pros and cons of living in victoria bc

It's as if the Olympic Mountains or warm January days were some sort of civic project we should take pride in. I moved to Victoria from northern Ontario ten years ago. A large amount of the graduates do head back to mainland after they walk across stage, but more and more people are deciding to stay put on the island after school. $form = $("#lead-form");

Float planes come from all over, including regular flights from downtown Vancouver. I grew up about 40 minutes outside Victoria in Sooke (one of the so-called "Western Communities" which are essentially bedroom communities for Victoria) from birth until I was 18. a provincially managed insurance and you must register your car registered with them within 30 days of moving. It boasts an extensive system of bicycle paths. First off, Victoria is great for walking, hiking, the outdoors, animals, eating well-made food and cooking. I've travelled all over the province for work, and Hwy 16 is the most beautiful wonderful place I've ever been, and I think it beats out the Rockies. $("input[name=Notes]").val(notes); With some of the best weather in Canada, scenic architecture, a buzzing local economy, and a community you’ll be proud to be a part of, it’s no secret that moving to Victoria is a good idea. Similar arguments exist for any kind of beautiful small town, really; for example, Salt Spring Island is wonderful IF you can make a living there and IF you are compatible with the lifestyle, and those two features alone rule it out for most people. function validCaptcha() { I visited from Vancouver and while I found it charming and sweet and lovely, I'd go nuts if I were 2 hours by ferry away from the mainland. The downtown core is small. required: true, But if most of your social contact is immediate family and your night life is defined by your housing situation then it has its advantages. You can tell that one of the quirks of Victoria is that so many people have strong opinions of the place even though they don't live here. One obvious bonus of this is not having to spend a serious amount of time warming up the car in the morning like in other provinces. Car insurance hassle; In Victoria, BC, car insurance falls under ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia), i.e. rules: { } moveForm(); } If you’re moving long-distance to Victoria, you’re going to want to make sure you contact a reputable long distance moving company to handle your belongings. window.location.href = "/thank-you-contacting-us/"; if ($(this).valid()){ The Island doesn't really have that sense of majesty, at least south of Campbell River, although I suppose there is Tofino. The Butchart Gardens, which boast over 55 acres of gardens, is a place tourists and locals love to visit. Victoria is called the City of Gardens, and for good reason. I grew up in an ugly, icy, blue-collar, 98% white city with not much by way of culture or nightlife. $.ajax({ }, Lived there 20 years ago..came back to be with family and now moving back. "My sister lives in Victoria BC and has spent years trying to convince my wife and I to move, telling us how beautiful it is, how bike-friendly and walk-friendly the city is, and how we simply must drop everything and move there immediately if not sooner. From what you've said about yourself this city may very well be a great match. Victoria was awarded the Prince of Wales Prize for its dedication to preserving the City’s heritage buildings and districts for over 40 years. One of the biggest things you’ll have to adjust to is the weather. Whether you’re moving for a university education, a job, or moving to retire in BC, there can be a lot of questions about Victoria. You will also want to make sure they have other important accreditations. We’ll try to answer a few common questions we get all of the time: When you first get to town you’ll immediately notice the pace of life in Vic (as the locals call it) is a bit calmer than the city’s counterpart across the straight, Vancouver. Victoria is leading artistic, cultural and historic centre. What should you know about moving to Victoria?

Victoria has always had a history as a stronghold of British traditions. Cons of Living in Victoria, BC. I eventually had to leave. If you want to get to Vancouver faster than the ferry, taking a seaplane is an option. Victoria’s friendly nature embodies the famously laid back west coast lifestyle. The famous Butchart Gardens, opened in 1904, are only about a twenty five minute drive from downtown Victoria. let $modal = $(".wow-modal-overlay"); $("#estSubmit").html("");

If you’re making a long distance move in Canada, you’ll be glad to kick your feet up in Victoria. I lived there for 10 years. With a budding tech scene, the provincial government, constant tourism, and a lower cost of living than the mainland, Victoria is attracting top employers to the island. Also known as “The Garden City” Victoria boasts blooming flowers year-round. You won’t be updating your snow pants every year or buying winter boots on the regular, because it just doesn’t get that cold in Victoria. If you’re moving long-distance to Victoria, you’re going to want to make sure you contact a reputable long distance moving company to handle your belongings. $("#captcha-error").text("Captcha is required. $(".estimateSuccess").html("Submission failed.
Please refresh the page and try again.
"); Join hundreds of expats who've already benefited with our free guides. The number two reason is that career-wise I would not see a lot of opportunity. How Long Does It Take to Pack for a Move? Everything was fine until his wife became ill and. So if you’ve got little ones or pets, make sure to take this into account before you take off for the ferry terminal–we’d recommend bringing some snacks in case of a multiple sail wait.

We've been Canada's moving company since 1990. The provincial government building is located in the heart of Victoria and generates a buzz around the area–attracting local businesses, students, and political staffers. James bay will be colder and windier than Cordova bay, oak bay gets more rain than saanichton etc. I have lived in Victoria for 7 years now, and for me I absolutely love it. I'll get to the pros in a moment, but here are some of the cons: you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than finding a family doctor who is accepting patients; landlords can and will refuse to rent to you if you have pets; strata (condo) boards can and will refuse to sell to you if you have kids; cost of living is high; our surrounding suburbs are ugly big box store complexes punctuated by … } As this Huffington Post article points out, you’ll have to be proactive when it comes to setting up/paying your gas bill with Fortis. $(".estimateSuccess").slideDown(); So if you’re an athlete, you’re in luck–there’s plenty play/do here.

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