percy jackson becomes a god crossover fanfiction

"Wow Percy, Annabeth, it seems that your story is still being written, but Percy's soulmate? "M-my Lord, t-thank you for your presence in our humble council, and what do you need from us?". Zeus said something to appeal Lord Chaos, like how he organized his council. Then a green mist that was always around the mummy shot into Rachel and the mummy dissolved into nothing. The material of the house is up to you, as long as it is comfortable, warm, and feel like home" Said Lord Chaos, my soulmate . Typhon's head shifted constantly. I don't know what happened, but I cringed when he said demigod. Help.

Perseus Jackson transcended into a God when he fought against Kronos. "Is that the choice you will make to fight me and die instead of bowing down? All around Typhon, the Hudson River erupted, churning with forty foot waves. Kronos turned and smiled through Luke's face. Kronos glowed, so I averted my eyes, I didn't know what happen next, just when there was no noise anymore, I decided to open my eyes and saw Kronos laid there bloodied and unconscious. I was lost in thought for a while. "He's changing. The gods' eyes laid slack at the ferocity of their battle, this time he had near limitless energy and slowed down time around us, but that didn't work as well as he hoped, as the orange hair man main attacks just got stronger. Annabeth walked in and stood next to me. We went in line to give food to the Gods. I glared at them then walked away. He stumbled forward like he couldn't control his own body.

"Seven half-bloods shall answer the call. I pulled her up and we laid there, trembling on the pavement. But, before I made my way, the orange hair man walked in front of me, and it made all the clapping to reduce in silence.

"Jackson . ", "It's where she's gone," Nico said. When Zeus wanted to open the council vote. I saw Kronos bellowing in laughter. Follow/Fav Becomes A God.

Anyways, the people who isn't under Nathon spell is Thaila, Nico, Gover, Katie, The Stolls, Tyson, Chirs, Clarissa, the Gods, and Saphira. She held out her hands. I smiled.

Your review has been posted. "Y-yes" He stutter but then he covered it "Why do you care about her anyways. As I was walking back to where my friends were, I saw another god waiting for me and the look on her face looked slightly enraged. Too bad they didn't get the message. Now for my final wish. The prophecy, she saw what would you do. Clarisse marched in, still shivering from her time in the ice block, and Ares bellowed, "That's my girl". I didn't know what he had done, but all the people in the throne room gasps and only Aphrodite was squealing loudly.

Zeus grumbled. I dodged and slashed and rolled, but I felt as though I was fighting against multiple warriors at once, at the corner of my eye I saw Ethan attempting to sneak up behind me, but he was thwarted by Annabeth with her dagger, Grover meanwhile was playing a tune on his reed pipes. I little harder when I remember what happen last week. I was feeling compelled do this and I stepped forward. said Hades with a pale face. "I decline your offer to become a god but in return I want a wish.

Kronos bellowed in pain and tried to force me back, but I would not yield. "She got anxious when you didn't come down," Paul said dryly. "Did you...," Luke coughed and his lips glistened red. I shook my head and when I tried to reply her about my anchor to the River Styx, I paused and searched for the orange hair man, and I found him near the hearth with Hestia, Hades, and Nico. He snapped his fingers and informed that the top of the Empire State Building was now lit blue.

Annabeth wiped the tears away. "And, of course," Zeus continued, though he looked like his pants were smoldering. "If you really want this, then it is okay" Then, he summoned his swords. "Impossible to defeat Typhon". Our blades continued to clash, until he stomped his foot again and time began to slow down around me. Her arm straightened and she sighed in her sleep. "Don't see you complaining," I said jokingly. Poseidon was no longer an old man.

Better then the Apollo cabin and that's saying something. "Meaning, it is loyalty right? "I got this," Apollo stepped forward. When my eyes landed on Annabeth, her hair reminded me of the person I saw in the River Styx, my mortal ichor and it made that strange sensation returned, but this time it was stronger than before, it was as if every cell in my body was being plunged into the five river of the underworld and then being burnt and cooled at the same time. "I was afraid of that," Grover sighed, and clip clopped after us. It wasn't a deep cut, but Luke howled. I said I can beat you in 10 secs. "UH? Suddenly the pain stopped and I felt myself grow a few inches taller, I felt my muscles increasing and then it came, I could feel my essence being connecting with the universe, I could feel the flow of water, I could feel as storms formed around the world, I felt the shifting and changing of the tides, I felt as though they were made from my very being, I felt whole, I felt the power settle in me, spread throughout my body making me stronger than I had ever been before, I felt the mark of Achilles disappear.

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