt. Saying "look out for the number three in the next few days" sounds like something a psychic (scam) would do, not a trained hypnotherapist. I remember running through the streets with another little girl when I looked..I could see her and I were holding hands....these dreams would come and go for about 15 years I just have anxiety dreams and nightmares. Contact the mods before offering any services, Press J to jump to the feed. There are a good few individuals who have been restored to good emotional health after an apparent Past Life Regression has shown them how troubles sustained in a ‘past life’ are responsible for their problems in this one. While it was incredible in so many ways, what really struck me was how “at home” I felt, how comfortable and in my element.

(Maybe marble, or something -- it wasn't like a modern, clear faceted stone, it was more like a bit of polished rock.).

Ramblings I became very ill, but fortunately was returned to my tribe and survived. It illustrates something of enormous importance in any investigative style of therapy; the therapist should avoid being swept along by what his/her client is recalling or appearing to be recalling. There are plenty of stories and books written about Past Life Regression achieved through hypnosis. She asked me if he was the one who had given me the ring, and I remember laughing, because yes, he'd given me this ugly piece of jewellery, and he thought it was so pretty and even though I thought it was kind of hideous, I loved it because it was something he would do, and it made me think of him when I was wearing it. brian weiss, michael newton, past life hypnosis, past life regression, spiritual healing. Incredible. .s5ap8yh1b4ZfwxvHizW3f{color:var(--newCommunityTheme-metaText);padding-top:5px}.s5ap8yh1b4ZfwxvHizW3f._19JhaP1slDQqu2XgT3vVS0{color:#ea0027} The voice told me to go to the place where I once worked and I went to this field where I would do farming. (As a child, my gym coach would draw an “R” on my right hand and an “L” on my left hand so I would go the right way.) I knew whatever it was wasnt going to be good. My husband is the navigator in our family, with good reason- I am terrible with directions. However, I realize that as much as I enjoyed that life experience, it did little to push or challenge me, and as a result, I left that life relatively unchanged from how I entered it. I may never see them again in this lifetime, but I am at peace with them, and that is a feeling I never thought I would have again. Oh and how much did you pay for the therapy? I have to let go of control, and get out of the driver’s seat as much as possible, for the more authentic experiences.

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