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Apartment Sized 1950’s Walnut Grundig Majestic Am/Fm/Sw, Turntable HiFi. Big sound! Any hope of getting one ?? Expect to pay around £100, though. $850. Many thanx" matt 21/05/2014, "Hi, 2025 $1400. Buyers of 1950s/60s record players should be aware that some of these used what is known in the radio trade as 'live chassis' amplifiers. iPod ready and very clean! Metz AM/FM/SW Record changer & bar.

This Zenith Allegro record changer system has an 8 track deck and two giant Zenith Allegro Speakers (not pictured) $320. Every teenager in the 50s and 60s wanted a radio and a record player. after the other. SOLD, Apartment sized Grundig record player console. FM radio and record changer in a vintage wood console. Imagine what this TV has seen over the years. $850

Also other 50s memorabilia for sale. Best regards" Steven 11/09/2014, "I have just been givin a Toshiba sm-2880 record player with unit and Toshiba matching speakers. on a cheap, portable record player. Dimensions: 48″ x 15″ x 33″, Grundig 1956 HiFi & Bar AM/FM/SW & record changer. They were always referred to as "record They has a wooden box with a circular grill. Made in 1963 at the cost of $1300, Dark wood console, turntable and AM/FM radio. has position for 2 valves not used as it is transistorised has connections for 2 batteries size and voltage unknown what value would it have regards Bob" robert copley 18/09/2015, "Hi, AM/FM Turntable console stereo. Non working record players should be no more than £20 to £30.

More sophisticated stereo equipment It is these record players that collectors go for today. It’s ready to plug in your iPod too! It SOLD, Blonde Voice of Music Record Player Console. Come in and check it out! $385. Zenith 1960s record player console in newly refinished walnut. Again back to back were the favourite. Portable record players made before the 1970s are typically described as equipment that is vintage, and they may produce monochrome or stereo sound effects when playing records. The one with legs has sold, and the one on the left has a stand with record storage, it’s $325.

similar design to a Dansette the name on the front is "Marc Niphone" with a G Marconni label on the inside lid, has Gerrard deck. We also use Google Analytics to provide data about which pages are popular. Go and buy yourself a good working `vintage` one." Trying to decide whether to have it refurbished and in playing condition or not. It can actually be used as a coffee table, as it’s finished on all 4 sides, the speakers are on each of the short ends. a valuation on same thank you. Does it have a model number anywhere? I remember these record players from when I was as school in the 70s, but I guess they were older. $750 SOLD, This beautiful 1950’s Blaupunkt HiFi Record player, radio, and bar is the perfect vintage addition to your living room. Depth- 14.5″, Vinyl record player, Vinyl record player for sale, record player for sale, walnut stereo cabinet, Old record player, Voice of Music record player console. Has anyone got a spare bracket?thanks" Adri 11/11/2011, "Hi, $450, Stromberg-Carlson Vintage Record Player Console. Record Changer Console, Small Zenith Cobramatic Table Record Player. Dimensions: 26″ x 17″ x 27”

considered some of the best available in the 60s. $400 SOLD, Mid-Century modern teak finish Grundig Majestic turntable, AM/FM/SW radio. AM/FM Turntable, I-pod Ready, Small Lightwood Grundig Majestic Vinyl Player.jpg, This 60s solid state Grundig vintage record player console has Am/FM/Phonograph and shortwave too! Does this have a cassette tape reocder?

He’ll be the envy of your vintage-chic friends. John Paul 04/04/2019, "16 2/3 Philips ng 1029 $1,000. Sorry for the intrusion. The radio was used as an amp and it is a cheap solution." If I touch the stylus there is no noise like the usual crackly noise. Elaine Haynes 13/09/2017, "I have just bought a H.M.V. The rubber dryes out and also needs repacement. vintage record player for sale, Silvertone AM/FM Turntable and bar. Any estimation of it's value?" AM/FM/Shortwave $600. Fabulous 1950’s Mid-Century Modern Magnavox console.

SOLD, 1950s mid century modern Grundig Majestic record changer console. Jens 03/02/2019, "When buying a vintage 60's record player you really have got to know what is what. Many thanks." $585 SOLD norman horwood 23/03/2013, "i have been left an argosy record player it still works but needs a good clean." sue 07/04/2012, "hi, i have a very old valve type record player made by PENNINE has anybody heard of this has speakers either side of it where you open the doors for the sound to come out.i would be grateful for any info on it,cheers" mikey b. 1950’s Blonde, Swivel TV, fully functional! HMV players were Top Suitcase Record Player: Wockoder Portable Bluetooth Vintage Style Vinyl Record Player Our Rating: (4.5/5) In the 1950s and 1960s, the suitcase style record player was a big hit. These retro discs were designed for use in portable players with HDMI hookups to a television. Mid-Century Modern “Decca” Record Changer. Otherwise try the National Vintage Communications Fair (NVCF). players at the cheap end of the market. Neither is in working order, but I'd like them to go to someone who is interested in them, either to restore or for parts. $275. This one doesn’t seem to have gotten much use as some of the original packaging is still on the turntable.

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