traveling book coffer artifact

“This coffer dates to a time when devotional materials were at the crossing between the medieval and the modern period, between art made by hand and by mechanical means,” adds Dondi, who is also the Principal Investigator of the 15cBOOKTRADE, a project which studies the impact of the printing revolution on early modern European society.

In 1964, an antique business purchased a small statue. In addition, Cabinet also includes a 3D model and photos of a deed box, which features in the Thinking Inside the Box display. Nothing similar had shown up in elite kitchens. “The new arrival will join the right environment to further its investigation and understand how to place it within a European tradition,” she says. Dr Cristina Dondi, Professor of Early European Book Heritage at the University of Oxford and Oakeshott Senior Research Fellow in the Humanities at Lincoln College, says “very few original woodblock prints from this period survive and each is rich in meaning, complex and exceedingly rare. The Bodleian’s marginally less slender mobile device is 500-years-old (the majority of surviving book chests date to the 1500s) and is made of wood covered in leather, reinforced with iron fittings, hinges and a lock. Instead, the dealer had stumbled upon what could be the most important furniture in England. A visual history of the miners’ safety lamp Since each side of the cube had dots, the block was quickly identified as a dice (aka die). The case came from France and had been constructed of wood and leather during the 1400s.

Five pieces had never been found.

Inside the lid, a woodcut of “God the Father in Majesty” is attached, derived from a liturgical book printed in Paris in 1491 and pointing to the coffer’s place and date of origin.

The book box, the first of its kind to enter the libraries’ collection of medieval manuscripts, is made of wood covered with leather, with a metal lock and fittings as well as leather straps threaded on to the sides for carrying.

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