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Wiki Le Monde des Royaumes Oubliés (French), If the yeth hound starts its turn in sunlight, it is transported to the Ethereal Plane.

After checking the statblock again, I guess this is the ONLY way I could use the hounds with my murder-hoboesque group. | Design Finder 2018 Any land[3] [1], Yeth hounds were the servitors of the drow deities Kiaransalee and Vhaeraun.[9]. -Yeth Hound Den: While yeth hounds are frequently encountered on the prowl, they gather in their own cavernous den where they hide in the day, and the only way to root them out of an area is to destroy it. Should it hold off even longer?

You’re right, I’m wrong. [2] Fire Breath (Recharge 5-6): The hound exhales fire in a 15-foot cone. | Here Be Monsters Races.

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Yeth hounds cannot speak, but understand Infernal. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Update. Understands Common, Elvish, Infernal[2] and Sylvan but can't speak[1] [3][4], Yeth hounds typically ran in packs of 4-16 individuals.

Outsider Nah.

Learn how to write compelling adventures focusing on the clashes between factions without making it obvious who the “good guys” and “bad guys” are. Yuan-ti Nightmare Speaker. They hunt only at night if they can, often breaking off their hunt at dawn to retreat to a subterranean lair or den, no matter how close they had come to catching their prey. They were intelligent if bestial creatures whose howls induced unbearable fright in those that heard them. Yeth hounds are creatures of instinct without much ability to adapt, and they aren’t very bright, but one thing they can figure out is whether a potential target isn’t frightened of them. Adventurers are staying at a farm or roadside inn and the hound scares some of them out into the woods at night. This twist is also consistent with the flavor text; it may be that a yeth hound that gets this close to its prey nevertheless waits to bay, and to pounce, until its target already has a couple of levels of exhaustion. Just as eruptions of magical energies and careless experimentation by incautious wizards have resulted in the creation of monstrosities such as the owlbear, the shambling mound, and the banderhobb, they’ve also produced fearsome mutations in the common pigeon.

Traditionally, a yeth hound hunts alone, but the flavor text in Volo’s implies that they’re more often encountered in packs, commanded by an archfey or other influential evil creature. Darkvision[1][2] The yeth hound can cover 40 feet in a turn in which it uses its action to bay or Bite, which suggests that it should use Baleful Baying once more upon getting within 10 feet of its quarry. After two failures, a target’s speed is cut in half, reducing the amount of difficult terrain it can cover to 15 feet, which means the yeth hound can use Baleful Baying once it’s closed the distance to 25 feet. Yeth hounds cannot speak, but understand Infernal. Back in those days, the manuals were set in Futura, and plate mail plus a shield was AC 2, and we were thankful for it, you whippersnappers. Such hounds often serve as spies and are quick to turn against those who fail to advance the patrons’ wicked aims. Use the stat blocks of these foul fowl with the Pigeon Tactics on this blog! Yuan-ti Malison (Type 4) Sign In. Once the sun set once more, the yeth hound could enter the Border Ethereal where it could see and be seen by beings on the Material Plane but not interacted with. Evil

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[2][4], The hideous yeth hounds resembled large greyhounds, standing 4‒5 ft (1.2‒1.5 m) high at the shoulder and weighing about 400 lb (180 kg). Roll20 uses cookies to improve your experience on our site. | d20 Anime SRD History

Their own claws are treated as evil-aligned for purposes of overcoming damage reduction. 1 Origins 2 Appearance 3 Behavior 4 Abilities 5 Weaknesses The Yeth Hound is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of The Yeth Hound resembles a dog in form, though its physical nature marks it immediately as quite distinct from any ordinary hound. Medium Language(s) Once it closes the distance it bays again. Any A creature that fails becomes frightened 1, or increases the value of its frightened condition by 1 if already frightened. And what is their composition? I’ve been a D&D player since before there were flumphs. (Figure that Keen Smell includes being able to detect the smell of fear.) Update your cookie preferences, 15, Touch 12, Flat-footed 13 (+2 Dex, +3 Natural), Improved Initiative , Skill Focus ( Fly ), Ne Medium Outsider ( Evil , Extraplanar ) +6, Bite +7 (2d6+4 Plus Sinister Bite And Trip ), Fly +16, Perception +9, Stealth +9, Survival +9. So let’s say the ideal moment for a yeth hound to use Baleful Baying against a target it’s almost caught up to is when they have two to four levels of exhaustion. On the heels of The Monsters Know What They’re Doing—a compilation of villainous battle plans for Dungeon Masters—Live to Tell the Tale evens the score, providing beginning and intermediate D&D players the tools they need to fight back. Bay [three-actions] (auditory, concentrate, divine, enchantment, fear, mental) The yeth hound emits an unearthly howl audible up to 300 feet away. Their eerie bays echo across the countryside when they are engaged in a hunt, and they particularly enjoy baying to frighten and disorient intelligent creatures. The yeth hound is a quadruped that stands five feet tall at the shoulder. Yeth hounds despise two things: sunlight and other canines.

| Swords and Wizardry SRD 2e With the DC of 13 I would assume half of them passing the save. They also help us understand how our site is being used. The first then gives the party the slip, or even flies *over* your befuddled party to begin a three part hunt; the hounds racing to bring down your frightened character, and the rest of the party racing to rescue their terrified friend. After a fifth level, the target can run no more. Updated Dynamic Lighting now does as much and even more than our legacy system! Type [3][4], Threats and intimidation were of no use against yeth hounds as they possessed only one crippling phobia[3] Yeth hounds never went under sunlight even in the middle of a hunt and even if certain death awaited if they didn't. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. [3] The only prize they sought from their prey were their terrified screams as they hunted them down and tore them limb from limb and any treasures found with a yeth hound were purely incidental. Their Intelligence is lower than that of an ape, but higher than that of an ordinary dog; they can understand speech but can’t speak. [1][3] Otherwise, their master determined their strategy. Yeth Hound Tactics Posted on February 17, 2020 by Keith Ammann The yeth hound originates in Devonian myth as the local spin on the “black dog” motif prevalent across British and Northern European folklore as a harbinger of doooooom. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Yuan-ti Anathema.

Challenge rating Hell hound.

Its head, while distinctly canine, is at the same time oddly humanoid, flat with noses instead of muzzles. Sign In. Paladins who swear this oath serve those who suffer under the weight of tyranny and cruelty: the downtrodden, the persecuted, the abused.

Large What Keith gets is that the monsters are the DM’s characters, and his work has been super helpful in adding logic, flavor, and fun in my quest to slaughter my players’ characters and laugh out the window as they cry in their cars afterward.”—Joe Manganiello, “The best movie villains are the ones you fall in love with. But first, the usual breakdown. Keith is a diabolical genius, and I say that with the utmost respect!”—R.A. [2][5][6], Yeth hound packs were often made by formidable fey such as the Queen of Air and Darkness and sinister forces from the lower planes as rewards for loyal servitors.

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Their goal is to make the first hit count, but if that’s not enough to slay their prey, they’re tough enough to stick around and finish the job. | d20PFSRD [2][3] Yeth hounds were capable of magical flight, silently and tirelessly pursuing prey by gliding slightly above the ground. 400 lbs. | d20HeroSRD Since the frightened condition lasts until the end of the yeth hound’s next turn, it needs to use Baleful Baying the turn immediately before it strikes. Alignment Yeth Hound As from this far away nobody is mechanically forced to run away, they just do a defensive circle and fire everything they got at the Yeth Hound, which isn’t very durable. Their ears were short and pointed, curving upwards and away from the rest of the head in such a way that they resembled horns. Yeth hounds hunt only at night. Alignment

Then the chase begins. Any non-fiend creature that hears the howl must succeed at a DC 20 Will save or become frightened. Yuan-ti Broodguard. Activity cycle Yeth hounds hunt only at night. Oh, yup. | OGN Articles Black[3] I appreciate your ideas. Red[3] When an evil cult engages the services of a yeth hound, the process is more like forging an alliance than animal training. 1e

| 3.5e SRD Hit: 7 (1d8 + 3) piercing damage plus 7 (2d6) fire damage. Yeth hound packs can number as many as a dozen members, each working in uncanny communion with its packmates to corner and kill their prey. Yeth hounds like to drag their victims back to their lairs to eat at their leisure, so these lairs often contain discarded treasures from the hounds’ previous meals.

5 ft.[2] Now running a 5E campaign for my wife and her coworkers and loving it. Wicked canine creatures who live for the thrill of the hunt, yeth hounds often serve evil masters as guardians and trackers. | Fudge SRD

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| GumshoeSRD The range of Baleful Baying is 300 feet, but that’s not the amount of distance a yeth hound can cover in a round. Yeth hound packs can number as many as a dozen members, each working in uncanny communion with its packmates to corner and kill their prey. Type The original mythological yeth hounds were headless dogs, said to be the spirits of unbaptized children. [4] They could be encountered in Hades, but could also be found in any non-good plane such as Fury's Heart or Set's realm of Ankhwugaht in Heliopolis. 3e Your email address will not be published. Learn how your comment data is processed. New Pages | Recent Changes | Privacy Policy, "It's A Trap" - Haunts, Hazards, and Traps, Aegis of Empires 4: Legend of the Burning Star (Pathfinder 2E), Pathfinder (P2): Focus Spell Cards (Accessory), Pathfinder (P2): Divine Spell Cards (Accessory).

In fifth-edition D&D, they’re evil fey predators that hunt at night, their howls echoing through the darkness. Hades,[2] Fury's Heart,[5] Heliopolis,[6] lower planes[3][7] Well, since the yeth hound has Keen Hearing and Smell, figure that it can hear a creature trying to be quiet as if it were making a normal amount of noise, and a creature making a normal amount of noise as if it were being very loud. The cult of Lamashtu, in particular, is fond of using yeth hounds as temple guardians. Please review the TOS and Privacy Policy.

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