wows best destroyer line

In a straight up fight the American DDs are better than all other DDs but when you encounter a skilled player in a British or German DD he can counter your fast firing guns with a quick smoke screen then break contact. Solid branch to start on.

Standard build for most of them is Priority Target, Last Stand, Survivability Expert, Advanced Firing Training, Demolition Expert, Adrenaline Rush and Superintendant or Basic Firing Training + Preventive Maintenance. Powerful guns, good concealment, not the best torpedoes but nothing to be sniffed at, sonar and without a doubt the most useful smoke of all the destroyers. What is the best destroyer nation? RN is so balanced, IJN torpedo focus, German can do anything depends on the captain, US gunboats with decent torpedo. IJN for stealth and torp range, but it seems like their T5&6 are better than their T7. Almost as sneaky in the t-22 as an ijn boat, 8 km torps and lots of power boosts. General WoWs Discussion ... March 20, 2017 in Destroyers. Once you get 150mm guns in Germans their guns destroy.

It's a lengthy grind until you get Jervis, though.

Britsh have the best Destroyer killing Destroyers. Keep in mind that every match in WoWs is different and the best ship for different matches may not always be the same.

Encounter a DD....Drop smoke hit the breaks pop hydro shoot your torps and commince to pelt the DD to death with 3.2 sec reload in the Z-52. Overall I think USN. Depends on Ur play style. RN would be my second choice.

Which in my opinion is what makes them the best. The toprs don't do alot of damage so you need to make them count when shooting them...they are fast at 69knots and go 10.5km range. The fletcher I have down to a reload of 2.7 seconds and it’s fun to rain HE down. Hey all, I'm pretty new, so i am wondering which nation has the best destroyers; their strengths and weaknesses etc.? They are extremely versatile with great utility. Russian DD's tend to create players who don't ever learn torp angles because you are rarely in range to use them. I use in every Destroyer Erich Bey and Jerzy Swirski as inspiration. They are extremely versatile with great utility. Play up to T5 in multiple lines to figure out what gameplay style you enjoy and then that will help you determine which lines you want to push up higher. Torps aren’t the best, but they work.


By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. USN DD's have a tendancy to be mid teir grinds that run off some newer players from ever getting to high teirs because they don't do anything good for the most part until high teirs.

For Destroyers have the biggest game changing powers. Depends on how you like to play. For me, the worst are the germans. It lets me adjust to the needs of the battle and I’m not stuck into a specific role. Good comparison, I’ll play IJN when I want to be sneaky and RN when I want to play more offensively. What is the best destroyer nation ... and Shimakaze are good torp boats, but weak on guns. Their torps don’t really have the long ranges of the IJN until you hit T6 and upgrade the Benson. Does it get better after the Acasta? My favorites are the British and Germans. Germans are similar to the RN line but the focus is more on the torpedoes.

Best = Most suited to your preferred gameplay. Up to tier 5 they’ve seemed fun to play, plus the T4 has 360 rotation on the guns which helps the slow traverse. Not as flexible as the RN ones, not as powerful torp as IJn and not as gunners as USS ones. Thanks dude. But there are players who do extremely well with the American gun boats. Because they branch out early, so each line has its own tier 6, the best lines to research would be US cruisers (2 tier 6) and US destroyers, Jap destroyers (2 tier 6) and Jap cruisers. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. No Matter which Destroyer you play, when you are at the right time in the right place,everything is possible. 6. The Jervis and the Lighting in the RN line are excellent and worth the grind.

USN : gun boat, can massacre IJN and lay down curtains of fire from over islands/in smoke. slighlty off the topic try to transfer your captain from previous ship to an other so you can have quickly a lvl 10 captain on any line you grind. Don't know much about the German line so will let others comment on those.

Pretty much like the USN but with sonar. their is no best destroyer you will only find DD's that match your playstyle and you will be ending playing several. Meh is not the best description for the German DDs. Germany is meh with the RN around. If you want aggressive style, USN or RN, depending who you ask Fletcher and Lightning are the apex predators at t7.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. German DD are really good at killing other DD's as some have said. I love the Japanese for the stealth torpedo boats.

Takeout the enemy DDs and it makes it so much easier for your team. I've read a lot about the destroyers becoming less enjoyable after T5 and so im asking which line to follow i currently have both the IJN and USN T6 reserchable but i want to focus on only 1. which line do you guys recommend and why?

Britsh have the best Destroyer killing Destroyers. Bit of both do RN, you wont be as good at either but you'll be a jack of all trades. I’d say USN DDs make the best gun boats, and IJN DDs make the best stealth torpedo boats. Best smokes in the game (in my view), and Lightning is my favourite ship in the game. Guns aren’t as great as the USN but they’re not far behind. RN are pretty similar to USN, but don’t really get good until T6&7.

Usn are by far the worst destroyers in the game. They are usually used to hone in and help locate other destroyers or run torpedo pickets to spot incoming fire for cruisers and bb’s. For Destroyers have the biggest game changing powers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Higher tiers have fast reloads, but slow traverse. Once the French line is added most of this will change. RN and USN are DD hunters by design but RN have better torps for the most part..RN gets a lot of love for their multiple smoke charges and great guns at tier VI & VII and USN torps are so lack the Brits get hydro at tier V and up so they tend to get have the edge for best at their role and beyond.. IJN are almost pure torpedo boats and can drive BB mains insane with their low detection and long range high speed torps..guns are their flaw however and usually lose to RN, USN, and KMS DDs in a their strength typically lies in avoiding other DDs.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Best in-class torpedoes with the signature 610mm that have long range and high damage, Very good Concealment allows you to not only scout and outspot most other DDs, but also allows you to get relativly close to enemy ships to torpedo them without getting spotted, Hard hitting 127mm guns on most ships in the tech tree but also have rapid firing 100mm guns on a few of the higher tiered AA DDs that have ridiculous penetration with IFHE, Has exclusive access to Torpedo reload, allowing you to quickly double your DPM of your torpedoes by quickly reloading all your torpedo tubes, Squishiest ships in the class due to low HP pools, bar the AA DDs, which are more like small cruisers, Manouverabiliy is average for the class as a whole, with an average of 35 kts and rather long turning circles, which is even worse on the AA DDs, 120mm and 127mm guns have a compartively low RoF compared to almost all other nations DDs, meaning that missed shots are very punishing when trying to defend yourself from another ship, AA is quite terrible on these ships, even on the AA DDs, since they don't have Defensive Fire (for some reason...), Torpedoes have high detection range, making them easy to spot from a distance, Fantastic RoF on main battery guns allows you to usually come out on top in knife-fights with other DDs, Top-Tier Smoke, with long up-time and lasts for a long time, allowing for many tactical applications for their use, Concealment is 3rd in class, but still competetive overall, Only nation besides the Russian DDs that have Defensive Fire (though not very effective without dedicated builds nor do the AA guns themselves pack a punch until tier IX), Fast and very manouverable ships make them slippery targets, with an average speed of 36-37 kts, and turning circles that allow them to quickly turn on a dime, Main guns have awful muzzle velocity combined with lightweight shells, meaning anything outside 10km will quickly become difficult to hit with high arching shots, HP is rather average: not too beefy, not too squishy but enough that hits will be noticeable no matter where they come from, Torpedoes don't get good until tier VII, until then, they have very short range, limiting thier use and your options of dealing with larger ships, Gun firing arcs aren't the best due to heavy reliance of single gun mounts until tier X, meaning you have to show significant broadside if you want to use all of your firepower, High velocity guns makes shooting any target at any range, pretty comfortable, Best in class HP pools with some ships having access to repair party, Decent AA at higher tiers with the option of defensive fire, Very high speed ships with speeds at an average of 40kts, making them very difficult to hit when they have engine boost active, Worst in class torpedoes with the lowest range tier-for-tier, Awful firing arcs on some of the earlier ships due to single gun mounts, Rather large ships overall, with poor concealment as a result, Fast reloading torpedo tubes that do decent damage and have increasing range as you progess upwards in the tech tree, Have access to German Hydro starting at the mid-tiers that allows you to spot torpedoes and bully DDs out of smoke or use smoke plus hydro as a way to ward off enemy DDs, 2nd best in class HP pools allows you to trade HP and last longer in knife-fights, Awful AA with no Dual Purpose guns until tier IX, which even then, they're not good in their own right, 2nd worst in class concealment, making it difficult to push into areas against DDs that have better concealment, Rather sluggish ships with large turning circles, Have poor firing arcs due to reliance on single-mount guns until tier IX, Potent 120mm guns that hit hard and have great RoF while still having good muzzle velocity, and high tier ships have 114mm guns that have insane RoF, 2nd best in class, hard-hitting torpedoes that can be single-launched, allowing you to punish ships that try to go bow-in to you, Fast reloading smoke with double the charges compared to other nations that don't last long, but allow you to quickly break engagment and allows you to constantly smoke up and fire on ships before repositiong to do so again, Have RN DD Hydro from tier VI forward, allowing you to spot torpedoes and ships at a fixed range; mostly used as a defensive tool due to short spotting range of ships, 3rd best in class HP, allowing you to come out on top of your Japanese and even US contemporaries, 2nd best in class concealment, which is very competetive due to how lethal your guns are to other DDS, Have RN acceleration built into the ships, allowing you to quickly get moving if stopped or reversing, Short range torpedoes means you can't really stealth torp until tier VI, but even then you have a small 1.0km buffer zone that gradually gets better at the higher tiers, but is still rather short ranged, limiting your options against heavier ships until they get close to you, Does not have access to Engine boost unlike all other nations DDs, and combined with the average speed of 35 kts means they can't really catch up and hunt down other DDs that run away from you, nor does that mean you can easily run away from a bad situation, Both tier IX and Tier X ships require IFHE to damage 19mm plating of most tier VIII-X DDs, in which they otherwise need to use AP, Most ships have similar characteristics to other nations ship, making the line very unique in that there is no linear performance of all ships in the tech tree compared to other nations, Have deep-water torpedoes that have very low detection range, allowing you to catch ships off guard with stealthy torps that limit reaction times to around 5 sec or even less, Have access to 7.5km radar at tier VIII-X, allowing you to work in conjunction with other DDs to flush out enemy DDs in smoke, Competetive concelament of most ships, allowing you to do about as well as USN ships but, Smoke is unique in that it has a long activation time but short up-time, allowing you either do walking smokescreens or just laying massive walls of smoke to blind your enemies and cover a reatreat (and or blind your whole team too...), Due to most ships being different from another, your overall playstyle won't really even out until tier VIII-X which are like USN DDs, but everything before that being either Russian, German, or British, Deep-water torpedoes cannot hit other DDs, meaning that other DDs can bum-rush you and torp you with the only option is to run, making it hard to hold capture points if you get bullied out by other DDs, Opting for radar leaves you without smoke.

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