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She gathered public reputation through her reality show named Rust Valley Restorers.

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Mais l’homme à la voix rocailleuse et aux dreadlocks peroxydées laisse trop souvent parler son cœur au détriment de ses impératifs financiers. Cassidy Mceown is a popular American reality star and mechanic. Nul besoin d’aimer la mécanique pour apprécier le programme. Even if neither of these men actually get a script in hand or further instructions off-screen from producers, they do often exaggerate to put on a character persona for the camera. Hard as it is to believe, restoration expert, Cassidy did not get her driving license on the first try, not even in the second one!

» Suivez toutes les infos de TV Magazine sur Facebook et Twitter . As such, the show creates some superficial drama between Mike Hall, his son, and his pal Avery Shoaf.

. We hear about how he struggles to make a profit from remodeling cars because he always goes over budget when he works on cars. 8:00 am . A full-blown body repair that includes a paint job - among other internal and external changes - may take up months at a time. She came in the 2nd episode of the 1st season of the show. Son objectif: vivre de sa passion en retapant ces vieilles automobiles et en les revendant pour maintenir son entreprise Rust Bros Restorations à flot. In Mike's episode, he talked about being on the verge of selling a five-acre piece of land filled with 340 cars.

Malgré une concurrence omniprésente, les entrepreneurs privilégient l’entraide aux coups bas.

The girl adds quite the comedic touch to the show, adores cars, but cannot seem to drive to save her life! The show is based on the company which her boss, Mike Hall, operates. Sunday, November 1. The reality star was born on December 21, 2000, in the USA. In one of her Facebook posts, she is quoted saying that she followed in her father’s footsteps, defying societal expectations in the process!

At such an early age, she has found her passion and this is a sign that she is going to earn a lot of fame as well as money in the coming years. Those same inaccuracies frustrated us enough to write about all that is fake on the show. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Rust Valley Restorers a rencontré un tel succès après la diffusion des huit premiers épisodes qu’une saison 2 a été commandée pour History. Related: The Real Story Behind Mike Hall And Rust Valley Restorers. Anyone who knows enough about cars may see the Rust crew talk about the vehicles in front of them and can't help but notice that the dialogue sounds a little, well, simple. If you are interested in purchasing a specific vehicle from the website please contact us via email. Cassidy Mceown was born on the 21st of December 2000 in Enderby, British Columbia. Sunday, November 1. Rust Valley Restorers (traduit Les mécanos de Rust Valley) est une série-documentaire produite par Mayhem Entertainment pour la chaîne History au Canada qui a commencé la diffusion de la saison 1 en décembre 2018. Maybe she switched to her middle name Mceown because it was much easier to pronounce! The two often seem to be at each other's throats, often regarding money and going over budget or conflicting ideas over how to fix a car. Local Station: Change location. Dans la Rust Valley, les affaires se règlent entre deux carcasses rouillées avec une franche poignée de mains, une tape dans le dos et des billets sortis du fond d’une paire de chaussette. We hear a lot about Mike Hall's so-called financial woes on the show. Fans of car shows, restoration shows, and HGTV-type content are going to feel right at home in the automotive niche that Rust Valley Restorers provides. Your email address will not be published. She is obsessed with cars who is working in it since a very young age. She is perhaps the youngest member of the Rust Bros Crew.

She is the only women cast member in this television series and it seems she is proud to be considered as one. Faut-il regarder la minisérie événement de France 2 sur le général de Gaulle.

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