steampunk city map generator

Thank you! Absolutely phenomenal!

You can see the side by side in the featured image of this post which is the flat city map beside the 3D rendered version of the same town! So, the islanded steampunk city lives on. It's very.....compact. This map was created as an environment to support a MMORPG server called Heroes of Galderon (what will happen to HOG is still a mystery). :) I mean- a few months ago (May) the terrain base took pretty long as I was way less efficient back then, but I finished off the terrain and added the structures and blimps and gears and railways in somewhat under 5 days recently, so it may be easier to imagine.

This has been enough to keep the isle safe from invasions as of yet. Beautiful! 89% Upvoted.

I could have sworn I've seen this months before and was going to call you out on it but it appears this is actually a project being given out after the Heroes of Galderon server project became an unknown. :D And it's good to know the purple worked well for magic with the lighting as well.

xD. Notux, I was wondering if I could use this build for an adventure map. I have no idea how you can support more but the support you've given is already a. I'm not entirely sure overall, but when I started on the terrain back in April that part was slow and took around 20~30 hours, but the rest of it - structures, blimps, balloons, tracks, finishing the terrain, water and waterfalls and gears and so on -, took around 20 hours, so probably about 40-50 total? I love the style of the blimps that are all over the place! xD The hardest part for me, I think, would've been the first structure I built for it, because I had to start off without any particular plan or idea about how I wanted to tackle steampunk so it was going to set the theme for my entire build from then on. Amazing as always Notux. Support This Generator. © 2010 - 2020 Ahh, it's nice to hear about your process in creating that part.

:) Although when I say under 5 days I mean spending the majority of each day building, so whether that's short or not depends on opinion as that'd still be several dozen hours building afterwards. ^~^. I want to live in that city in real live ;-; Beautiful Architecture Possibly more detailed that Fallout Towns. :). My plan is to use the free Screen Capture Software oCam to record me moving around in the city then save the video file. Haha, well good luck with future projects you always amaze me. :D I appreciate the motivation. I'm glad you like it! :3, Hell yeah!

The project was created over 2 weeks of time, requested by Ogedi, and in collaboration with Jz401. *dies inside*, Oh dang, he's back! ;), Yeah I know of a portion at the back of the city, so I might update that bit later on :). :) I'm pretty fond of steampunk and magic and pink and purple goes well for it for me too, so it's nice to see I'm not alone in that fondness.

Amazing Overhead & 3D Fantasy City Map Generators! I'm glad you like the blimps.


After the initial map is created, then you’ve got a bunch of creative freedom to edit! I would give you credit. The city has known many an invader in its time, and while it has managed to repel every single one through some mix of skillful soldiers, height advantages, technological prowess and the valuable energy they've managed to generate, and sprinkles of sheer dumb luck, they still have others attempt invasions due to the aforementioned energy.

And thank you too - again - for reading the description.|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//, Steampunk Selavaris Cityscape - A Gear Grinding Isle Minecraft Map. (: Glad to see you're posting again Notux, Always love your work. I builded my own world, but i don't like it very much. :) And well, I mostly build in pieces, so I do things such as creating track pieces and then placing them around for the railroads, readying sponges beneath so that I can also efficiently add fences beneath each ones, creating some buildings and placing a handful of each, some gears, blimps, balloons, and else- and going from there. All creations copyright of the creators. steampunk city generator. Replace it first. All of the tight spaces filled up with all of that detail. It just screams steampunk to me. The wheeled castle wall just tops it off :). Good story to go along with it. Great to see you posting again Notux, amazing build! Home  >>  Resources  >>  Amazing Overhead & 3D Fantasy City Map Generators!

227. The things that produce a map don't really give me what I'm looking for. This is up there on my list of all time favourite builds!

Surely one I envision exists? Tracks run around through the isle, ready for apparent trains to blast full steam ahead from building to building; place to place, giving the residents of the isle enough passage to get between the structures both above and below the ground.

:) Just rather pleased that actually seems to have worked out well.

me if i can't support more: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻, XD Thank you, TropicalTuNA. Explore. What gives Conderial it's extra bit of character (to me, at least) is how crammed together it all is. :) I really wanted a steampunk creation after all, so, I made one. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours.

Maybe in the future I'll use its code as a basis for some game or maybe not. Saw a picture back during the Athion stream. Yeah, we did intend to release it with the teaser for the rpg server, but seems it never got that far, so in any case, I'm happy to give it out for download :). Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Well, i do not build very bad, but neither perfect, so I searched a very beautiful map on the internet to make it an adventure map. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft!

for Fantasy Games & RPGs, Flowchart to pick your D&D Character Class. I appreciate that. :) I used a shader to take around half of the pictures but this is entirely basegame. Image result for steampunk city generator. Travel. :o Yay. You Leave me speechless with every one of your builds. This build is amazing. :D I appreciate it. :) My usual method of building is like that, since I quite like building everything by hand as much as I can. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft!

:). :D :) I appreciate that. Cities are an important part of most RPGs. Then, you can even see a 3D Rendering of your City!

To get started, this Medieval Fantasy City Map Generator ( does not simply generate a static image. This is one of the most amazing city generators I’ve ever seen. This is a web based software which generates a random medieval city layout of whatever size you want. Saved from I cannot imagine how you got so good at this. :) I made three little pieces and organised them around and had sponge beneath them to be ready to do "//gmask air,35,32,185,95" and "//replace
:). Amazing build, Notux! So this so super neat and pretty for me, personally. Jz401 for creating the map with worldpainter. I thing this is the best map I've founded, so; can I use it to make my adventure map? When you imagine a city, you'd normally see it sprawling out a bit more. The isle itself, much unlike the buildings, is still highly natural, overrun with leaves and flowers and waterfalls and bright green grass, a bright gathering of glorified colour with various archways and outcrops and cliff-sides, showing the denizens of this steampunk isle have hardly harmed the territory in the slightest, barely impacting upon it with their structures rising up and spreading out more on the higher levels to have less footprint upon the earth, while few of the tracks so much as touch the ground around and their methods of travel are either high up with trains or yet higher, flying above the city as a whole.

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