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Your email address will not be published. These immense attack stats and the 1.5x damage to armors from Slaying Hammer+ allow her to take out almost all 2 warded armor units with just an ally support. Low stack builds such as an Infested Mobility setup (Infested Mobility buff lasts the same as 1 stack of [Razorwing Blitz] which the ability procs on cast, making a 1-button-press fast speed build at the cost of some Pixia DPS) will want high duration to squeeze out as much duration as possible out of a single stack. This works well for those that wish to make use of Razorwing and stay longer in the form giving you the freedom of flight and devastation during missions. I experimented with some duration and with 227% duration this buff can extend to 72 sec(! Difficulty: Easy• Description: Wukong is a mild alternative to Titania. # Volt High stack builds will have lots of duration available (the duration from 1 Blitz stack adds onto the current Blitz timer) therefore tuning down Duration can still make the buff last for the entire mission.

Building around your ultimate ability feels the most natural, but there are other builds out there that are also quite competitive – even though they look like they are more on the casual side of things. This build works well for spamming abilities and for those who can strategically use Titania’s abilities when and where they are needed.

These immense attack stats and the 1.5x damage to armors from Slaying Hammer+ allow her to take out almost all 2 warded armor units with just an ally support.

Paired with [Primed Continuity] and [Narrow Minded], the Speed will last for 22.65 seconds.

**Note: This images uses [Arcane Storm Helmet], which adds an additional 20% Power Strength, or roughly a 0.05x multiplier. Bumping up the Strength will provide extra speed and Dex Pixia DPS. Specials thanks for the contributions from the following community members:@AkemiAkemi, @CeejayCeejay, @Hejryt12Hejryt12, @MortarMortar, @VelocikittyVelocikitty, The most requested mechanic of speedrunning in Warframe is what to build and what to run. You're on the right path, don't go for Umbral Intensify unless you decide you really like her. These builds should be goals to work towards and not necessarily requirements to start speedrunning. Preferred IV: +SPD or +ATK / -RES or -DEF, Passive B: Chill Spd / Chill passives / Guard / Renewal, Passive C: Atk Tactic / Spd Tactic / Hone Cavalry. The expense of 8 defense AND resistance (compared to Fury) is absolutely not worth the two extra attack and speed. Augment Mod: Beguiling Lantern causes enemies that are affected to receive more melee damage. • How the build works: The build is a well rounded setup that will be capable in all situations. Combine that with the recommended A skill in this build, Life and Death 3, and Titania will reach an impressive 55 Attack and 39 speed. The Hone Cavalry from Gunter is a good option. Please note that these builds are for solo play, as group play has significantly different compositions. Her A slot skill is darting blow because it boosts her into a speed tier where she can double most unbuffed foes on initiation. Additional blueprints can be bought from Cephalon Simaris; 50,000‍50,000 for component blueprints and 100,000‍100,000for main blueprint. In this form she may fly around freely as long as she does not get too far out of the map, being safe from melee enemies and causing enemies to be less likely to hit her. I really recommend her seal slot be atk/def 2 because

A super high fire rate can be super nice, but also brings some problems you need to counter-act. Renewal/Rep Aid for help either tank a specific or help them into Desperation range. With the addition of Slaying Hammer+ into the game, Titania has finally found a use outside of being a magekiller: now she has the option of being an Armor killer. Weapon: Slaying Axe+ (+Spd) / Wo Gùn+ (+Spd) / Draconic Poleax (+Spd), Passive B: Guard / Desperation / Quick Riposte / Renewal, Passive C: Drive Spd / Cavalry passives / Flexible. I…, Hi everyone I just 10+ Echidna and I don’t know how to build her for Arena. (Titania with multiple enemies affected by her different abilities and other effects). 2.) An AoE-focused build utilizing Sound Quake as a form of crowd control with some damage. It also can be cast on enemy to hold them in the air for 36 sec. This build takes advantage of Titania’s outstanding speed and resistance, allowing her to crush all but red armored units.

Please note that speedrunning mostly involves movement of a Warframe or the use of a specific set of Warframe abilities. [Natural Talent] increases cast speed of Wormhole.

• Deviations: Removal of the reduced Friction mods can help for many players who feel Nyx slides too much, but there's no satisfactory replacement of these mods, except for survivability purposes.

A cavalry boost is recommended for this build if you’re running a cavalry team, though if not, many other options are available.

Thermal Sunder is an experimental theory option for small scale room nuking. Thermal Sunder is an experimental theory option for small scale room nuking. https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/Fire_Emblem_Heroes_Wiki:Build_Center/Titania:_Mighty_Mercenary?oldid=476307. Fleeting expertise does nothing because of this and your really low ability duration actually counters all the efficiency you have.

With her new weapon refine, Titania fills a brand new niche as the only unit that can run 3 different tactics at once, rising her to be one of the premier support units in the game for mixed teams. Crowd control abilities may still be used and buff may be acquired but the range is decreased which might need to be adjusted to.

This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. However, it's simply not recommended as Luna and Moonbow will still cause more damage against bulkier units which is what she'll be dealing with at the front. * **Description:** Volt is the definition of "*gotta go fast*." Fire Emblem is Copyright Nintendo and INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS 2017-2018. Slaying Axe makes for a great choice of weapon, having good Might and reducing the cooldown on Titania’s Special, not to mention being improvable via the weapon forge. Usage of Nyx is very niche and is normally not recommended for general speedrunning. With these weapons she can fly around attacking enemies just like in archwing mode until the ability is deactivated.

Other than that, this build is pretty straight forward, strong and easy to play! [Primed Flow] helps keep your energy pool rich with energy for Volt when speedrunning. An AoE-focused build utilizing Sound Quake as a form of crowd control with some damage. All this combined means Titania has fantastic support potential.

When the duration of the ability ends or when the ability is held down, an explosion will occur, ending the ability and blowing up enemies for heavy damage.

This seal gives the best of both worlds for it, though, if deemed unnecessary, you could choose atk/spd 2 to push her speed just a little more. Aiming for a build close to the suggested can be ideal. Yes, you are able to melee flying enemies, but the dual pistols are always faster and stronger.

* **Description:** Loki is one of the original speedrunning frames due to having the highest sprint speed out of all the Warframes. The general rule of thumb is that you are safe with a 45% Power Efficiency, as the cost for Speed is only 39, and [Shocking Speed] is an extremely helpful augment with a sentinel companion. Rest & Rage (in the Rage form) will speed up many boss invulnerability actions and make them more susceptible to damage.

For the build, the mods added are just to further her velocity in the form of more Sprint Speed, further Bullet Jump, and less Friction. Let’s face it, Titania new weapon, the Draconic Poleaxe, is pretty bad, and it’s refinement is even worse.

Titania’s good Speed and great Resistance makes her a great choice for a magical wall. Her Attack stat is poor and she will reach 44 Attack with the Draconic Poleax. Weapons are situational and can change frequently as new and better weapons are released.

At 30 Resistance, Titania is capable of effectively tanking both blue and green magic users. * **How the build works:** As stated before, Nyx is heavily reliant on her [Arcane Menticide Helmet] to reach her maximum potential due to its added Parkour Velocity.

Titania definitely has her notable downsides. Building around her first three abilities might seem like a great idea at first, but usually you want to be as effective as possible while using your ‘Razorwing’ ability.

[Arcane Energize] can be useful for certain missions like exterminates and some bosses but won't see a use in captures, spies etc.

Distant Counter ensures that Titania won’t have to deal with the blue mages on your attack phase, given all of them crumble like paper before her with the exception of Lucina (Spring Festival) (if +SPD) and Odin (if +ATK).

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