prius steering wheel controls not working

Touareg :: Steering Wheel Audio Controls To Change Preset Radio Stations?

I'm looking to take off my steering wheel controls to wrap them. I have a 2006 Toyota Prius with the 6 disc, I can control the radio through the steering wheel controls, but the push buttons directly on the radio will not work including the power button, however the volume and the turn dial for the stations do work. All but Trip and Dist are duplicates of nice big buttons on the climate console, so are rather redundant. Elantra MD (2010-15) :: Climate Controls Do Not Power On With Remote Starter - No Heat, Passat (B6) :: Steering Wheel Controls Stopped Working, Passat (B5) :: W8 Steering Wheel Controls No Longer Working, GTI 337/20th Anniversary :: Steering Wheel Controls Not Working, Passat (B5) :: Steering Wheel Volume And Tuning Controls Stopped Working, Elantra MD (2010-15) :: Steering Wheel Volume Controls Not Working Properly. Prius C (Audio/Electronics) :: 2013 - Steering Wheel Controls Stopped Working? If it wasn't the body shop, I am hoping to have it covered by the Prius Chat platinum warranty.

From reading the threads/forums I have gotten some ideas, but how about no dash light when turning the key to on?

I can no longer use the Disp, Trip, and climate control buttons now. I am trying to swap out the stock steering wheel for another one and have following the instruction here.However, even after removing the center nut I still cannot get the steering wheel out.

Radio controls stop working can only make changes from steering wheel.

Also the defrost button will sometimes turn on the windshield defroster with 1 push then turn on the rear defroster with a second push and both will go off on the 3rd push. Brightness control does not seem to affect the steering wheel.

Is that a simple fuse swap or a take it to the dealer type fix?

Passat (B5) :: Steering Wheel Volume Control Quit Working, Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2006 - Cruise Control Just Quit Working, Prius (2004-09) :: Cruise Control Just Quit, Malibu - Chevrolet :: 2007 - Cruise Control Stopped Working - Light On The Steering Wheel Comes On, Prius (2004-09) :: Climate Control Buttons On Right Side Of Steering Wheel Stopped Working. Gen 2 Prius (Audio/Electronics) :: Rear Buttons On The Steering Wheel Quit Working. I connect my iPhone 5 via Bluetooth; it works wonderfully. The next day, it stopped responding at all. I first bought a salvage unit on Ebay, to find it arrived bound, didn't turn freely (and no returns from seller).

I tried to check on the fuse thing, but was unable to find anything related to the steering wheel.

A song or podcast will play; the steering wheel controls for skipping tracks does not work; same with the Seek button on the radio itself; and pressing the pause/play button works, but not immediately after depressing it. Just got a 2012 c3, and I'm trying to get my iPod Nano (4th gen) to show up on the display as an iPod, controllable from the steering wheel and display. My 07 Prius has developed a problem and i would like to get opinions about whether the problem could've been caused by the body work I had done a week before. Which seems counter productive. However, my gut keeps telling me it could be an issue with the radio itself. I first bought a salvage unit on Ebay, to find it arrived bound, didn't turn freely (and no returns from seller). The factory stereo in my Elantra 2015 sedan does not have bluetooth and the steering wheel does not have the audio controls on the left side. I'll check the new one in a year, may regrease , cleaning it out to try to prevent this from happening again. They basically told me this would 100% fix it because it's the only other thing that could be the issue. On a return trip from our lake house in Kansas (yes, there are lakes in Kansas) to my home in Nebraska, as I was going up and down the rolling prairie hills, the cruise control started having trouble going up the inclines.

I sold it to someone who is in the process of restoring it for show. Prius (Gen 3) :: Customize Steering Wheel Controls? At first, there was a delayed response when using the Info button. The Info button does not work, and the climate related buttons on the bottom get no response.

It's never worked since. If I get the same audio controls that are on Elantras with bluetooth will they work?

At first, there was a delayed response when using the Info button.

Prius C (Audio/Electronics) :: 2013 - Steering Wheel Controls Stopped Working?

I've pulled just about every fuse out, in and under the hood and can't find the problem. Then it quit working altogether.

I also noticed that the Heads up display in the center of the dash is now used to show the CD number and track number. For a few weeks, my Malibu has been making a lawnmower-ish sound when I drive 40 mph or faster.

Last year my oem remote starter worked great.

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